Looking at this old pile of wood can be pretty intimidating- but the end result is so worth the effort!

Very lightly dip a clean rag in the stain, and gently rub it into the bare patches on your tabletop. Our saw guy at the local hardware store didn’t fare so well with making all the boards the same length, so we lined up one end, and let the other end overhang knowing we’d trim it down later.

We wanted to leave a few of the rough wood’s imperfections, but ensure everything was nice and smooth.

Apply your felt furniture pads to the bottom of the feet flanges, and flip your table back over.

Pipe edge shelf

Reclaimed Wood Pipe Desk With Side Shelves [Desk Week]

Also, for the height, did your table end up being higher than 30″ when adding the tabletop?

Doesn’t need to be rock solid, but sturdy enough and safe enough to put pictures and frames on while designing.

The edge that was to be the face had large rust rings from the nails holding on the lathe, and white stripes from the plaster between the lathe. Last, pulling from the same edge you measured for your studs from, mark your center of where your pipe will land near the face of the shelf. We attached the legs with the pipes after the finished dried and brought the finished legs and table top upstairs separately to attached them in the hallway. This unobtrusive unit, subtle in design, will be perfect for displaying your favorite collectibles. Over time, your piece may check, which is a natural process for wood with humidity changes in its environment.

She liked the look of black versus the standard galvanized finish of the fittings, so she painted all the fittings and pipe to match. For the shelves she simply laid a piece of reclaimed lumber over the front and back shelf support pipes.

I know that table top is a beast, so you can sand and stain after attaching trim to keep from having to flip it so often. Make sure you put your nice wood on a separate cart, and bring a tarp to protect your car. We put two screws in 8″ from the edge of the boards, and about every foot for the rest of the table.

Be careful for any sharp metal or burrs, definitely wear protective gloves and eye protection. One great thing we quickly found about this table is that if you have an uneven floor like we do you can unscrew certain parts to even the table out so it won’t wobble!

Similarity how we did the cross beam at the bottom, you could do one at the top, right below the tabletop.

Now measure from where the edge of the shelf will be, over to your stud locations and write it down. The fiber in the wood knocked down pretty fast while the grain remained, giving it a raised grain look. Tee and one 90 degree elbow connected by a length of pipe, of which overall length is less than the depth of the shelf, mark the center location of the tee and make a 1/8 pilot hole.

We maintain a wide selection of reclaimed wood and metal to create unique modern industrial wood furnishings.

All pieces have been sanded without jeopardizing the natural beauty that mother nature has inflicted on the wood, however, it is wood so be aware that splintering may occur.

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