Whether your bones are aching because you rode the wildest bull at the rodeo or you just rode the mechanical bull at the local pub, this is a bed you can literally fall into when you need some rest.

Qualities rustic

Rustic & Contemporary Furniture From Central Missouri W/ Free Shipping

After all if durability and strength were all that mattered, a concrete bed would be standard. While we sand it and apply finish to make the wood last, there is no effort to create that glass like surface with multiple layers of lacquer making a mirror surface.

Each set is built by hand; every table and bench will display a different distinctive grain variation for which the hickory is known. If you have never seen the wood up close, visit our showroom to fully appreciate this amazing tree.

But its sturdiness is only part of the story, for the other qualities of this set are what set it apart. Starting as a standing tree, felled by local loggers, sawn in our mill in the old ways, your log is then forged into your bed without hiding any of the unique qualities of the wood.

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