To give a genuine classic and traditional look to a , can not miss it wooden doors. Doors both exterior and interior doors, craftsmanship with fine wood and forging makes some rustic wood doors are true works of art.

Inspiration Centennial rustic wooden doors
Most manufacturers of rustic wooden doors are master carpenters who have maintained a family tradition that’s why the results are so amazing as they use techniques for carving wood and very old wrought iron work as employees in the Mudejar of the Alpujarra, Toledo Teruel.

In the outer gates we can find models with a panel and a mobile, two-leaf gates with two fixed panels flanking the door or classic rustic shutter doors. However, the combinations are endless. The doors with stained glass side panels can incorporate up and down the panel or stay in the middle of it. The lintels can be straight, lowered semicircular, pointed or ogival arch horseshoe arch or also called Visigothic arch.
The woods and the treatment they undergo are other important aspects to achieve the desired result. Timber in shades toast or applying heat and patinas to achieve an effect of aging.

Finally the details as nails rustic artisan angles, handles, railings and end frames and more sophisticated as the openings in the frames are the doors that give personality and make them into works of art.

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Other wooden items in keeping with the rustic doors
The choice of rustic wooden doors can influence the selection of other items for the home. So, if we are to give a rustic look throughout the interior of the house, coffered ceilings and carved wood craft baseboards or ceilings with wooden beams will be the most appropriate to achieve this.

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Room Decorating Ideas

Room Decorating Ideas