Lowe’s is the closest to us, and they have a great selection, so we chose this location for our material needs. Once these are dry, you should have a 12′ section glued together, as well as a two and a half foot section glued together.

Add wood glue, clamp into place, and use the 1-3/4″ drywall screws through the 2x material into the finished paneling.

Screw pieces finish

Rustic Toy Box

Once you have all the pieces cut, you should run the tongue side through the saw (or use your circular saw if you don’t have a table saw) and cut the tongue off. Once it’s cut, you can the 4 corners into the 2×2 material that is used to hold the sides together.

I used a palm sander with 80 grit to take off splinters, and rough edges, then finished with 120 grit.

I lopped off the bottom groove and top tonguev2 (in progress) – painted, used kreg/pocket screws in lieu of the internal 2×2 vertical supports. Finish the end pieces using a pneumatic nailer with finishing nails to hold the pieces together.

With the frame in place, use a router with rabbet bit to make a groove to support the beadboard panel. Quality hardware with a safety support hinge keeps the safety lid open until pressed closed, protecting little fingers from slams and jams.

The use of veneers results in high-quality with flawless surfaces and consistent color tones. Our exclusive finishes are applied by hand for exceptional richness, durability and depth of color. These, are little pneumatic actuators that help lift the lid, and keep it from slamming shut. After your 2 sides are cut down, you’ll want to cut 4 pieces of 2×2 to the appropriate height for your chest. Or you could screw from the paneling side into the 2x material, and not worry about the screw length. Attach the front and back to the sides using the same glue, clamp, screw method as before.

Then you’ll cut some scrap pieces of 2×2 to attach to the sides beneath the bottom panel to support it. It is pretty simple, you’ll have a few screws on each end to attach to the lid, and to the box itself. Before capping off the end pieces, slide pre-cut beadboard sections into grooves cut along the inside of the pieces, and tap the final frame piece into place using a hammer and a scrap piece of wood. Drill pilot holes in the backrest frame, and then use 3-inch screws to assemble the pieces of the frame together. Apply glue all around the groove, put the back in place and secure it with finishing nails using the pneumatic nailer.

Source: www.pinterest.com/potterybarnkids/furniture-toy-storage/