Some refinishers have very little training and experience. It takes years of practice to know how to tackle a project.

We offer straight forward advice for your particular situation. Can refinishing reduce the value of my furniture?

It can be a new store bought piece, a 50 year old family heirloom, a vintage period antique or anything that needs to be tended to. Do you repair veneer and what exactly is veneer?

We work on veneer daily and have for many generations. Veneer is merely a thin cut of a species of wood typically applied over a ply or solid wood. Many fine and very valuable pieces of furniture are veneered. Many unique looks can be achieved by only using veneer.

We use a modern system called a flow over hand strip system. This is basically hand stripping with only 5 gallons of chemical stripper and a soft nylon brush.

It is safe on all woods, furniture and finishes. What if my furniture is too large to bring to you?

Don't worry as we offer professional pick-up and delivery.

We do all of our own work and safely blanket wrap and secure things in our vehicles.

I have a dining room with damage on the top but the base looks fine.

We pride ourselves in honesty and offering our customers options. Quite often we can refinish the top of a piece and clean up the base, with touch ups and a fresh coat of finish. This will save you money and the results look like a refinish. Can you repair a damaged piece in my home?

With literally thousands of onsite repairs completed over the past 30 years, we are highly experienced in this type work. If a piece can be expertly repaired on site we will offer you this option. Yes, we offer a one year written warranty on all of our work.

I know your kind of business uses many chemicals. Remember, furniture refinishers are the original recyclers. Over 30 years of experience will be incorporated into your projects. Preserving history, restoring old and worn out items for a new life, modifying furniture from one function to another with as little disturbance to original as possible is our focus. New, vintage and antique furniture, lighting, art and accessories are all creatively displayed and ready for your home. Down the sidewalk, our warehouse is chock full of as-is pieces. The crafty can take them as they sit, or let our transform your find into the perfect match for your home. He restored it to absolute perfection and brought it back to me as specified in the estimate. It meant the world to me and he did an amazing job with it. He truly has a craft of bringing items "back to life". Many people who purchase antiques end up with pieces which have seen better days and some antiques which are kept in storage and forgotten can use some help as well. But we're really in the business of delivering the most impressive finish with the least amount of hassle possible.

Revival Antiques in Raleigh North Carolina NC

Working on-site at your business or home, or at our specially equipped headquarters, we make sure that every detail is taken care of - so that you and your prized possessions always look their best.

We work on-site at your business or home, or at our headquarters. As a property manager, tenant or owner, you’ll want to ensure that your property looks well maintained. Are your doors are scraped, worn, or in poor condition?

However, seat cushions are wearing thin, cracked and peeling. Would like a quote on repairs if they can be repaired. The leg is not broken, but whatever it attaches to underneath seems to be. The arms are wooden, so it should be a simple job, just restoring the seat. Fabric would be polyester with no pattern.

We have experience in antique restoration, fine furniture restoration and piano restoration.

We are also a provider of commercial services that include trim and door repair, and have experience in working for both local and national companies.

We provide beautiful furniture refinishing!

Let our furniture refinishing experts transform that old piece into something new. Call us for furniture repair and antique restoration needs.

We offer in-home piano restoration and refinishing services. for more information about our services. They also reupholstered an antique chair and it is exquisite. Davis is amazing - organized, talented, honest, and an overall lifesaver. Wilson even surprised us by installing a few fixtures outside of this project.

Pender's Antiques and Refinishing LLC

I look forward to the next project and building a long term relationship with him on other home improvement projects. His "get it right" attitude is just one of his most valuable assets.

We get compliments on our new tables quite a bit. He also will come in and correct our tv issues. The finish is becoming more durable and glowing as time passes. The paint he helped me pick out and type he suggested looked absolutely beautiful on my furniture!!

Beecham on other projects and recommend him to anyone who is in need of special projects for their home or furniture!!

I forgot to mention all his estimates are free!

Allen has restored and repaired multiple pieces of furniture for my family over the last few years. He has worked on items ranging from family antiques to some of my high quality modern furniture that needed attention.

I specialize in custom furnishings made with salvaged materials and reclaimed barn wood lumber.

We use a wide variety of water-based stains and finishes, and are able to custom-match stain and colors to your needs.

I have loved and love doing furniture most of my adult life. My passion for fine wood restoration is driven by the beauty of a finished product and when my customer thought there would be no hope for the defects of his or her piece.

You will never know that scratch, chip, chunk, indention or bad finish was ever there!

and we are small enough to still give the customer a very personal and complete restoration experience for any furniture or wood item. Your heirloom will be handled with care as if it were our own.

You can change the color of your furniture to give it a new look or to match other pieces. Do you enjoy colors like blue, red, yellow, or almost any other color over basic stains?

We specialize in furniture repair and wood restoration services for commercial properties.

We excel at furniture repair and furniture refinishing. Let us see what your artwork has going on.

We repair and refinish furniture, clean and repair oil paintings and other art objects, and work on many unique and one of kind heirloom objects from all over the country. The evaluation was scheduled for 06/29/2016 between 1130 and 1230. Because the problem areas seemed to be confined to the doors and drawers and some of the filler panels of the vanity, they could remove those items and work on them off-site in their shop. The items to be refinished were removed and wrapped in padded material. On 07/26 the newly-refinished doors, drawers, etc. The newly-refinished items looked great and it made my entire vanity look brand new.

We will definitely consider them for refinishing our kitchen cabinets and a much-beloved sideboard. They preserved the intricate detail and refinished with an appropriate stain to keep the high end appearance associated with purchasing custom furnishings.

I will have additional pieces refinished in the near future. Only problem was, the estimate that was promised in 2-3 days, took some 20 days to get and required 2 telephone calls giving them the same contact information a total of 3 times.

I had taken in with the table as an example for the stain color. He was extremely punctual, completed the project within the time frame quoted.

I was actually quite surprised how well the color and texture was matched to my bedroom furniture. The dog crates were originally a glossy finish and he made them a tope/matte, distressed finished.

I dropped off the chairs and picked them up 4 days later.

You never really know what you are going to get when you send some 'beloved' older furniture out the door. Our former cherry dining room table now looks 'on trend' with its brown charcoal finish and the seats upholstered in grey linen just make it even more appealing. Great job all the way around, especially in our new open concept home. It now looks brand new, but still has the patina of being well worn and loved.

I couldn't be happier and it was so worth the wait. The job was finished ahead of the estimated date and the pieces look awesome!

The finish is amazing and the color is perfect. They even tightened the legs and got rid of a slight wobble that was previously there. The oak cabinet also came out just as nice. My husband said he never remembered it ever looking that good at his grandparents and parents house.

I am so happy with the quality of the work, the customer service, and the timeliness.

We do not do furniture reupholstery services!

Could not have a better place for our furniture to be redone. The spindles had broken and it was looking pretty worn. He fixed what was broken, cleaned it up and added some new stain. Refurbishing your existing furniture gives you the opportunity to customize fabrics and finishes, and preserve cherished heirlooms. Many services can be conveniently performed on-site. It’s our commitment to quality that sets our work apart, and turns your favorite piece of furniture into a work of art. From cosmetic restoration to mitigating fire damage, there’s no job we cannot tackle. View before and after photos of our completed projects. These guys assisted me with picking a durable fabric and did a wonderful job. My bar stools have a nice thick cushion now and are much more comfortable to sit on that before.

We pride in in our attention to detail and our immaculate craftsmanship to give your furniture a high-quality look and feel. Our knowledge of the business and our commitment of excellence provides peace of mind to our customers and ensures them that their commercial and residential project is our top priority. Even with your greatest efforts, some woodwork will be damaged during construction. When the punch list shows up with dents, scratches, mars and other wood damage, what do you do?

We take care of damaged wood or furniture quickly with the least expense to you. Carolinas than any other restoration company in the area. It is generally very well made since it has stood the test of time, and with the proper care, it has the ability to remain beautiful for many years to come.

We specialize in antique furniture restoration, caning, and more.

We want to bring your beautiful antique furniture back to life. Our fine workmanship and attention to detail have transformed countless worn-out and broken furniture pieces into gorgeous works of art. A certain trust factor is required to give us responsibility to restore sentimental and treasured pieces from your home.

We will not rest until every detail is complete and every problem is resolved.

We stand by our work and invite your questions.

We can even perform restoration if further damage has been caused by disaster recovery teams or cleaning companies. Part of our skilled team is a wonderful upholsterer ready to handle a large variety of pieces.