We need a pic of any damage whatsoever and at least one good closeup of the weave so that we can determine the paint condition. Please remove all cushions and provide one good overall shot of each piece.

Important: please use your photo editing software to reduce the size of the pics. Most pics come out of your camera in a size that exceeds 1 meg.

We get pics for many different reasons, so it helps to know why we are receiving yours. Restoration returns the piece as close as possible to its original status.

The restored area usually will not show as any different from the rest of the piece. Repair makes the piece usable again, but the repair may show.

We can repair or restore depending on the piece. For more information or to talk about your restoration needs, please call me at 727-992-2142. Our craftsmen are masters at what they do. Our goal is to bring life back to your valuable items.

We give the utmost care to our customers most cherished possessions and give the value of excellent customer service and prompt turnaround.

We specializes in on-site repair wood and upholstery. Some manufactures provide limited life time warranty on mechanism parts, or we can assist in ordering them.

We carry many of the generic used parts in stock to assist our customers with immediate service and repair when needed. A typical service call generally takes less than one hour, depending on the number of pieces and severity of damage. He brought all his own tools and even ran to home depot for items we needed.

We have a bedroom set that is 100 years old but my wife hated it because of the dark color. He stripped and refinished the whole set for a reasonable price and it turned out great!!

The best part of the move into my new home was seeing my new painted furniture delivered !!!

He is skilled in the refinishing of antiques.

We hired him to build us a large, modern, floating cabinet for our living room. It needed to be custom built to fit around a 74 inch electric fireplace, and we wanted cabinet doors on either side of the fireplace. Thumbtack would let me because it's beyond beautiful.

We loved it so much we hired him to make us a custom dining with a custom bench. Only a month later, and all the pieces are finished, in our condo, and look stunning. Can't tell which supporting piece, that had broken in two, between the leg chairs is the original and which isn't. He was fast and provided a perfect product. Their knowledge is excellent and from what they describe, their completion of work is done to top standards.

I do and water catchment including submersible pumps, float switches, and piping installation.

I have attained many skills from working as a chief mechanic and underwater construction diver on offshore vessels in the oil and gas industry.

We prefer to install our own work for maximum quality control for our clients. Clients love our proactive communication, meticulous documentation, reliable scheduling and utter honesty and trustworthiness.

I love to make the old look funky and new. My work stands out because of attention to detail.

Find a Medic

We have lots of old secretaries, rocking chairs and cedar chests. For bedroom, playroom, family room, use your imagination!

Restored so it looks just like the original piece.

I also specialize in renovation of complete homes and businesses. It would be most helpful if you could send pictures,. It is an inherited antique and has been re-caned at least once.

I was wondering if we could turn this into a beautiful desk. He fixes computers and needs a standing option. Plus lots of space for cords and other things. He completely restored a very scratched solid teak dining room table with two leaves, and a matching credenza that had been in our family for over 50 years, and had been moved around the country multiple times. He repaired and reinforced the wood braces underneath the table where the leaves are stored and made all of the drawers on the credenza open and shut smoothly. And he also threw in, at no charge, repairing a leg that had broken off of another teak credenza. They shine beautifully, the natural wood grain has been restored, and all of the scratches are completely gone. Willy is detailed, knowledgeable, talented and reasonably priced. He gathers and communicates all the relevant details before, during and after the project.

We visited their facility, and were very impressed with their operation. The staff have been so receptive and customer-focused. The screws came out and we couldn't get them to screw back in. He determined that this was a repair he could do, but he would need to take the chair back to his shop.

That Wicker Guy Antique Wicker and Great Camp Furniture Buy

He said we could save some money if we could bring it to him, but that was not something we were able to do.

We set up an appointment for the next day and he arrived when he said he would. He looked over the chair and said that he would fix the other arm as well as it was a little loose. He came right when he said he would and the chair looks phenomenal. He actually refinished both arms, re-attached them, and greased the bearings. This was all for the original price just to re-attach the arms. The arms look like they just came off the factory floor and they are solid as a rock. David is a true craftsman and he was a pleasure to work with as well.

We would definitely use him again if the need arose as well as recommend him. Jordan came picked up furniture, we discussed the project and he helped me select the color.

I had a couple of questions that he could not answer.

We are thrilled, our old furniture looks new. The other 2 companies were not sure they could fix the problem with the connector pin. And, they quoted substantially higher prices. He did the entire job in 30 minutes or less and repaired with better materials than the original.

I would recommend him as your go-to for furniture repair for sure. He showed me what was needed and worked diligently to get my chair back to 100% functionality.

Arrived at scheduled time, all materials necessary. Checked out chair and told me what needed to be done and the cost. He did the repair in my home, was professional, pleasant and cleaned up area when finished. He called ahead to schedule the appointment and called the day of the appointment to confirm. He took at a look at the couch, got his supplies and quickly did exactly what we asked of him. Peruse the gallery to see what we can do for you. He has been restoring furniture for more than 35 years. Contact us about our antique restoration services that can add many more years to the life of your furniture.

I collect and sell all different types of music.

I am planning on purchasing the fabric for the couches myself. And, would need an estimate of the quantity of fabric for each couch, too, please. Would this estimate include all labor and materials; foam for cushions, black fabric for the undersides, buttons, repairing of wood frame?

If the couches need any structural work, we would do that.

Do you provide fumigation or heat-treatment services?

Would you be interested talking about the restoration of these pieces. The best way for an estimate would be to bring them in or possibly a drawer and pictures. Sometimes he can give you an estimate with pics and sometimes not.

I will try to get the bookcase to you this week. Unfortunately we cannot give you a price without seeing the doors for many reason. If they are all the same with the same finishes, you can just bring one in for an estimate.

I would like to send you some pics and get an idea of restoration cost and if you have any idea as to value. Sometimes he can give you an estimate with pics. Irene cabinet with abowed glass door belonging to our family. David said it sounds as though the hinges may need to be tightened which is something you may be able to do. Please let me know if you want to schedule an appointment. The repairs, he would have to see the table. The armed chairs’ arms are loose and the other chairs are a little loose. If you are still in need of repair on your rush chairs we do them.

We would need to see a pic or bring one by.

We can restore your teak furniture but we do not do upholstery. The dining room table was ebony and did not match the chairs.

We wanted to have the table stripped and re-stained.

David A Nores Antique Restoration on Platt St in Tampa

He was professional, timely and reasonably priced. It was exactly like we envisioned it and it looked brand new. The doors are wood with lead glass inserts. Our dog chewed a good deal of the molding and framing as well as put deep gouges on the inside of the doors. Denis replaced all of the interior molding, as well as re-stained, resurfaced and varnished the inside and outside of both doors. This required several days of back and forth to allow for the coats of stain and varnish to dry. Denis and his assistant were extremely diligent in getting the work done timely, professionally and beautifully. This business might not have an official storefront, or it might move to multiple locations throughout the day. He made a few changes to the air handler and flushed the drain line.

I want to add another positive review to all the other reviews which applaud the excellent work.

We have a very large two piece large mahogany china closet which was damaged in a move. Denis was the only one who would come out and look at it before quoting after requesting pictures. He said we would not know it had been repaired afterwards. If we did not know where the damage occurred, we would not know from the repair/finish.

You probably will find him more expensive than others for this work, but in our case we felt the higher cost was worth it. It looked awful with big chip in it, the sides were scraped and the top was gouged in many places.

I can't tell where any of the damage was. He came to our home and was most pleasant, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. Denis was very responsive, coming out soon after we arranged for his services and was always ensuring that he was fulfilling our needs. Denis, he explained the process and we immediately realized that we made the right choice. Denis took a beaten up table with scratches, chips and stains and made it look brand new. Repaired a broken cross rail on a cherry bed. Denis just redid a kitchen table and chairs for me. He promised a "factory finish" and he delivered. He is very professional and concerned about making his customer happy. Then he was able to add a wood vent to a door to resolve an air flow situation.

He has also repaired dry wall and restained a mirror and vanity in a bathroom to compliment the updated decor.

I cant say enough great things about his honesty, timelines and talent. Denis was professional in his approach, grasped exactly what we were looking to have done, and far exceeded our expectations.

I would not hesitate to call on him again as he is definitely an artist at his craft. Most importantly, our doors look brand new and we are so very pleased with his work.

We would certainly recommend his services. Mike the owner stepped in and was able to resolve all our problems. Star reviews are reserved for flawless service. Request a quote from other similar providers. He identified them by period, which will be extremely helpful for me in tracking down their details. In addition, he provided extensive information about caring for the desk he repaired as well as for the other furniture in my pictures.

I needed to do to complete the repair of this utilitarian piece on my own.

Restoration Tampa Antique Wicker Great Camp