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This can sometimes create confusion, for instance in the case of a woman who hoped to sell us a pair of country ladder-back chairs that she assumed were something that rustic furniture collectors would want because they were made out of hickory wood. After decades of handling and studying hickory furniture and collecting original catalogs from all of the manufacturers, we can usually pinpoint its maker from various clues, so we often do not even look for a brand before making a purchase. Some collectors who are very knowledgeable about hickory furniture and prefer to acquire pieces by certain makers or from certain eras like to see them stamped.

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Ralph Kylloe’s Rustic Books On Rustic Furniture And Design

It has withstood the test of time-it is honest, beautiful, functional, and built to last for ages. Learn about hickory furniture, revisit the history and on-going evolution of the rustic movement, and see hickory furniture for whay it truly is-folk art at it’s finest. They use just a few simple tools in theirattempt to retain the integrity of the natural materials.

Another thing that can be confusing is that several of the rustic hickory furniture manufacturers made a few lines of furniture for a limited number of years that had no hickory parts.

We are often asked whether antique hickory furniture varies in value depending on which manufacturer made it, and the short answer is no. On the other end of the spectrum, novice buyers and non-specialist dealers sometimes like the extra information a maker’s mark provides.