To create the illusion of a taller window, mount drapery rods 4″ – 8″ above the window casing.

You’d want an absolute minimum of 4″ between the top of the sofa back and the bottom of your mirror and also at least that much from the top of your mirror to the bottom of your crown. The first two points for chandeliers over a dining table both talk about the width of the chandelier.

Since it isn’t really being walked under but still “lived under”, is there an alternate rule for its placement?

When buying an area rug with a wide boarder should the whole rug be seen or would it still be correct to place it under the furniture?

I should be looking for a light fixture in the 24-27″ range, however a square lantern of that size would be way too big.

That is only one of dozens of mistakes that can happen when you use rules like inches and eye-height.

The height is dictated by whether the person in the room will be sitting, lying or standing (most of the time). Usually, hanging the rods up at the top of the highest windows works best but not always depending upon the specifics of the room. I would just be sure that it clears your head by at least a few inches when you are kneeling on your bed. I usually do is just hang them both on the rod and arrange them so that where the two panels meet in the middle, the edges are tucked in – you can’t even tell that it’s not one continuous panel. But the size and what else you want on that wall along with the mirror depends upon everything else going on in the room. I would go with something round (vs if you were hanging a single chandelier – you can go with oval or rectangular). I mentioned, the bed will be in the middle……how much or the window width should the nightstands take up?

Pedestal accent tables

No matter what your furniture style, you’ll find something for your space in our selection. It even has an inner pocket where you can store everything from files to photobooth pictures. To avoid a flimsy tabletop, cut four pieces out of 2″ x 2″ pine boards and line the perimeter under the sheet of plywood. For this frame, we cut two board lengths at 48″ long and two board lengths at 22 1/2″ long.

Have a friend hold the assembled folding table on the wall over the marks and attach the frame to the wall where your studs line up with the frame on the top and bottom using 3-inch screws. It leans against a sofa, has a wide upright slatted support with 2 long bottom feet to slide and secure under a sofa.

Wall frame window

Rule Of Thumb Measurements For Decorating Your Home!

Add on a vase of freshly-picked hydrangeas for a touch of grace from the garden, then make it personal by arranging a few framed family photos on the wall above. Add it to your living room to match with warm leather arm chairs and taupe-toned linen upholstery, then play with its turned columns with pedestal accent tables and carved lamps around the space. You can choose to place it traditionally behind the sofa, or in an empty alley that requires brightening up. The top has ample space to place your favorite collection of showpieces or your family photo frames. Add it to your living room to match with warm leather arm chairs and beige-toned linen upholstery, then match its turned columns with pedestal accent tables and carved lamps around the space. The product has got an antiqued look in its overall design and acts as a beautiful enhancement to the interior decor of your room. Its raised molded details add a dash of dimension to your decor while its neutral hues blend effortlessly into both monochromatic or vibrant spaces. Console and sofa tables are a great solution for homeowners who are in search of an attractive and functional table for their living spaces. Try adding a few intricate candle sticks and a vase of freshly-picked blooms for an elegant entryway anchor, or simply set down a single antiqued clock for a twist of minimalist appeal.

When hanging two pieces of artwork, one above another, treat them as one large picture – find the center point between them and use the 56″ – 60″ rule. When hanging art pieces above a sofa or other piece of furniture, the grouping should ideally be about 2/3 the width of the furniture below it. To determine a good height for your light fixture, multiply the height of your ceiling (in feet) by 2. This answers a number of questions my clients ask all the time and it’s nice to have the answers all in one place.

We’ve had to fix holes in the walls twice where the part holding the rod was pulled from the wall (anchor and all) by a child. A lot of it depends upon the size of the buffet, the size of the room, and what else you have on and over the buffet. Instead of pushing furniture right up again the wall, pull it about 6″ out from the wall, as well as furniture being at least 6″ from another piece.

Using the other rule of subtracting one foot, you arrive at an 24″ fixture so the two rules are pretty consistent in this case.

I don’t care whether the pictures are at 34 inches or 93 inches from the floor (or anywhere in between): the results will be wrong. Would it be better to cover both windows with curtains or hang them between the two (about 6’ between the two)?

I hang the chandelier & how far away should it be hung from the wall & headboard (that is placed against the wall)?

In most cases, centering it between the head and foot of the bed or be a bit off center (more towards the foot of the bed) works.

I can only imagine that it’s so much fun but also pretty stressful to have all of those details to sort out. I found worked best for both situations was to put each of the chandeliers a little less than a third of the way in from the end of the table.

It’s definitely best to have a variety of shapes in a room but sometimes having two round or oval pieces of wall art can work just fine – especially if there are a lot of angles in the rest of the space.

All windows are the same size and, same height however due to a 3 step down the the ceileing heights vary considerably.

Find the perfect table for your living room, bedroom or wherever you need to add an extra surface.

Apply wood glue to the edges of the plywood and attach the 48″ boards first to the top and bottom, then the 22 1/2″ sides to the perimeter using 1 5/8″ screws.

Apply wood glue to the edges of the plywood and attach the two 47″ boards to the top and bottom, then the 21 1/2″ sides using 1 5/8″ screws.

Have a friend hold the assembled folding table on the wall over the marks and attach the frame to the wall where your studs line up with the frame on the top and bottom using 3″ screws.

Wooden construction of this table is very durable and attractive, so it can decorate kitchen indoors.

Its clean-lined frame is crafted of black metal, while a manufactured wood slab finished in charter oak sits on top for classic contrast. Start by rolling out a knotted jute rug on the floor below for a touch of texture in your foyer foundation, then illuminate the area with a few flickering candle lanterns and finally draw the eye with a distinctive display atop this classic console table.

Featuring generous top surface and bottom shelf that provides plenty of space to display collectibles or every day necessities with ease of access.

While its design is certainly inspired by long ago, it’s sure to stand out in contemporary homes thanks to a rich cherry finish. Clean, linear frame and glass shelf bring a light footprint with major functionality to the table.

Establish a hip, contemporary aesthetic in your open concept living room by setting this console table by a brightly-lit window dressed ladder-striped drapes and silky linen sheers.

Add this piece to the entryway to anchor a timeless traditional ensemble, then top the piece off with a sleek curved ceramic table lamp and a trio of bird statuettes for an understated and dynamic vignette.

Set it against a blank wall across from the front door, and get ready to grab your guests’ glances as soon as you greet them. Browse our impressive collection of console tables today to see how you can enhance your indoor living space.