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We also carry beeswax, bonders and debonders, small woodworking tools and plenty more. Laugh all you want, but this bad boy is always in my pocket!

One side opens wine, the other side opens paint cans.

I also love the fact that it’s waterbased, which makes clean up so easy!

It had these drawer pulls that just looked so sad and dirty. But any way you swing it, you’re gonna need to protect the surrounding area from overspray. It’s gonna make your paint go on like butta’. Others require a compressor in order to use them. Some are electric, which means you can just plug it in, pour your paint, and go.

I would suggest hand sanding any detail like trim, sanders can tend to cause you to lose that pretty detail if you’re not careful!

I usually tend to go between 60 and 220, 220 being my finishing sand. However, there is always a time and place for hand sanding of course. It goes on a lot faster than using a brush.

I have a graveyard of dried up paint brushes.

I really like the ones with the smaller handles, like this one.

I use these to give my projects a little dimension and age as well as staining whole pieces.

I find mine at my local hardware store for 50 cents or so, and that little pint is enough to finish a decent sized piece of furniture!

And if you’re going to do this as income, you really have to weigh the time it will take you to refinish a piece vs how much you can realistically make selling that piece.

I would say most, if not all, of my projects are honestly not work the time it would take to do it.

I use these for deglossing and also for staining. Have some old white shirts you never wear?

So bare in mind that all prep is not created equal.

I use it mainly to scrub off the finish after the stripper has been applied. You’re so much better of stripping a finish rather than sanding it off. Sanding get super messy and just takes a ton of time and effort.

You can use it indoors, it doesn’t give off any harsh fumes, and it works great!

I absolutely love using it on my projects. For me, it’s just too time consuming and rarely ever worth the effort.