We use the best finishing materials on the market to update your cabinets.

We offer personalized services, and our owner is involved in all aspects of your project.

This isn’t your ordinary furniture restoration business. Instead, we put a lot of thought into our work and fully enjoy the artistic aspect of the business. Our owner has been to art school and puts creative flair into every job. Like you, we think the furniture made by our predecessors is beautiful and well-made.

We know how to restore these pieces to their original condition so you can enjoy them on into the future. They do a wonderful job, are very responsible and helpful. Once we all agree on the plan and the price, our artisans will begin work restoring your valued furniture piece. Revitalization/restoration of well seasoned furniture or finishing of the new is the heart of the business. Whether it is fine quality furniture, flea market find, valuable antique or new piece, all work is done by hand and customized with attention to detail. Restoration of wood products to their original beauty and condition is never a wasted endeavor.

The restored integrity to furniture that has lapsed into disrepair regains if not increases its original value. Our success starts with our dedication to providing our customers with unparalleled craftsmanship and quality service.

We provide home owners and businesses an affordable alternative for their wood furnishings and fixtures.

We specialize in furniture and wood repair for antiques, specialty items, offices, libraries and entertainment centers. Other services include furniture structural repair and stabilization, precision repair of wood and laminate surfaces, refinishing and polishing, and color matching.

We strive to keep the history and originality of each piece intact, working with specialize tools and techniques to ensure a job well done each and every time. But these pieces can become damaged or worn-out over time and require a talented professional to restore their grandeur and immutable qualities. Using artisan techniques and period-appropriate tools, we strip the years of tarnish and wear away from your pieces to bring out their original beauty and boldness once again!

We take the time to assess damages and imperfections, getting to know your piece thoroughly so we’re able to do it justice when the time for restoration comes. Whether we’re taking staining and cloudiness off of an original wood table or repairing the upholstery and embellishments on a beautiful antique chair, our attention to detail will result in a piece of furniture that’s ready to stand the test of time and use for decades more to come. This ensures a truly authentic restoration. If, for any reason, we’re not able to repair or restore your antiques, we’ll find someone who can!

We have a combined 60 years of professional antique restoration experience, with specialty insights into proper care and handling of your heirlooms. We’re an owner-operated business that does all restoration work in-house.

We operate with transparency and honesty at all times. Our intense passion for bringing new life to furniture has brought us to the forefront of the industry, and our impeccable results have kept us there.

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