The unique cross-hatch style iron base is hand painted adding a contemporary, industrial style. Regardless, these tables are sure to add a new layer of charm and functionality to your space. Beautiful, bright dining room featuring gorgeous french doors, crown molding, golden drapes and a crystal chandelier.

This sweet dining room is bright and airy with the white board and batten and a touch of blue above it.

For this space this round table is perfect and with the large, beautifully framed mirror it helps open up the space. Dark olive walls, rustic with large, cream fabric chairs and large sconces with burnt orange candles. Large marble tile flooring, modern white table with straight lines, surrounded by black and white chairs. Large tile flooring, sturdy dark brown table with eight fabric chairs finished nicely with nail head detail. This small, circular, two level table set for six people sits on top beautifully detailed marble flooring.

This space showcases large bay windows, board and batten walls with rich red and gold wall paper.

Dining chair style

He used his professional expertise to respectfully explain logistical flaws in some of our preferences and helped us understand why his suggestions made better sense. From the initial consultation, to dealing with the building department, and managing the build, he has made this a great experience. Ikat dining chairs surround the sleek wooden table, while a modern chandelier illuminates the space.

The tapered legs and the simple silhouette give this piece a touch of traditional style, while the wood frame with grain detailing anchor it in -chic style. Expertly crafted, this metal and wood dining table boasts a versatile look and design you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

To really let it shine, simply set a wrought iron chandelier overhead or hang up a pair of industrial-inspired bowl pendants for a more minimalist look. She’s as sweet and funny and as talented as you could imagine and takes her newborns to conferences like it’s a walk in the park. This room show a fun yet classy pop of color on the accent wall and then tying the chairs in and a bit of the same color in the rug as well. This dining space, right off the entryway shows a light brown table with bold, dark leather chairs.

Rustic style dining room with large glass doors framed in wood leading out to an amazing patio with a seating area including an fireplace.

From the kitchen right into the dining room, dark dining set with a bright white hutch to the side.

Glass candle sticks with white candles on the main table and two tall lamps on each end of the accent table.

This western style space features a small light brown table with four average size chair along with two smaller chairs in between. Built in cabinets and drawers, light tan walls, crown molding and white, sheer curtains over the windows.

This stunning dining room features a large accent rug under a large dark brown dining table and chairs.

He thinks through everything, from the practical to the esthetic, and has partnered with me all along the way.

A chalkboard accent wall is the perfect spot for homeowners to add a personal touch, while stamped-tin ceiling tiles bring historic character to the space.