All the is hand draw-knifed for a carved wood appeal and is screwed and glued for solid construction that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Finishing the pieces with hand-scraped edges and bright accent colors ensures their presence will enhance any space. If you are looking for a or western feel, this sturdy, well-built hickory presents a perfect match.

Furniture finishing pieces

The “bentwood” technique takes fresh sticks and twigs and steams them to make them more malleable. Amish finishing shops, where coats of stain are meticulously applied by specialists trained in the art.

The vibrant colors and stunning detail result in a timeless, classic and beautiful pieces to cherish. Constructed only from kiln-dried maple and other high quality materials, each unique piece is a functional work of art, both visually stunning and exceptionally well made.

Finishing the pieces with a triple coat of polyurethane ensures they will be easy to clean while providing years of untarnished beauty.

Too much light can make your cabin seem overdone, while lighting that is just right can give your cabin a warm and cozy feeling. The “stick” technique takes sticks of all shapes and sizes and uses them within the actual structure of the furniture.

Amish woodworking family is together or in close proximity most of the day, just like on the farm.