To achieve ultimate organization in your garage remodel, add cabinets along the walls, a built-in workbench for ample counter space and wall hooks for hanging brooms, shovels and other tools. His ideas are totally out of the box, and if you listen to him, and trust in his many years of experience, you will be blown away!

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Rustic Garage Ideas, Designs & Remodel Photos

Marilyn’s trademark of elegant, modern and diversified designs, has ensured that her clients continue to work with her on their primary and secondary residences across the country. Plan on spending a long time at our warehouse as you will want to explore all the treasures from around the world.

Rustic garage ideas

Research different rustic garage ideas, including various layouts and organization solutions, so that you address all of your storage needs. This is a space that can easily get overwhelmed by clutter, so plan for a functional mountain garage makeover that has a layout optimized for heavy storage.

A dream garage doesn’t have to be a storehouse — there are plenty more garage design ideas to choose from. Every piece is protected with 2-3 coats of wood varnish/poly (except for our exterior stains, which already have a sealant in with the stain). If you would like to purchase additional tracking or insurance that will be at your own expense.