We combine old-world, quality craftsmanship with convenient online tools to take the effort out of tailoring your piece to perfectly suit your individual style. We’ll reply in a snap with a detailed estimate for your project.

Antique Furniture Repair San Francisco Furniture

We work with upholsters in the community, to enable furnishings to have a complete new look. The refinishing products used in our business are environmentally friendly.

We are the premier, professional contracting company offering. Need a bracket re-attached to pull two part of the desk close together.

Need edges for the desk touched up because of wear and discoloring. Work done: 14 ft high ceiling crack needed repair. Michael was timely, efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable. Gerald accommodated our off hours request by working on the weekend, responded very quickly, and quoted the in within hours of examining the project area. As with most remodeling/refurbishing projects, unexpected glitches and delays come up. Our furniture looks great and can’t be better than this!

They were fast, friendly, and the service was impeccable. They we’re first contracted to remove the aluminum siding that was wrapped around the house, then, we needed them to fix or replace any damaged shingles from the original siding, and then lay a coat of paint over it all!

He was very professional, honest, and thorough during the restoration process and was always did a good job setting expectations and doing what he said he would do. See his work for yourself in the photos below!

Our table is restored to its natural oak. Khalden came by and had everything fixed within a matter of hours for a reasonable price. He is a genius with his hands and such a kind, polite person to boot. In the end we chose to go with all of his recommendations, and he did a very good job.

We also really appreciated that he was very flexible in working around our schedule (a couple early mornings, evenings and weekends). That and the repair of my screen door has changed everything!

I offer completed pieces, custom paint requests on the piece of your choice within my inventory, as well as the custom painting of a piece you currently own.

I have vast experience in restoration, renovation and reconstruction.

I am a licensed general contractor with a local fabrication shop, specializing in architectural, building and furniture restorations. With over 14 years general construction and property maintenance experience. Also available for project and property management.

We restore, refinish and repair with wood carving as well as make new parts.

We are a one-stop shop, so our clients don’t have to travel around or call multiple companies to get the same work done.

We will work on anything, from large to small.

I have about 25 years of experience in furniture restoration and refurbishing. Our techniques make us original, remarkable and unique. One of our member upholsterers will contact you to explain how we will work on your project with highest quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Complete estimates and consultations include pickup and delivery arrangements. Standard carrier rates are applied according to users’ wireless plan. Michael and staff provided invaluable assistance with the fabric with two totally different pieces and did a beautiful job with only a general idea from me.

Somehow he can match fabric with the original furnitures structure that gels. He works at his own pace and charges as job requires, but results are impressive, museum quality. Worth any cost or wait if you have valuable pieces. Michael is reliable and the results are amazing.

I wanted was to have my floor looking newer and lighter and that definitely requires refinishing. In my opinion this really speaks to the integrity of a company and the people who own and work in that company. My floors and my table look superb, and we were able to sit down to dinner last night just hours after they had been there. Great care was taken not to get stain on my new carpets.

We used them a nuber of times and they are just top-notch. They are reasonable in price, excellent work quality, right on time and they’re just absolutely terrific.

I like the quality of the workmanship, how quickly they did it and how right they quoted the price. If you’re looking for someone to repair your furniture, these people are just top-notch, they do excellent work and they’re timely; they get it done quickly. Even not having any other bids to compare to his, this price seemed reasonable to me, considering that the chairs were in such bad shape. They hadn’t been re-glued or refinished since they were new. Jai returned the chairs several days sooner than he promised. Even though they probably didn’t cost a fortune when new, they have sentimental value as they have been in my family for their whole lives and are too comfortable to part with!

They did a fantastic job (not expensive) and you absolutely cannot tell where the damage was!

They were very good in consulting with us about the appropriate kind of fabric.

We were looking for a kind of fabric that we would be able to clean easily.

Bay Area Furniture Repair and Reupholstery

They kept me up to date all the time even then there were delays.

We wanted to rejuvinate our broken-down and stained chairs before we moved into our new home. He could not offer an estimate from the photographs, and said he would need to see them in person. My husband is a contemporary artist that creates bright, complex paintings from detailed brushstrokes.

We are picky about fabric, and we don’t like the typical fabrics people pick for furniture. He has a lot of them, and they probably appeal to the majority of his customers, but it was hard to find something to suit our tastes. All the faux leather textiles were solid colors, and not in a wide palette.

We explored using two different colors on a chair to make them more interesting, but when we got home the idea didn’t stick. Turns out, there isn’t much more to chose from online either in the area of faux leather.

We ordered a few swatches from online stores, and those took a few weeks to arrive. Boris was critical of our choices based on how they would work with the chairs.

Many of our choices were very stiff, and would make the complex seems look terrible.

We opened our minds back up to chosing a woven fabric instead. His selection of patterned fabric was also largely conventional and disappointing. Boris advised us to have more than one choice in mind, because some of his fabric books ware quite old and he wasn’t confident our first choice would be available. It was hard to come up with even two we liked, but we did and they were both still available. For example, he wanted to charge us for the pick-up and delivery of the chairs.

In the end these aggravations were trivial compared with the incredible results and value we received.

We are a family owned and operated company, dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality services and customer care. Please continue to browse our website for more information about our services as well as our insurance claim process. If you would like to schedule an appointment for an estimate, please contact us today.

We create unique pieces that will last a lifetime. Bronze and steel parts fabrication and repair. They have excellent customer service savvy.

We are constantly recycling materials and reducing our waste.

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