The focus of our work is on maintaining and restoring the look and artistic value of our clients fine items. As well as the actual and antique values and integrity.

To do so we utilize the finest traditions of quality and hand craftsmanship available, we do so with all environmentally safe products. Our products are highly durable and can achieve any look and feel from hand rubbed oil to high gloss lacquer and faux finishes. Every step in the total process-from the stripping to the final finish-is done by hand. The technical aspects of restoration involves the use of precious woods and products treated in a way as to preserve their antique value.

Every step of our refinishing and restoration process is done in such a way as to preserve the original colors and tonalities of the wood. Every effort is made to ensure the warmth of your furniture. Our finishing is done using only the finest products.

You can come on by and see our work in progress or stop by anytime with questions and inquiries. Without the protection of a finish, the wood surface becomes soiled, dull, and grayish looking. At times, the soil penetrates below the surface and never comes out, leaving dark blotches and rings.

On woods like walnut, mahogany, and cherry, a finish really shows off the rich grain contrasts. Solvents are used to clean-up the remover residue. Stripping an old finish from furniture or trim is almost like finding buried treasure. The solvents used in this process are evironmentally friendly, and the whole process is done by hand. A good stripping job can transform a yard-sale bargain or restore an antique to its original glory. If you have a color sample, we can match that; or, select one of our color samples and we’ll advise you of the range of possibilities based upon the color of your piece. For some people, we try different stains to see which one most appeals to you. Our stains are slow drying, so we can clean the trial area thoroughly before the color sets. The finish is sprayed on, allowing it to dry very smooth and clear. Its hardness is a kitchen cabinet grade, satin sheen.

We can give you a more matte look or a higher gloss sheen on the wood, delivering the appearance you want.

We use colored lacquer for it’s smoothness, hardness, and quick drying. A secondary color or two can be added on top for a multitude of effects. After the final color is applied, the piece is clear-coated for maximum protection. All materials, glue, finishes and restoration techniques employed strictly adhere to those appropriate to the period should your antiques require conservation treatment. Our new showroom and workshop are up and running. We’ve stocked up with some new items, and as always our goal is to deliver superior quality and timeless style. Our hope is that you’ll feel confident in our ability to meet all of your expectations, and know that our customers are always our number one priority. Through the years, we have gained the experience of being able to provide nearly any type of furniture repair and restoration services that you may require. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. They obviously love their work and care about their clients. They are responsive, timely, and know their craft in a way you just don’t see anymore. They were prompt and the kitchen looks amazing. They picked up the hope chest on schedule.

FURNITURE RESTORATION “you’ll adore what we restore

The armchair’s wood finish was tacky to the touch and needed refinishing. They stripped the bench, filled in holes, reglued the legs, stained and lacquered it to match the original finish.

I sent him photos of the area that needed repair. He came over, gave me an estimate and returned to install the cabinet.

I truly appreciated his attention to detail, and how he described exactly what he was going to do with the installation/fix. Can’t say enough great things about him/his work. This involved removing the old stain, sanding, re-staining, and applying several coats of finish. All now look like high-quality furniture. Bob was a pleasure to work with – very accommodating and he and his co-worker take real pride in their work.

I am very pleased with both process and outcome. Joe’s turnaround time was not quick, but he kept us informed of the progress with several phone calls during the repair process. Joe graciously helped us carry the pieces out to our truck. The quality of work performed was superior, exceeding expectations. Restoration is often done in preparation for sale or by a collector upon getting a brand new piece. The main goal of restoration is to “restore” the original appearance or functionality. There are plenty of distinctions between restoring and repairing.

You can accomplish functionality with a simple repair, however restoring an item properly is an art-form that requires specific set of skills. Finishes may be stripped and redone, however it’s essential that the first patination is preserved, whenever possible. Complete stripping is merely done as a final resort, particularly with an antique piece of furniture.

North Shore boston massachusetts wood furniture repair stripping restoration and

Often with antique restoration, there also are alternative problems as well for example: an “over restored” item will be lowered in its worth, thus in certain cases a complete restoration is not advised. Therefore, restoration of valuable objects should be left to professionals that are knowledgeable in the subject, and will restore only the parts that will increase a value of a piece of furniture or some other antique item. Because the need for antiques wasn’t idle, neither was the necessity for them to be appropriately restored; therefore, the trade has been kept alive by a thread. To sum up, hiring a professional antique furniture restorer is a must when it comes to bringing your antique furniture back to life. It requires a specific set of skills, and should be done properly to make sure the value of your antique piece goes up in value and not down.

We then go over the plan with you, explaining the different options so you can select the most appropriate course of action for your piece and budget. Once we all agree on the plan and the price, our artisans set to work restoring your piece.

We specialize in the revitalization of virtually all types of furniture — be it priceless antiques or those pieces that have a priceless sentimental value. Our expert technicians can often bring furniture back to its original condition — through the removal of age or usage damages (like gouges, scratches, burn/water marks, and joint-weakening).

We also realize that our mission is not only to provide fine craftsmanship in our repairs, but also to help “repair” the relationship between the customer and the moving company.

We already provide repair services for many area moving companies – call us for a reference!

Please let us know if you need a quote or have any questions.

We offer furniture repair to make your piece appealing once again. Whether a knob is missing from a drawer, decorative aspects are missing or it no longer matches your space’s theme, we can fix it up for you. Today, we continue to mix century-old techniques with modern restoration technology to create some of the best repairs in the world. No matter what your repair needs, we can handle them. Maintaining the value and integrity of your antiques is our primary concern.

Repairing Antique Furniture

All materials, glue, finishes and restoration techniques employed strictly adhere to those appropriate to the period of your antique furniture should that type of treatment be warranted. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.

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