Take a moment and see the following pictures that will inspire you to create an awesome romantic atmosphere. The appeal of romantic decor is that it’s alluring and inviting, yet easy-going and unfussy. In fact, you might want to distress further if it’s unmarked or its paint job is too perfect to give it a time-worn charm.

Rustic romantic decor

Rustic Bedroom Designs

Well, that may be is the general definition for this word but we are going to tweak it a little bit when we use it for interior design. Natural woods, older surfaces, rough finishes and simple natural lines are used in creating a rustic bedroom. Rustic romantic decor is something you can achieve no matter what your budget or skill level. Warm colors, such as red, orange and yellow, are visually exciting and can really spice up a bedroom. Flora brings romance to any room, so a bouquet of wild roses in a cracked milk jug vase or a basket of fragrant cut herbs on a bedside will bring that feminine, romantic quality.

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