Receiving my new dining table and chairs, today. The holidays are just around the corner -- add that special touch to your gifts this year.

Amish Furniture Russell Furniture

We offer you with a greater variety of options and custom details.

We have fresh selections, plus hundreds of accessories, lamps, and rugs. Plus, you can be confident about expert furniture delivery by our own personnel and trucks. This place has any breakfast/brunch place beat!

We are always committed to providing you with the best shopping experience possible, and we love to hear about that. Read what customers like you have to say !

Delivery was within promised time frame and delivery guys were great. Jonathan and his dad were great-helpful, informative and not pushy. Thank you for providing quality products and service to the area.

We were shown many options and given a brief tutorial on pros and cons of possible choices.

We felt respected as customers and will definitely shop there again. Have recommended your store to friends and will continue to do so. Quality furniture is an investment that pays off year after year. Jonathan was very helpful, gave us great advise on leather furniture and even delivery people were great. Delivery prompt with courteous and careful delivery persons. The delivery was a breeze very efficient and polite delivery men. They carefully brought it into the house. Delivery was timely, technicians careful, considerate and thorough.

I really appreciated the entire experience. Very nice patient “guys” to do business with. Quality furniture lots of styles to choose from sale and delivery people polite and helpful. It was delivered on time and the delivery team was careful not to scratch anything. Delivery was on time and their service was excellent. Provide professional decorating considerations. They are a committed staff to you from the moment you enter the store through their professional delivery. Furniture was damaged but was called and was told it will be replaced. Furniture arrived ahead of schedule and delivery was prompt with professional delivery people!

Left me alone to browse without pressuring. Our furniture even came in earlier than expected!

The deliverymen were very professional and careful in handling everything.

We will definitely be back and will recommend you store to others!

People were knowledgeable and informative. He is knowledgeable, friendly and attentive.

We just received our , along with our couch and recliner – thrilled!

Eli Country Store Russell Springs

We appreciate all that is done for us at the store. Russell goes above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied customers. The men who moved our furniture were terrific!

The guys were very careful with our merchandise.

We have always been able to depend on your high quality furniture. Delivery personnel were efficient and precise and made it look easy. Last but not least the movers were great!

Deliverymen were quick, friendly, and explained all functions of airbed.

I appreciated his suggestions and advice concerning fabric choice also. There was no “high pressure” sales pitch. The chair came one week earlier than expected and the two men who delivered it were prompt and courteous and very skilled at maneuvering a large chair in a small living room. This is our second time shopping here and would come back again. The deliverymen were polite and informing. When our plans to give our old furniture away fell thru they worked with us to remove old items. Great service, knowledge of products is excellent. Delivery personnel on time and courteous.

We had many overwhelming little decisions that were handicapping us but, you both, helped us over the hurdles.

We love our furniture and so does everyone else.

I will come back for our new bedroom furniture in a few years.

Myers Furniture

My couch was delivered today it changed the whole room. It looks beautiful and is very comfortable. Customer service is great and delivery is prompt and on time. Enjoyed our experience, deliverymen were good. Everything was delivered on the day promised with courteous delivery personnel. It just takes a couple minutes, and your effort will really help our company.

We will not share your personal information with any third parties.

I did some woodworking on the farm,” he says. The organization is celebrating a decade in business this year, but perhaps more important than that is its growth. The company has been able to control it, to stay small and limit revenue. They make just enough to live good, healthy lives, they say.

The company used to advertise a little, but they’ve cut back, not because business is down, but because it continues to grow. The staff has grown from six to 14 people, and the showroom has grown 25 percent.

We try to get along together; it’s just an atmosphere of love and caring about each other,” he said. Grace” is the background music on the telephone when callers are placed on hold. Countryside may not be obsessed with profits, quarterly earnings or the minute-by-minute minutiae that drive gyrations in the stock market. But the owners do keep their eye on changing lifestyles, consumer trends and modern technology.

The programs have been successful, but it is literally the writing on the walls – the subtle religious messages – family values and tours of the workshop that make this place a spiritual retreat of sorts. Amish furniture has gained renown for its durable construction, high quality materials, and attention to detail. Amish furniture has become available in nearly every state. Amish furniture direct from the manufacturer can offer a unique and rewarding experience. Lift chairs gently carrying you to a standing position.

You will fall in love with their tables and bedroom sets. Plus, you will be amazed by the low prices. They have so many beautiful sectional sofas. Some things are in the warehouse and some things can be bought off the floor in the store. Unheard of because many other stores don't have it or if they do charge more for 100% organic. He hands us a business card and tells us he'll see us tomorrow. So imagine my surprise, when at the end of the call, the person said goodbye to me, using my name. The cushions will not stay on the sofa(slide out whenever we sit down).

Paid extra for the warrant for them to access and repair or replace. Some repairs were done but the sofa continues to deteriorate at of fast pace. Please do not buy this sofa if you expect quality workmanship.

I have to say that on our first visit in while we saw the shark-like sales people they mostly left us alone.

I wouldn't hesitate to go back when we need a new rug, recliner, or end table.

We are in process of buying something from them right now. The sales rep promised to call back with a delivery date, never received any delivery info from the sale rep. She even sold us 2 boxes of the leather protection supplies and told us we needed them to protect the leather. About 1 year after purchasing this sofa, the top of the sofa had some weird things happening to it, it started peeling. They basically said that they didn't care, nothing that they could do.

I will never purchase from this company ever again. They sell cheap furniture and claim that it is something that it is not.

We were replacing an old, crappy couch with something much better. The crappy one was removed from our house in time (supposedly) for the new couch to arrive. At least we got all of our money back, because we deposited a large sum in order to make the custom order. Otherwise, an in-person ballistic vocality may have become a necessity. Seems we're not the first customers to have received bad business!

He even put in the extra effort to dig up things in manufacturer literature/brochures that they could order that might fit with what we were looking for while we were browsing the massive showroom. Oh yeah, can't beat the prices or variety of stock either!

Russell's of Waterford

I can't wait till we have need for more furniture so we can visit again and browse through all the new, cool stuff you've stocked up on!

Russell's said it would take 8 weeks (yikes, that's a long time but ok. The staff seemed nice, but they could already tell that their style isn't what we're looking for. Then we called the store, and they sent an inspector to check-out the smell.

We also purchased a custom made living room set and had that delivered also.

We were told up to 8 weeks for delivery and even though the wait was at times excruciating, this was a built to order piece. Our sales person was very attentive but not overbearing. While sitting down and flipping through material samples she brought us tea. These guys did there job and then went above and beyond. They have items with pink papers attached which list the discounted prices. Tags without discounted prices but with red stickers mean they are already offered at a lower price and the listed price is what it is. Brush up on your haggling skills before you come in because that is a must. More importantly, everything is made out of solid wood, beautiful and quality stuff. The warehouse was super easy, they wrapped everything up for us and helped load the truck. The downside to not having delivery is you need to build everything yourself but the bed we got was easy to put together. Does it look great if you love that natural look, they show the organic finish on a solid maple dining set.

I have been in more furniture stores across the country than most have in ten life times. Russell's sell an outstanding selection of quality furniture.

You won't find another display in the bay area quite like the one you'll see there. After we decided it was too much, he kept trying to push into it by trying to "talk to the people upstairs" about quicker delivery or getting me the floor model. Does he get upset and try to remove the pricey fabric and the ottoman to save us a few more bucks?

Everything you hate about furniture shopping is what this store is all about. The prices are uncompetitive, the furniture is poor quality and out of date. The sales people are grumpy and very unhelpful.

I also asked our salesman if cardboard was used in the sofa we were looking at. Why be lied to, even by the owner, when you can find a better store and more respect elsewhere?

I had my concerns about buying from here given the terrible reviews.

We spent 2 whole weekends going into about 10 different furniture stores in the south bay and sitting on sofas and checking them all out. Russell's had the biggest selection by far even if it's a bit chaotic inside.

We didn't care for that, and if that had been our only experience this would be a different review. Russell himself is very passionate about his furniture. He did show us some things, and occasionally seemed a little sales pitchy, but never pushy.

We were more than happy to listen to his advice and be shown different options. He is very knowledgeable, very helpful, not overly pushy or smothering like some others, and just has a great personality.

We were more than happy to do business with him. Bill told us that the manufacturer we were going with typically takes 8 weeks, and to set our expectations there. He also suggested we give the store a call in 3 weeks just to get an updated estimated. So we call right at the 3 week mark and leave a message asking about the most recent estimate. About a week later we get a call back and find out our 2 sofas are in the warehouse!

Russell for helping us get our desperately needed new couches. Friday of "next week", now we are told it has not shipped and they have no information from the factory. Is that what you call getting right on it?

The sales person sold us on a beautiful sofa that she said was "all leather" very good leather she said. Russell's up and tried and tried to get them to help me with finding out what was going on. They said the sofa was out of warrantee and that there was nothing they could do. So they said that there was nothing that they could or would do about it.

I had been a loyal customer of theirs and that this was very bad business. They charge you as if it was good quality. They have absolutely no customer skills at all. May 31st this year from their ginormous warehouse.

I requested to own up to the agreed upon 75%, the response back was "we are already getting a good deal, so no".

I ever had a bad experience with their delivery, repair or sales staff. After much arguing, they agree to refund our money. China and he clearly doesn't give a crap about you. Buyer beware, very dishonest sales tactics, no customer service, very rude management. Russell's is a huge contemporary-traditional furniture store. Once we got the desk, it had a strong odor coming off it. The inspector said that the smell is normal and should go away in few weeks of airing it out.

It has been almost 5 months since we got the desk and the smell is still very strong.

We are not using the desk, and just keeping it in guess bedroom to air out everyday with windows open. The couch was also delivered with a rip which was not disclosed to me. They tucked it against the wall and left. Christopher was super kind and willing to help.