Rustic Sanding Of Flooring
Rustic brushing with steel brushes is something that is getting used more and more in furniture production today. Here are some examples of machines being used. There are many different kinds of steel brushing and rustic brushing. QuickWood makes different machines for all of them.
A very simple machine with just one spindle across the belt can be mounded with a steel brush or any other QuickWood abrasive tool for rustic sanding and finishing sanding.
These small machines are great for small jobs of rustic sanding. They are priced the following ways:

Rustic Sanding Machine Beams
As you can see from the pictures the machine is made up of 3 heads with powerful motors to handle the steel gauging out the wood. The first 2 heads are steel brushes and the last head is an abrasive brush to clean up the wood after its done being gauged. These are just two examples of rustic sanding machines made by QuickWood. Others are available upon request.
If you are looking for a machine to do rustic sanding, QuickWood has different models available.