Playing with proportions like this is a great way to keep the eye entertained, especially in spaces that don't vary the color or pattern much.

They evoke a rural lifestyle that is actually a great space-saver no matter where you live. Do not fret too much if your bedroom or living space exudes a more refined, contemporary look. Those shooting for a more log--inspired look can try out chandeliers and sconces in metal and wood. Choose tile and backsplash with geometric shapes to add interest and character without sacrificing minimalistic design. Modern design is all about lines and geometric shapes, so keep that in mind when shopping for light fixtures, windows, and placement of lighting.

The ceiling can be covered with wooden boards and if you have ceiling beams, leave them exposed as the beauty of wood can hardly be imitated. The main features are, first of all, natural materials like stone and wood, and also calm . Clean white walls, gorgeous antique fixtures, reclaimed wood elements, and amazing lighting ideas that will turn your bathroom into a modern rustic haven. Since that time, we’ve worked with them on a number of smaller projects and have always had a positive experience. The plumbing pipe can be painted with spray paint for metal or installed as is for different looks. A warm, rich wood ceiling with exposed beams and cream colored paint keep the room warm and fresh.

If your bathroom is small or a major remodel is not in the budget, small ideas like this will make a big difference in small spaces. A stone sink basin adds some contrast while the long, soft lights on either side of the mirror keep things warm and cozy. The wood accents and variety of textures in this room are the elements that keep this design from being boring and make this bathroom inviting.

A traditional ceramic pedestal sink with a metal faucet can work great in a design. Move on to the next color or print that tickles your fancy and keep your houseguests guessing.

Rustic bathroom decor

Before you begin your bathroom project, you’ll first want to decide on the scope of your rustic bathroom decor theme. A good place to start is often with the bath linens, shower curtain and window coverings in the space. Soap dishes and dispensers are available in natural or faux wood, real or synthetic stone, or hand-distressed metals like bronze and copper, which can also pair well with a rustic theme.

Bathroom rustic paint

Rustic Bathrooms You’ll Adore

For contrast, modern light fixtures and mirrors over the stainless steel faucets in the his-and-hers sinks help keep the space from feeling outdated. This beautiful door-less shower unit blends perfectly with the color of the floor and the secondary color of the mirror frame.

Paired with a natural stone wall and an earth-tone color palette, this shower may just be the perfect finishing touch for your escapist powder room decor. These stylish pieces are available in several materials including granite and bronze, in keeping with the theme of natural elements or clean, sleek porcelain for a contrast. This works in modern and traditional bathrooms that already are draped in wood and have a rugged ambiance.

Rustic bathrooms don’t necessarily look too rustic but adding some rustic elements to it can already give it that kind of style.

Traditionally bathtubs are the familiar oval shape, however give a rectangular or pedestal tub a try.

Skylights are great idea for modern bathrooms, because they add more natural light and interest to your bathroom. It is better to choose several small lamps – wall sconces, mirror lights and ceiling lights.

A rustic bathroom is something that creates a relaxing atmosphere very easily, it’s a cozy space where you can enjoy a bath with lots of foam and feel closer to nature.

Rustic style means being close to the countryside, it seems that when you leave a rustic room, you’ll be outside.

Recycled and weathered pallet or crate wood can be used to build this charming little shelf which is perfect for storing toiletries or towels.

Horizontal wood paneled walls are painted a light, powdery blue for a fresh look and feel. Two different sizes of wood planks are attached to one another and a simple antique iron door handle is added to make a unique towel holder with character. In this bathroom, wood plank walls are painted a glossy white and accented with gray wood and accents.

The bead board and molding are painted a crisp white, whereas the corbels are painted the same creamy color as the wall. Yeah, a little hacky, but should work every time, and this little // frontend hack is cleaner to implement than a backend solution. Black, checkered tile and wainscoting draw the eye down the long, potentially awkward space toward the vanity and mirror. Smart’s delicate embellishments and ornate accessory choices create a most impressive space.

Once you’ve decided how many elements of your bathroom decor you want to feature in your rustic theme, it’s time to start exploring your decor options.

Shower curtains may even feature nature scenes displaying fish or animals, for a look that feels directly connected to nature.

Lastly, consider incorporating real plants and flowers into your rustic bathroom decor theme.