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We are happy to help you select the wood, stain, hardware and the fabric or leather for the item that you are interested in. A sales associate will respond to your inquiry. Call or visit the store for more information. This desk is solid wood and in good overall condition.

We have this piece of vintage and hundreds of great pieces of antique in our antiques mall.

We also buy antique furniture and offer free antique furniture appraisals. Each desk featured a rolling door that slid up and down to reveal or conceal built-in pigeonholes, shelves and a flat writing surface. The exterior facade of a roll-top desk as well as its construction can provide visual clues as to its age. Trustworthy resources can help confirm your age calculations. The early roll-top desks were typically constructed from cherry, mahogany or black walnut, while oak was often used after 1900.

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Mahogany is strong and dense because it lacks knots and holes in the grain of the wood, while cherry has a distinctive reddish appearance. Solid black walnut has a natural dark brown hue with attractive grains. Oak is easy to distinguish from mahogany, cherry or black walnut due to its golden-toned lighter hue. A dovetail joint resembles the triangle shape of a bird's tail and holds the boards together with cutouts in the wood that fit together snugly. Unlike the earliest dovetail joints, which were irregular because they were cut by hand, the machine-cut dovetail joints were precisely created by machines for a refined look. Look closely for irregular saw cuts or a rough appearance, indicating the desk was likely one of first roll-top desks and built prior to 1890. A precise and identical machine joint reveals a mass-produced desk, probably constructed a few years before to around the turn of the 19th century and later.

You might also find the name of the manufacturer underneath the desk, which could even include the date the piece was manufactured. Newer roll-top desks or pieces manufactured to mimic authentic antiques typically have no manufacturer or date markings. Examine a distressed desk for repetitive or intentional distressing patterns, which are good indications the piece is not a genuine antique. For example, certified appraisers, antique dealers and furniture experts are viable resources to help you establish or validate an age for your piece. If you purchase an antique desk from an estate sale or an individual, inquire about its history from family members or the estate sale company. Antique furniture guides, books and magazines can also provide a wealth of valuable information and pictures to help you pinpoint the age of your roll-top desk. Above the rolltop, the rectangular structure consists of a single wide drawer. His artistic creativity is evident in the chinoiserie marquetry scenes, created by using minute pieces of naturally colored exotic woods that have a painterly effect. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about roll top desk ?

The most common roll top desk material is wood. Handcrafted and made-to-order, our premium rolltops are available in a number of wood types like oak, cherry, and maple. Shop single pedestal, double pedestal, and hutch-top rolltop desks with a number of interior configurations and storage features. In that, it is a descendant in function, and partly in form, of the cylinder desk of the 18th century. It is a relative of the tambour desk whose slats retract horizontally rather than vertically. In contrast, the wooden section of a cylinder had to be treated with great pains to keep its form perfectly over time, lest it warp or bend, and make it impossible to retract or extend. It gradually fell out of favor with the introduction of the steel desk and the coming of greater quantities of correspondence and other documents, which made the small stacked drawers and small shelves obsolete. There were just too many letters to bother folding them again and placing them in the proper slot and there was too little time to open and close all the small drawers to look for things.

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Because it was produced in vast numbers and at varying levels of quality, the rolltop desk is popular in the antique market. It is usually expensive especially if the wood used is expensive. It is also popular amongst set decorators who want to recreate the ambience of an of the late 19th or early 20th century. The style is descended from the cylinder desk, which featured one piece of carved wood that slid in a fixed track to cover the desk. Cylinder desks were expensive and rare because it was hard to shape the wood perfectly and prevent it from warping over time, but the horizontal slats of the roll top desk made it easy to manufacture on a mass scale. Shop the large inventory of furniture including desks and home office furniture !

My mother is downsizing and needs this beauty to go to a good home. To move the desk the roll top can be screwed off. There are two pull outs on each side of the desk. The roll top is swayed slightly in the upper middle but does not interfere with opening and closing. The timeless, rooted feeling of an impeccably crafted wooden roll top desk makes the piece feel like a part of history. With a curving roll top, large drawers, and lots of nooks and crannies, these desks make a statement. This style is ideal for a house or apartment with limited space for an office.

You can tuck all of your miscellaneous paperwork and mail, accumulated pens and knickknacks, and chargers and cables into the desk cubbies and then shut the roll top to keep the organized mess hidden. In this way, it has the functionality of a filing cabinet but with the classic appeal of a well-made piece of furniture. The sturdy desks come in strong wood, like mahogany and cherry, with lustrous stains that range from wheat to deep ebony. A large oak roll top desk with a natural wood stain fits seamlessly into a home with traditional decor. Even contemporary home decor benefits from the warm look of finely crafted older furniture. If you like modern pieces, look for a daintier antique roll top desk with slender legs and dark wood. The only hard part is choosing your favorite.

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Roll Desk 42″ Mission Single Pedestal Rolltop