Whether as a sink or as a bathtub the use of the barrel in a bathroom is a bold vet which never disappoints. Thanks to the insulating effect of the barrel, our pets will we able to peacefully rest during the evening at the garden. These durable and attractive barrels are perfect for outdoor settings like parks, playgrounds, golf courses, schools and campuses. Recycled plastic is color-stable, doesn’t rust or crack, and costs less than the alternatives. While still requiring the pa­perwork, it can be much less challenging as totes hold larger volumes of material.

Barrel plastic recycled

Rain Barrels

Compliance sells 55 gallon blue or white colored barrels, which can be modified to work in any application. Save this water for a dry day and keep your plants healthy while lowering your water bill. This proposal not only brings wine back to its origin but also provides an attractive piece of furniture for the bottles.

If also taking some bottles as light bulbs we can create the most unique lamp in our living room. As the purest grade of recycled plastic, it can be recycled again extending the product life-cycle.

Plastic reclaimers then grind the containers into flakes, clean them of any residues and contaminants, and send them along the recycling chain.

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