All the barrel staves curve to fit to your body – providing excellent support through out.

Some of the stuff are actual antiques, while others are new/antiques, meaning they take old antique reclaimed wood and repurpose them as something else. For this visit, we were looking for the reclaimed wood dining table & matching wood bench.

Antique furniture reclaimed

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Headboard Bed TV Stand Accent Furniture San Diego

I wish i had more room in my house (and money) to get some of the awesome tables and furniture here. Even if you are not in the market for a piece of furniture it is worth a look just to get some ideas.

The benches are made from barrels used for red wine, which explains the amazing deep purple and burgundy patina wood. When i got there i was blown away by all the cool antique or antique looking stuff they have.

He’ll play with finishes on the underside of the piece you like and keep experimenting until it’s exactly what you want. Mexico” but for a garden and for a fraction of the cost of anywhere else, its a great deal. I a little while to decide on the exact style, so we appreciated their patience in letting us decide without any pressure.