A decorative carving is broken or missing. Someone spilled nail polish remover on the night stand.

Glued joints on a chair are loose and need to be reglued. Don’t put up with it any longer – let me fix your furniture so you can enjoy it again. These hand-painted doors lead into rooms within the home that was built in 1925. He likes using tattoo art in some of his furniture makeovers.

Michelle is the scheduling boss and office manager who sends handwritten thank-you letters to their clients. Like many inspired people, he will drift away in a fit of creativity. There are pieces that are so well done you look twice at their craftsmanship. Craig said the name comes from his interest in old movies and silent films. He offers antique refinishing and repair, staining and water damage restoration. He also does decorative painting and builds custom furniture.

Pricing depends on materials and how long the work will take.

We provide residential and commercial furniture repair and furniture restoration services that are an affordable alternative to buying new!

Our skilled craftsmen can restore and enhance your wood’s natural beauty and strength virtually erasing scuffs, gouges, water rings, and dents. Westside added carpeting, painting, wall covering, and custom built furniture to its upholstering services. Everyone has a vision of his or her ideal interior. However, unlike many of today’s furniture manufacturers, we won’t use anything but real, high-quality wood for your frames. Our decades of decorating and technical experience are always at your disposal. Our strict standards of quality and craftsmanship apply to all our services and prevail with our reupholstering. Whether the subject is a chair or a suite, your self-expression, not ours, must be discovered and actualized.

We guarantee that the steps to quality upholstering are applied equally to our restorations of precious antiques and to our re-creations of the beloved pieces that were so good-looking and comfortable when you bought them. Appointments and consultations outside regular hours are available by request.

We offer an amazing array of services for the home. The job took them less than 10 minutes after they arrived.

I will be referring him to friends and family. Finished the job quickly and and cheaper then any other quote. He actually did the type of repairs that made the recliner better than it was when it was new.

I can tell he takes great pride in his work. He was on time, efficient and gave suggestions as to how to repair our items that worked well. When asked, he also told us how he would repair other items. He does a great job and he was on time and very professional. The work was great and done in a timely matter. Fabric sling replacements and vinyl straps replacements, powder coating. The time it takes to repair furniture professionally depends on the nature of the repairs and whether the piece needs to be transported to a professional facility or can be done on site. To fix minor dents and scratches may take just a few hours.

Shelby Upholstering and Interiors

To refinish cabinets or wood furniture pieces usually takes 1-2 days. Reupholstering furniture may take 1 week, but that’s because it’s a multi-step process that might require ordering new fabric from a manufacturer. What types of furniture damage can be repaired?

The types of furniture damage that can be repaired by a non-professional include re-stuffing sagging couches and chairs, restoring and fixing small holes in worn leather, removing surface water marks, filling holes and repairing scratches in wood. The process to repair splits or cracks in wood usually involves either wood glue fill, or sometimes filler wood pieces. A common technique is to place clamps strategically along the glue-filled crack to squeeze the two pieces back together again, until the glue dries. To fill a hole in wood, use either wood putty or wood filler that is made of wood fibers mixed into a binding agent. Another common technique is to sharpen a skinny piece of wood to a point on one end, put putty or filler on the end, and push the putty or filler as deep in the hole as possible. Whether you use just putty or filler, or a combination of wood and filler, it is key to wipe off the excess from the surrounding area. Once the filler has dried, make sure it’s sawn and/or sanded down so it is even with the surrounding wood. In many cases, the seat cushions also may need more filler–specifically foam padding cut to size. Another quick fix for saggy seat cushions involves cutting a piece of plywood or particle board to fit invisibly on top of the couch frame and under the cushions, providing additional support.

We had been sure that each item was protected and very well cared for before the fire and we were heartbroken to see what the soot and heat had done to these sentimental items that hadn’t burned but appeared ruined. He took us into the warehouse attached to their office to see our furniture and discuss what could/should be done with each item that they had picked up after the fire. He was upfront about expectations and offered his honest opinion on each piece re: what was worth trying to restore. Justin and his team carefully delivered all the pieces to our house on our schedule in 2 batches as they were completed. This company was recommended to us by a fire-damage specialist and by a neighbor who had used them after their fire.

I had a round coffee that had several nicks and a gouge that required filler and stain. Very happy with the service and expect to have him back when the nicks pile up through normal or abnormal actions.

Jim Kinsey Furniture RepairJim Kinsey Furnitur Repair

We had a very expensive wood dining table that we wanted to protect from scratching. Whenever anything is set on it, scratches appear. The finish is soft and has no resistance to scratching from even a semi-soft placemat. Excellent craftsmanship and customer service. Apparently these folks can’t even spell furniture restoration. Come by the shop to see us, or give us a call. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions and provide expert advice.

We specialize in wood furniture, trunks and antique keepsakes. Have old wood that you want to preserve by repurposing it?

Refinish or replace kitchen and bathroom cabinets!

We specialize in a wide variety of finishes for antique, wood, and metal furniture including distressed finishes.

See how we restore antique furniture and make contemporary pieces look like new again.

We offer customizable solutions to every piece of furniture that you wish to reupholster, repair, or rebuild. Discover more fabric ideas for your revival pieces.

We also repurpose old and worn furniture.

We do repairs, fabricate missing pieces, and restyle furniture. Fine wood, metal, or leather furniture doesn’t have to end up in the landfill like everything else that is disposable.

Find new finishes to bring back their original, elegant luster. Enjoy the old, gracious blend of comfort and style anew with reupholstered furniture. Turn them in for repairs, restorations, or touch-ups. We’ll recreate the missing pieces as necessary. Completed extensive painting and drywall repair in a short time frame and tailored his hours to meet our schedule. Honest and trustworthy, friendly and offered great advice on paint colors and even helped us out with great advice on some unrelated work we were doing ourselves. Couldn’t be any happier with the work he did and would hire him again in a heartbeat. Friday evening because we had to have the furniture cleaned quickly. Great price and very professional and friendly. Not only was the assembly done expeditiously, the quality of the work is just top notch.

I provided him with my general ideas on refinishing the table and he went above and beyond all expectations.

I have received numerous compliments on his work and intend to pass along his name to others. He did an outstanding job transforming my light oak cabinets into a beautiful white and he did it at a fraction of the cost.

I wanted an antiqued look with a stained top.

I wanted a stain that was multi colored and the bottom to be a good mix of an antiqued look with a modern twist. Both pieces were finished quickly and looked beautiful.

I plan on using her again the near future for other pieces of furniture. She came with examples of different types of finishes and was very reasonably priced. Her work was quality and done very timely. After a ton of time scraping, sanding, and power washing the old paint off the deck, he then stained the whole thing. What impressed me most was that he stood by his estimate even though it took a lot longer than he expected. Rob also removed old fixtures and the vanity for us. He repaired cracks in the master bedroom and he opened the wall in the bathroom to install a 2×4 to mount a towel rack to. Rob was very easy to work with, prices were competitive and he completed exactly what we discussed. Sarah showed me many samples and helped me pick a finish that would work for my project. She had them refinished in several days and even replaced all of the outdated hardware. The best part is that it was only a fraction of the cost of replacing them. He is incredibly reliable, has a fantastic, professional attitude, and always does whatever it takes to get the job done right. His experience is perfectly wide and deep at the same time, allowing him to stretch across varied projects with the same level of quality in each. He gave us a good price and didn’t charge for pick up or delivery. The turnaround time was excellent and we love, love the results. He was very patient with my effort to decide on just the right color.

I also do any home improvement, like trim work and crown molding.

We provide a guaranteed customer satisfaction at the most reasonable prices in town!

I also do wood work that involves refinishing and painting. He made a convertible love seat from pallets, which he stained but left looking “rustic”. He also made a lamp from a vintage task lamp, 18-wheeler mirror frame and a raw wood base. They were always focused on doing quality work. At the same time they were consistently cost conscious. They were always responsive and kept us well informed along the way.

I was pleasantly surprised at the attentiveness and their concern about producing a quality finished product. They have refinished furniture, most wood in the house, refurbished valuable antiques and provided protection for these antiques. Explained the steps of each project in a very understanding way. Fixed burst pipes, replaced all powdered mortar in basement, insulated basement. Built and installed permanent attic stairs. Landscaping including entire yard till and re-seed, multiple plantings, and fence repair. One neighbor also had a bathroom remodel done. He is very professional and we are looking forward to a prompt resolution.

We do barn wood, new construction board and bat.

We also do conventional construction and interior repairs such as drywall and flooring.

We have 30 years of experience with home and building repair. We’ll sit with you to completely understand your needs, wants, order of priority, and importance.

We are specializing in asphalt but also competent in complete restoration, maintenance, and repair of your entire properties.

We do windows, roofs, gutters and siding.

We specialize in maximizing insurance claims for homeowners.