My husband plans on refurbishing all of our moldings due to several pieces missing from the homes previous owners. We’ve tried to find wood tiles that directly matched our stairs but it looks like we are trying too hard. The top layer of an engineered hardwood is made of the premium wood, and these days, this top layer can be finished in exactly the same ways as solid hardwoods to give it the desired old world aesthetic. Light flooring will help give the illusion space and make your room feel larger and darker flooring will create a more dramatic ambiance. The color of the floor is just dark enough to give it an aged look – almost like the color of an antique floor – but not too dark that you can’t see the character.

Use a textured tile like slate underfoot and pair it with a handmade ceramic on the walls in a solid color.

Grey hardwood floors look very clear and are the perfect choice for contemporary interiors or formal rooms. As a rule, dark grey floors visually reduce the space while light gray and medium gray floors create an atmosphere filled with air.

Gray floors will work with green, beige, brown colors of the furniture and you will see fascinating and inspiring examples in the gallery below. Furniture pieces are slip-covered armchairs and sofas, paired turned wood details on exposed wooden legs seen on the coffee table. The same wood was used to build the built-in bench, the window opening framing, the display shelves and even the fireplace area.

In the middle is a pair of armchair and ottoman, and a sofa, all upholstered in a bold red color.

The electric fireplace was clad with white wooden mantle with a matching display shelf and cabinet, creating a unified look. For the furniture, a large sectional sofa upholstered in a dark gray fabric was used, and a pair of cantilevered armchairs upholstered in yellow faux leather.

The sofa used is a sectional l-shaped sofa with a matching square ottoman upholstered in a light gray fabric. Framing the living area is a traditional area rug, adding a little texture and pattern into the space. This is another contemporary living area which uses solid oak floors paired with oatmeal-painted walls. Furniture pieces include sectional sofa in white leather upholstery, a metal coffee table, a side table made from driftwood pegs and a colorful flat weave area rug.

Furniture pieces are all matching, with two sofas and one lounge chair with ottoman, all upholstered in brown leather.

Sofa floors upholstery


This is another fresh and relaxing living room look, using sea-foam green as the accent color.

The cabinets are inspired by classic design, but given a more modern twist by painting it white and using less curves and carvings. Furniture pieces include a slip-covered sofa, and two wingback armchairs with checkered seat upholstery. American walnut, which definitely matches well with the heavy baroque style furniture pieces and architectural details found around the house. Sofa is a simple beige sofa with dark brown piping accent, while the armchair uses printed fabric in dark red. Another transitional style living room which uses more rustic finishes to achieve this look. Despite the modern look of the space, this living room keeps it gorgeous solid mahogany herringbone parquet floors, preserving a classic floor finish.

Tigerwood floors were re-polished to perfection, while the walls were repainted to a bright orange, giving the space a nice update. The furniture pieces were two sofas, two armchairs with wood armrests, an upholstered bench and a large wood stump coffee table with glass top. The most unique part of this living room would be how it integrates the wall art, into the walls. The sofa was upholstered in off-white linen, with two sky blue tub chairs for accent and an interesting chest was used as the coffee table.

I also mixed up the decor styles adding a rustic coffee table with the more formal seating. For example, if you have knotty pine wood floors in your living room, try adding a darker wood coffee table and accent chair, but incorporate a large white oversized sofa to keep an airiness to the space.

We are not even certain what type of hardwood flooring would look decent in both the kitchen and living area unless we leave the living area carpeted and the kitchen tiled. If you’re interested in giving your bedroom a refresh (whether rustic or not), you’ll enjoy browsing all of the modern bedroom furniture available.

Wood look ceramic tile is an especially interesting idea if you live in a more humid environment that could potentially create havoc to a real wood floor. In rooms where wood is already inherent such as kitchen, dining rooms and living spaces you may opt for a wood that matches your current wood color. Avoid things like beadboard or wallboard and keep the walls smooth, but consider a warmer color than just off white.

Blend the two designs slowly, choosing one feature at a time from each design style until you have exactly the look you are after. You could opt for weathered wood or for a wood finish in the desired shade of gray to make your floor stand out or blend it in the overall design of the room. Grey floors and yellow accents create a bright and joyful atmosphere in the interior as the colors are contrasting and the yellow is connected with sun. Rustic style is boldly, blatantly real that is a very positive characteristic in this virtual world. To keep with the modern look, the furniture pieces are all modern, upholstered in white leather and has stainless steel legs.

The furniture pieces matches the over-all look of the interior details – brown leather chesterfield sofa paired with 2 fauteuils.

Due to the mezzanine floor, the ceiling of this living room is really high and has been fixed with a very large ceiling fan, which is a more modern and functional choice.

This is a modern living room with a high ceiling, as it has a mezzanine floor overlooking the living area. A simple yet elegant modern living space, with dark red acacia floors paired with dove gray walls.

Dark maple floors set a really dark contrast against the plain white walls and the white painted wooden trusses on the ceiling. Asian-inspired pieces used in this design, like the metal stool and the wengue console table behind the sofa. Brazilian cherry wood were used for its floors, while the ceiling has exposed wooden beams and planks from driftwood. The furniture pieces consists of a leather-upholstered sofa, a white armchair and ottoman, a solid wood coffee table and side tables.

This living room is a mixture of different styles, but ultimately tries to achieve a luxurious and elegant look. This is a small living area with an open floor plan, which is why you can see the kitchen area in the background. Furniture pieces are simply a slip-covered sofa in white linen, a pair of midcentury modern armchairs in light gray and a natural wood coffee table.

Third, dark wood flooring can really allow you to see the grain of the wood which offers stunning beauty and a feeling of luxury.

Rustic fruitwood floors and plaster finish beige walls set a sort of rough and earthy feel to this simple living room set-up.

There’s a sofa upholstered in light gray fabric, two accent chairs with gray printed fabric and a variety of pillows in turquoise and gray.

The sofa has a modern silhouette, upholstered in dark gray suede with nailhead accents, while the accent chair has a high sloped back upholstered in light beige.

The neutral colors also help tone down the bright yellow of the large coffee table in the middle, creating a relaxed look, suitable for all seasons.

First, light wood floors tends to show less dirt, and second it is less likely to show scratches than its dark wood counterpart. The floors are pickled oak wood, which is a great match with the off-white walls, and helps give a brighter pop of color into this modern space.

There is also a bench with upholstered seat in black leather, and a matching pair of side table and coffee table made from bronzed metal framing and glass top.

Floors are solid colonial maple wood paired with plain white walls and ceiling, giving way to various prints and patterns used throughout the space.