For many lovers of solid wood , this instinct for history and antiquity is strong.

Upholstered fabric seats and tanned cow hide and tanned cow hide with hair upholstered seats are also available. A large rustic makes a striking centerpiece in the dining room, perfect for capturing the trendy “urban farmhouse” look. Using a bright area rug or throw pillow to add a splash of color is a great way to add extra visual interest.

Tanned cow hide

Rustic Furniture Archives

Rustic tables work particularly well in large dining rooms, especially in homes with high ceilings and exposed beams.

Sometimes, fresh wood is harvested, steamed and bent into a variety of shapes to add decorative shapes to furnishings. Rustic furniture soon emerged from its place as “” or “lodge” pieces and furniture-enthusiasts saw the versatility of the rustic style as a bedroom, living room or dining furnishing. The glider moves on over a many sealed stainless ball bearings for a very smooth operation. Amish-made hickory is made from solid hickory saplings that have been steamed and bent into beautiful unique designs with the bark still on that put this furniture in a class of its own. If you love the rustic look, maximize the impact of a few key pieces by surrounding them with organic forms — stick to warm and earthy colors, and avoid hard lines.

Contrast rustic hardwood furniture with modern pieces by using the 80:20 rule — keep 80% of the room consistent while using the remainder to experiment. Amish furniture from our store, you are investing in something that reflects an earlier time, when things were built to last, with classic good looks and exceptional durability.