We take pride in returning your treasures to their original form. Our facility enables us to remove paint and old varnish, make repairs and refinish furniture and objects to their original beauty.

Antique Furniture Repair Washington Furniture

Craftsmanship and attention to detail is our trademark. Through the years we have gained a reputation for service, quality and customer satisfaction.

We take pride in offering quality service in a timely manner. Over 75% of our clientele activity is repeat business.

If you have any questions regarding our restoration services, please don't hesitate to . Our handpicked selections span several decades of styles, and even our well-loved items are in great condition. But our collection is constantly changing, so hurry in!

We’ll restore your furniture so that you’ll never know it was in poor condition, without getting rid of that vintage charm.

We offer comprehensive antique reconstruction services to restore the good bones of your piece, whether you’re refinishing it or just saving an item of priceless sentimental value.

I really thought the antique piano stool leg was beyond repair.

With over 40 combined years in the furniture restoration and repair industry, we excel in and are committed to providing you with an outstanding finished product. Please contact us to arrange pick up or to schedule a time to drop off your antique or vintage furniture.

We offer restoration, refinishing and repair to fit all your needs. Bringing new life to old furniture and household items helps preserve family heritage and tradition. Call us at (206) 784-2305 to make an appointment. Either way, you will find the solution to these and other problems in our furniture repair shop!

Ranging from treating contemporary furnishings and building kitchen cabinets all the way to handling quality collectible items — we can tackle any project!

However, depending on the type of furniture and the specific situation, we can adapt our work process to match your conditions. The result is an astonishing antique furniture restoration service that makes you wonder whether you went back in time to when your treasured item was first made!

We offer quality service and can work on any type of wood furniture.

We are committed to offering you the best craftsmanship while restoring your antique furniture.

We are your antique / rebuilding experts!

Have a question about furniture repair or how we handle our repairs?

If you don't see an answer to your question, give us a call. Give us a call today to get an estimate on your furniture. Norman, the owner, takes pride in all of his work. Everything we do is customized to your specifications. Why buy new when we can restore an old antique for you?

We have been in business since 1988, and we are your experts at woodworking.

We strip and refinish each piece of furniture by hand. A skilled upholsterer can make old pieces look new again. A good piece of furniture deserves a second chance. But if you’re thinking of having a furniture piece reupholstered, first take a dispassionate look and decide whether it will last long enough to justify the cost of reupholstering. Give new life and beauty to your furniture for generations to come!

Sam and Mary's Woodworks

Brad developed his own system of creative techniques, creating endless images of what the finished product will look like. Old and damaged furniture that has been handed down for generations has many more qualities compared to the furniture you may purchase today.

We have several examples of our work, including before and after pictures.

We have a range of solutions to repair and restore damaged wood so you don’t have to replace it. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for here?

We are dedicated to antique conservation and in preserving history through our work. For more information on our fine art restoration, please give us a call or send a message. We've expanded our services to include on-site touch-ups and furniture repair. Bringing gorgeous antique woods back to life is what we do best. Nothing is quite as gratifying as bringing a piece of furniture back to its original condition through our natural refinishing process. Dave restored a 110 year old hallway table for us last year.

We were amazed at how it turned out; speechless for minutes. It has held up great, and we are so grateful to have it on display, thank you again. The 120 firms and individuals listed here can repair just about anything. Some craftspeople are called upon to repair objects more than a century old. Stained-glass conservators can re-lead a broken window. Pottery experts can restore an urn shattered into dozens of pieces—and leave behind no trace of cracks. Specialists in decorative finishes can hide water damage in wood. Conservators—who are trained through classes or apprenticeships—bring an artistic mind and precise hand to their work.

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Before hiring any home-repair contractor, it’s a good idea to do some homework. Restoration of antique furniture and art objects, mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries. Specializes in museum-quality 18th-century furniture but also works on some earlier and later pieces. He conserves wood furniture and artifacts from the 17th through 20th centuries. He restores rare books and offers classes in bookbinding. This 26-year-old company restores paintings and murals in a wide range of styles. It takes on projects for major museums as well as private clients. Scott specializes in conservation of rare books as well as rebinding. Tice has been conserving oil paintings for 32 years and specializes in 18th- through early 20th-century works. A gilding conservator on staff can restore frames. Re-silvers old mirrors or gives new mirrors an antique look to match old frames.

Hand-beveling and stone-wheel engraving available. Also repairs crystal and glass, including stained glass. He can repair chipped glass and crystal and make shattered china look new. He also repairs mirrors, chandeliers, and ivory but doesn’t work on stained glass. Re-leads stained glass and replaces broken panels on windows, lamps, and other objects. Repairs pottery, including antiques, plus stained glass and crystal for antique dealers and private collectors.

Repairs lamps, chandeliers, and light fixtures except for halogen. Restores antique lights and repairs silk shades. This repair shop for fine metals also fixes lamps and light fixtures, including rewiring and voltage conversion. This custom lighting manufacturer specializes in historic and very high-end chandeliers and fixtures. Provides in-home maintenance, repair, rewiring, and restoration of fine metal and crystal chandeliers. Also relines, recovers, and trims shades. It recently added a woodworking shop to craft custom bases for lamps. Restores the inner mechanisms of just about any kind of clock—except cuckoo and electric clocks. In business since 1968, this shop can handle any clock, large or small—including watches. Specializes in plaster, including historic restorations and texturing. Does original decorative and faux painting on walls and furniture; can also disguise damage in wood, marble, and other materials. This company specializes in treating textiles to protect them from stains and wear but also does on-site spot removal. Also does upholstery and carpet cleaning.

Repairs, remakes, and restyles drapes and upholstery. This trusted dry cleaner can clean drapes while they’re hanging. Does major repairs on hardwood floors as well as sanding and finishing. Also refinishes wood floors and uses a dustless system for resanding. Since 1987, this company has been cleaning, refinishing, and restoring stone and wood floors. This family-owned company with more than 60 employees refinishes and repairs existing wood floors and ceramic floors. This 30-person firm repairs and refinishes wood floors. These hardwood experts repair any kind of wood as well as laminate and linoleum. The company restores old floors and fixes new installations gone awry. Historic restoration of gilded antique frames and furniture as well as objets d’art. Experts in conserving gilded finishes, especially frames. It also restores gilded and lacquered furniture and other objects and does structural repairs. This art-conservation studio has a gilding conservator who restores frames. Can also work on aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. Repair and restoration of cast-iron porches, fences, and stairs. Specializes in cabinet restoration and refinishing. Hand-cleaning and repair of antique linens and textiles, especially table and bed linens, quilts, and christening gowns. She runs a private business helping clients choose the right conservation treatments for quilts, uniforms, flags, and other historic pieces. She also prepares textiles for mounting and consults with clients on storage and display.

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This dry cleaner can hand-clean and hand-press household textiles including quilts, linens, and bedspreads. It will do in-home and in-office drapery and furniture cleaning with portable equipment. Hand-cleaning, restoring, and mounting of antique or damaged quilts. Conserves interior architectural millwork such as historic mantels and paneling. In business 31 years, this company specializes in refinishing woodwork. Specializes in blast-cleaning of metal as well as application of specialty coatings, including powder coating, metalizing, and industrial and commercial painting. Repair and restoration of all types of decorative metal objects, from polishing rusted brass beds to repairing damaged silverware or teapots. In business 57 years, this company—which repairs and cleans outdoor awnings—counts the federal government and foreign embassies among its clients. Installation and basic upkeep of pool tables, from new cloth and cushions to relining pockets. Highly recommended for cleaning of rugs, upholstery, drapes, and other household textiles. Also provides fabric-protection treatments. Cleaning is done by hand with pure soaps. It has done carpeting for many area universities. Can replace fringe and binding, reweave, and patch holes. In business since 1920, this company cleans, restores, and appraises all kinds of rugs. Basic repair of stone, particularly marble, granite, and limestone. This company can repair chips in bathroom tile and fixtures, recaulk, fix fiberglass and acrylic, and change the color of tile through reglazing. Specializes in plaster but also does tile repairs, including recaulking and regrouting. This company specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling but also does ceramic-tile repairs, including cracked tile and holes left by plumbing work. Also repairs grout, plaster, and drywall and can reattach loose cabinets. She glued the pieces back together and remade a few missing fragments; then she filled in, sanded, and repainted the cracks so they didn’t show. Reupholstery of furniture and walls as well as repairs, frame regluing, and caning. This company specializes in treating textiles to protect them from stains and wear but also does on-site upholstery cleaning and spot removal. This furniture-refinishing shop also does reupholstery. Specializes in reupholstering furniture, whether antique or contemporary. This longtime dry cleaner offers in-home upholstery cleaning and stain removal.

Does repairs, frame regluing, and caning. This company can restore most types of woven chair seats. It’s been in business 30 years and will work on chairs or stools, antique to modern. Specializes in woven furniture, particularly caning and wicker. Does restoring, refinishing, and painting. This antiques-conservation shop restores historic wooden doors. Repairs and restores wood furniture, including lacquer, varnish, and shellac finishes. Refinishes and repairs all wood furniture, new or antique. Recommended by local furniture and antiques . Restores and repairs old and new furniture, particularly pieces damaged in fires and floods. My puppy tore up one of the cushion covers. This is a family run business with two generations of experience.

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The cabinet door was badly damaged, but he was able to repair it to the point that you can't see the damage unless you're looking for it. He wall-mounted my boyfriend's guitar and hung a mirror and some pictures for us. He also repaired a broken kitchen cabinet and helped us replace our kitchen faucet which had a crack in it. He ended up staying an extra hour to finish switching out the faucets. Very satisfied with the welding work done as well as the furniture repairs. What he promised came through in time and workmanship.

I had a dining room table and chairs refinished and repairs.

I was unsure if to get rid of it or have it refinished and parts fixed that had come loose.

I have hired him for other work and will use him in the future. Re-grouted flagstone stairs and walkway and replaced four pieces of flagstone where four new handrail main posts were placed. Friendly, skilled workers who did a great job. Don walked me through the repair and detailed how he planned to fix the leg with a written estimate. The repair was completed ahead of schedule and it exceeded my expectation. Don was highly professional and showed skillful craftsmanship in his work. The expanding table had been previously repaired incorrectly, and had a wobbly leg. Craig restored each piece to its former beauty. Craig communicated clearly my options at each step - he gave his recommendation but was not pushy. He was committed to my project and took painstaking care to finish the details of these pieces in the correct way. Craig also helped me to coordinate an upholsterer for the chair. He was nice and responsive, and we are thrilled with the final product.

Ted always let me know what time the team would arrive at my house and they were prompt and courteous. He was upfront regarding costs and kept in constant communication with me. He did an absolutely wonderful job assembling our furniture. He is very fair and honest and takes pride in his work. Divanil did a superb job remodeling our kitchen, with meticulous craftsmanship in his tile work (both backsplash and floor tiles).

We perform complete refinishing and antique restoration.

We have done repairs for moving companies, cleaning companies, furniture stores and for some government facilities, as well as a long list of personal customers we have accumulated over the years.

Keep in mind that when requesting a quote, it could vary once we are able to see the furniture due to the many different sizes, shapes, styles and condition of the furniture. Once a quote has been approved and accepted, we will be more than happy to contact the customer to find out more details.

We love to repair/refinish the antique furniture that has been handed down through the family and make it usable and beautiful again.

We offer free in-home estimates, and free pick up and delivery within a 10-mile radius from our shop.

We also construct new furniture, like . Restoration of finely crafted period antiques is both an art and a science.

Snohomish Antique Furniture Restoration and Refinishing Service

Our work is the product of years of tradition, fine craftsmanship, and quality customer service. Since 1950 we have been your complete source for furniture repair and re-upholstery needs.

We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction.

We will respond promptly to your calls and work with you to provide timely, quality service. There is no trace of prior damage and the service was excellent.

We had a quote from a place on 14th street and were concerned with fabric quality and cost. Raymond is knowledgeable, prompt, communicative, and excellent at his craft. Visiting his shop and looking at his work, it seems he can fix or restore anything. Evelyn and her entire team were really great with the repair of our vintage banquette seat pads. Many of these recommended companies are neighborhood or family firms that have been doing what they do for generations. His workshop is often recommended by antique dealers and auctioneers. For 35 years, the business has been repairing and restoring table lamps, floor lamps, sconces and other lighting. Minor repairs can often be done while you wait. The company works on both family antiques and flea market finds.

Marysville Everett Furniture Repair and Restoration

Repair Washington Don’s Furniture Restoration Northern Virginia

If a painting has severe damage, restoring it can be an elaborate procedure. She gets a lot of work from residents who are cleaning out their houses and discover treasures they want to preserve and pass on. Free estimates and evaluations by appointment.