Create the mood of a chic little café by cozying your up to a wall and adding art and a light fixture. Embrace the fresh color palette and lively atmosphere of your favorite café with a tall table and slender chairs.

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But by making a few smart furniture choices and nailing down your style, your small dining space can fit seamlessly into the rest of your home and support mealtimes and even dinner parties with ease. Hang a light fixture directly over your table — especially if your table is in an unusual spot. Hang something that draws the eye above your table: a hefty mirror or framed art work equally well. Stick with the general style you already have going in the rest of your space for the most cohesive look.

Let's take a closer look at 10 small dining spaces and why they work. Make the most of a small space with built-in benches tucked into the corner of the room. If you have a bit more space, go for a round or oval table — you will be able to seat more people. Otherwise, a rectangular table will save the most floor space. Create the mood of a chic little café by cozying your table up to a wall and adding art and a light fixture. For this look, go for lighter-scale pieces such as the airy table with metal legs and the vintage chairs shown here.

I love the idea of making a big style statement in a small space. In the dining area try playing with scale, choosing a high-back bench flanked by a pair of teensy chairs as shown here. They define the area and (especially if you put the lights on dimmers) allow you to control the mood. A classic pedestal table in a gleaming dark finish sets the tone for a luxurious space. Fill out the seating area with upholstered chairs, a silky-soft rug and an airy chandelier. When your space is truly small, it is vital for every piece of furniture to do double (or triple) duty. A drop-leaf table can work for two in the setup shown here but fits many more when fully extended. To really save space, it can even be pushed flush against the wall when not needed and used as a sideboard with a bar tray on top. Often, an upholstered bench does not take up any more room than a pair of chairs, yet feels much more comfortable during leisurely meals and mornings with coffee and the newspaper. Smaller chairs (like the bentwood ones used here) can fill in the other side without taking up much space. Embrace the fresh color palette and lively atmosphere of your favorite café with a tall table and slender chairs. It's no fun trying to enjoy your meal only to realize your legs are falling asleep. This gold globe pendant makes a statement flying solo — and would look just as good as a trio over a larger dining room table or island. Top it with a plush cushion or a pillow for added comfort. Guests will feel right at home in the relaxed space!

From there, pop in playful accents like green and yellow. A clean color palette with a timeless vibe. Try adding something optically pleasing to your dining room table — it's a perfect place to add some flair.

We believe in homes that are a perfect reflection of the people who live inside. Where everything looks the way you want it to, works the way you need it to, and just generally makes you feel good – without costing a fortune. That’s why we’ve filled this section with tons of different home ideas, from home decoration ideas to organizing tips to inspiration for making your home more green. So, you’ll have all you need for creating a space that you love calling home. Here we’ve used the same room in two settings, letting small, easy changes create two completely different styles. Keep everyone happy with their own activities, and just enjoy the company.

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Room Corner Decor Style Small Dining Area

Find inspiration for textiles and displays from this snug and personal bedroom. Get inspired by four pattern-on-pattern textile looks – from florals through to tartan prints. It’s versatile enough to use in any space, plus you can mix and match the units. We’ve got some clever tips to make their stay a joy for all. With simple table decor, you’ll spend less time decorating and more time enjoying your guests’ company. It combines traditional style with modern flexibility. After all, it’s so much easier to walk a few steps and gather around the kitchen table than it is to transport everything into another room. Dining rooms also tend to be a bit more formal, making them feel less appropriate for everyday meals. But there’s no reason that you shouldn’t enjoy your dining room on a daily basis. Get inspired by these gorgeous rooms and start planning your own dinner-party-ready space. The space can be used for everyday meals, or add some centerpieces and it's ready for a dinner party. Gauzy white curtains hang delicately behind the tables, creating an ethereal partition around the stairwell. In the newly renovated dining room, the walls are paneled in cherry with painted battens, while a band of windows brings the nearby lake into view. The fancy fixture can make a more casual space feel more formal. A long rectangular table is a classic choice. They help the space feel bigger and reflect the lovely glow of candlelight during dinner parties. The seats can squeeze more people in and make great extra seating in other rooms when needed. Lumbar pillows make dining chairs extra accommodating. Surround your table with a mix of seating types and chair styles.

How To Style A Small Dining Area

The homeowners removed plate rail and vertical molding from the walls to make the room feel more modern and fresh. The homeowner upholstered a mix of chairs with vintage grain sacks—easy to do with a staple gun. A vintage shutter leans against the wall. Supplement the organic mood with wood and other natural materials--in flooring and furniture. Highlight texture, too, with accents such as neatly woven rattan, like on the backs of these chairs. A distressed poplar table welcomes nicks. A twig chandelier adds rustic elegance above a farm table dressed up with side chairs in a whitewash finish. A tight color palette pulls the styles together. The homeowner framed it with stained 1x4s held together with corner brackets—a vintage-style touch to relax a new home’s perfect sheen. Floral-patterned ceiling-high curtains draw eyes out to the landscape. Dark wood and light art balance the effect.

A red tool caddy on top of a salvaged cheese-crate side table serves as a beverage bar during gatherings. Large casters elevate an antique farm table to counter height and make it easy to move. A metal laundry pail filled with flowers tops the table. Playful conversation starters include world globes spilling out of the fireplace and a collection of vintage light bulbs. A boat prow "bar" and contemporary chairs complete the eclectic mix. The long dining table accommodates large family meals.

The dining room's wood tones warm the adjoining white kitchen. The rough wood support beams on the ceiling and walls complement the rustic decor. In the dining room, workers scuffed up raw pine floors (later sealed) for a naturally aged look. A striped rug, boat oars and local folk art add to the down-home feel. Mix and match fabrics in playful patterns and colors punch up the style and mask wear and tear. The busy pattern is offset by the dark wood floor, simply framed mirror and clean-lined dining table. A vintage pine table, surrounded by rattan chairs, feels right at home with the scenery. A spherelike chandelier adds a touch of sophistication. Here's how to transform neglected nooks into useful and inviting spots that make life at home better. Instead of using a floor hogging toy box, a compact shelving unit with rounded corners is a space-saving idea that creates storage for playthings. The key pieces in the collection can be mixed or used solo based on your unique storage needs. Bold wall art like this colorful decal not only makes a big statement in a small space, but it can also carve out a spot for a nursery. Adding a single stainless steel leg adds little extra support.

The gallery wall was created using printable monochromatic art. Every inch of wall and corner space in this pegboard kitchen keeps things beautifully organized. Theses narrow shelves keep healthy snacks and standard essentials like fresh fruit and drinking glass front and center. This one makes a stylish statement ​while providing a convenient place to keep extra bedding. Arranging plants at varying heights using a shelf and stool will add dimension to the display. A subtle gray-blue ribbon accents the shade in this dining room, complementing the wall color. Choose a bolder hue, such as turquoise or fuchsia, to create more contrast and add a pop of color. Balance their streamlined look by combining the lighting with natural furnishings, like distressed wood tables and wicker chairs. For added sophistication, have slipcovers made with your monogram. Turn a nook into a cozy, casual dining area with banquette seating and even a wingback chair. Succulents are easy to care for and make the perfect centerpiece year-round. These rooms prove all it takes is a little ingenuity to turn an unused spot into an eye-catching vignette. Barts home into a colorful work area featuring a few of his favorite vintage finds. A cozy armchair and minimal side table stand in a corner. Doubling up for a sumptuous seating area and complementing it with a big dining table and matching chairs will instantly play up a symmetrical look and bring order to your room. From there, you can add smaller moments of contrast, such as this rustic retreat’s mismatched trunks and desk and its framed art in groupings of six. Keeping to a palette of neutrals and natural tones will also add to the light, airy vibe of any wide open room. Consider a more convivial approach by turning the kitchen island into an everyday dining surface with barstools and arranging a seating area with deep sofas and chairs just adjacent. The result is a space that is big on everyday comfort and lounging—and feels a little less formal and buttoned-up.

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If you’re at a loss, try looking to the corners of your space. For instance, this double wall of windows provides bountiful light perfect for a lush nook heavy with potted greenery, while the corner opposite became ideal for a perpendicular dining area. To help unify the spaces, keep materials and colorful details consistent—be it woven accents that are picked up in all three areas, dark wood tones throughout, or vivid art on multiple walls. No need to go overboard with patterns, rich leathers, and deep colors. Try this sitting room’s lighter approach, with a pair of simple yet bright sofas, accents of gold and crystal, and minimalist abstract art that bridges the living and dining areas. Here are our most steal-worthy ideas to make the most of the space you have. When choosing furniture to fit an angled corner, like this one, don’t be afraid to pick pieces with a unique shape or scale. Choose artwork of varying sizes, shapes and textures for bigger impact. This is also a great trick to use in a smaller space, to make it feel a bit larger. All you need is 1 or 2 chairs and a small side table. This can work really well in an extra long living room, family room or even in a master bedroom.

You can either create a custom solution or use a pre-fab model, but whichever you choose, work in some hidden storage with a lifting lid or cabinet-style doors. The trick brings the eyes up and helps to make the space look larger, while keeping toys and clutter off the floor.

You can also use your corner shelves to create a focal point, or use them to display some cool objects, photos or books. A chair is an especially good choice for the corner of a master or guest bedroom, as it’s nice to have a cozy spot to sit down to take off your shoes, or even read a book.

We love the look of this iron clothes rack. A cozy chair and lighting are all you need. Standing 63" tall, this angled unit's frame is constructed from wood and showcases a neutral espresso finish for a look that fits right into your existing ensemble. Plus, it features five shelves, which descend in size from the top, so you can keep your favorite reads on hand or display framed family photos. The five shelves arch outwards, and get larger in size towards the bottom. Available in multiple neutral colors options, you can find the right hue for your home. Crafted from poplar wood with birch veneers, this piece features an arched skirt and framed doors for a touch of flair, while two open shelves and a concealed cabinet provide ample storage and display space. Care instructions wipe clean with clean damp cloth. Available in black, white, and espresso finish. Showcase your favorite books or decorative pieces all in one place with this manufactured wood piece with solid wood veneers. A tipover restraint device is included with this bookcase.

Assembly is required for this cozy corner piece. Crafted from solid pinewood in a versatile neutral finish, this piece features four tiers that let you show off framed photos, your favorite books, and beyond. Three triangular-shaped shelves are ideal for holding books, or putting potted plants on display. No assembly for this product is required. Easy to clean, this bookcase only requires wiping with a damp cloth to keep dust free. Tipping hardware is included for further stability. Featuring a scroll motif in copper metal, this piece provides four shelves that offer an abundance of storage space for picture frames, plants, candles and any other collectibles. Take this one for example: crafted from solid pine wood, its frame features an angled silhouette that fits right into a corner and is finished in neutral gray. This bookcase maximizes the oft forgotten or neglected corner space. The multiple open shelves ensure ample space to store books, frames and more so there is never a lack of storage. Made from manufactured wood, this lightweight piece has five shelves to display your favorite novels and magazines. The simply sturdy construction and brown finish offer a sweet storage spot for displaying all of your accents.

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Wall shelves make a stylish solution for rooms large and small. Its chrome-finished metal finish adds sleek style to your existing arrangement, while its four glass shelves lend you a spot to set down books, organize supplies, or show off framed family photos. Simple yet attractive, this bookshelf has clean lines and immaculate cuts. It displays a contemporary style, which is further accentuated by its fine finesse. Three curved shelves are perfect for storage or display, making it a practical style statement in any room. The medium density composite wood complies with the green rules of production. The shelves have a natural wood finish that is lacquer sealed for protection and durability. A dark antique silver metal frame adds an industrial flair and completes this versatile piece. Five shelves offer plenty of storage space for displaying books, knick knacks and other home accents. It is constructed from premium-quality material that makes it sturdy and durable. The bookcase has a brown finish that blends well with most of the decors and settings. This contemporary bookcase has six tier shelves that provide ample space to keep your required items well organized. It is perfect for corners as well as in your study room or office. Use it to showcase decorative items, photos, books or antique pieces at home. It comes in a traditional style and a nice color. Use it besides the bed to store commonly required items and other home essentials. Its finish will match most of the popular styles of home decor. This corner bookcase is beautifully placed to utilize any corner space in the home for your shelving needs. It features 2 shelves with 1 drawer that can be used as display shelves or bookshelf. It is made up of wood and finished in distressed gray.

Its stainless steel frame is easy to care for and resists rust, while its particleboard tiers offer a budget-friendly alternative to solid wood. Its four white-finished curved shelves are perfect for displaying novels, vases, or framed photos, and its open back and sides ensure that this piece won't overwhelm your existing arrangement. Fill its three shelves with woven wicker bins so you can tuck away out-the-door essentials in the entryway, lovely along with a knotted jute rug on the floor below and a gleaming glass lantern hanging overhead for a splash of nautical charm. This bookcase can be placed in any corner of your room that is not in use. It can be decorated with showpieces on each shelf. It has five open shelves that have an elegant and classy look. It has a modern style that enhances the look of the home decor.

Made from glass, this shelf is sturdy and stylish. The tempered glass makes this bathroom shelf last long. The shelf is available in a clear finish that enhances its overall appeal. It has four shelves that can easily accommodate your storage needs. These shelves can be used to display decorative items, adding to the look of the living room. Perfect for displaying pictures, collectibles, books and more.


Made of solid hardwood and hardwood veneer for lasting quality. The chrome frame provides the durability you need while giving the contemporary look you want. Also featuring 3 tiers of glass shelves that provide plenty of space to display collectibles or additional storage. Make the most of small spaces and add a touch of contemporary flair to your home with this elegant bookcase. Turn corner space into storage space with this convenient folding shelf. Great for holding books, picture frames, decorative pieces and more. This bookcase is made to add tons of charm to your home. A solid wood construction with plenty of dividers makes it both durable and storage efficient. Up the utility of any empty corner with this three-tier bookcase, a must-have for keeping homes neat and free of clutter. Its three shelves display decorative accents in the den and work just as well holding toiletries and bath tissue in the master bath. With our large selection of home goods, you're likely to find something that you'll love. That said, it’s still entirely possible for those short on space to carve out the perfect spot to sit down and enjoy a meal. Whether you have a narrow side room or just a spare corner in the kitchen, read on for easy ways to squeeze in a dining nook anywhere. And be sure to keep centerpieces simple to prevent the set table from feeling crowded.

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Room Corner Decor Style Small Dining Area

They’re a handy extra surface when you need more room for prep, the perfect spot to serve up a buffet-style spread, and an easy place to enjoy a casual meal. But their appeal and ease is undeniable, and they’re just as well suited for enjoying a quick cup of coffee as they are for savoring a full dinner with the family. If you’re not ready to take the plunge with a custom build, try a freestanding banquette , which creates an elegant (and movable) alternative. Embrace crisp neutrals and clean lines to create an uncluttered, open-and-airy feeling. Turn any spare corner into a spot to eat—you don’t even have to have a full table and a coordinating suite of chairs. Two fixed shelves are behind the top doors and there is one shelf in the base. Providing lots of room for pantry items, linens or board games, this timeless beauty offers an added bonus of being able to display the family calendar or your child's art with the use of magnets!

These cabinets are hand crafted and hand finished so no two are exactly alike. Just a touch of antique distressing gives each piece that slight taste of aging that provides an heirloom feel. Also showcasing a whitewashed finish and molded panels, this cabinet is brimming with coastal charm. Try setting it in the corner of your living room for the perfect place to stow spare throws, board games, and media accessories. Handcrafted with sturdy wood construction this chest is decorative and functional, a conversation piece for sure.