Take a look at our stunning vignettes in our and browse our collections by room on our website.

We house many items in-stock or can work with you to special order the home of your dreams.

It is the right balance of rustic and industrial.

I can see that so much care and love has been put into the creation of this . The holes in the underside of the table top matches exactly with the holes in the frames to put the screws in.

I don't start until you tell me the exact specs, colors, stains and wood choice for your custom piece, so you know you're getting something made just for you!

I want to make sure everyone’s home has a little piece of extraordinary!

We are committed to offering a wide selection of rustic to modern rustic furniture, lighting and decor.

We offer great savings with some of the best prices you will find online anywhere. Rustic furniture is more then just a business to us, its our passion. This is why we are constantly seeking to bring you the latest rustic products from the worlds finest manufacturers.

We carry a great selection of products to add to the comfort of your home or business.

We are always here to answer your questions, so please don't hesitate to . So please come on in and browse around our store!

Our furniture store in san diego is located in various areas of san diego.

We even stock hundreds of snazzy tabletop décor to tie together your room’s look.

We can deliver antique furniture to you!< All the pieces that are shipped go professionally packed, crated, and insured by very reputable freight forwarding companies.

I felt this place was so underrated by reviewers. The staff is extremely helpful and they do not pressure you to buy at all. The prices are very reasonable, if not low for what they are selling. The furniture is a great deal, made with solid wood. The style of all the furniture is mexican, southwest style. This beautiful farmhouse home decor piece features a galvanized metal construction in the shape of "eat" with a corrugated metal front. It's perfect for a farmhouse-style kitchen or dining room!

Features a black printed background with white calligraphic text that looks like a chalkboard style drawing. From the moment of entering the building we wish patrons to know they have entered a special world that seeks to nourish their being: body, mind and spirit. Guests entering this sanctuary from the intense pressures of modern life are invited to become patrons of this captivating beauty.

I explained that they company needed to honor the original quotation and get the furniture we wanted. In fact, this is my first legitimate review. This handcrafted bench is made completely from used wine barrels. The curvature of each stave contours perfectly to ones body which also providing a nice even comfort. Stainless steel hardware is added to maximize strength and durability. Because of the barrel’s natural curves, the seat and back rest will allow you to remain comfortable for an extended period of time. All the colors and patinas left behind from the wine and the coopers are original that will give each chair its very own characteristics. However, there’s one big difference – you get to relax and enjoy a seat with someone by your side!

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Accommodating for 2 or 3 people, this bench give any patio or yard a fresh new look. The benches are made from barrels used for red wine, which explains the amazing deep purple and burgundy patina wood. They have a nice and wide opening, and the seats slant just the right amount without feeling like you are sitting on the floor. All the barrel staves curve to fit to your body – providing excellent support through out. The seat is lightly sanded just enough to take off any dirt and grime, without removing any of the natural colors. Stainless steel clips underneath to ensure structural durability and strength. What a wonderful experience and high quality furniture !

The wood was sanded smooth and varnished shiny. He also helped me arrange for very affordable delivery.

You need to be patient and look a lot and compare the new products price to value what you are buying.

I have an armoire/ china cabinet from my grandmother- rustic, unfinished wood- and it needs a fresh look (dark stain and new knobs).

I must say - this is not a place that stands out in a retail location, you have to look for it. There are shelves and shelves filled with vivid pottery pieces, unusual rustic wood carvings and amazing furniture pieces in rows. If you like doing business with a friendly and helpful guy and having thousands of choices, this is a must go!

When i got there i was blown away by all the cool antique or antique looking stuff they have. Some of the stuff are actual antiques, while others are new/antiques, meaning they take old antique reclaimed wood and repurpose them as something else. There are some really awesome old gateways, chests, cabinets.

I think some stuff is reasonably priced, while others are on par with high end shops. Rustic is the name of the game here, everything has so much character.

Modern and Contemporary Furniture Store in San Diego. Hold It

I wish i had more room in my house (and money) to get some of the awesome tables and furniture here. Note there is also an outdoor showroom with pottery and statues. The guys who work behind the scenes are as well- very open, helpful, flexible.

I can't stand things that are poorly made, furniture is no exception.

I was still trying to find the right sink. Nothing goes to the landfill that might fit another purpose. Yes, may cost a little more but it's heavy solid imported wood items that are beautifully carved. Owner was super friendly to me and my son even when we can in after closing he didn't seem to mind at all. Each piece is unique, well-made, and was priced very fairly. Marilyn is professional, knowledgeable, and a great sales person without being pushy. He'll play with finishes on the underside of the piece you like and keep experimenting until it's exactly what you want.

The wood smells bamboo-like and original.

I took the broken piece back to the store for repair. Im sleeping with my mattress on the floor).

I get the repaired piece out to my truck. They handed me a small bottle of stain to fix the problem myself!

The second time, my boyfriend fixed it and made the frame more sturdy.

This last time, the screws holding the foot board to the side rail have pulled completely out of the wood. Apparently- this is a perfect example of how looks can be deceiving. However, none of what was posted above is true any longer. Unfortunately when the new owner came in and has decided to no longer honor that policy.

I can understand changing it and not offering it on a go forward basis, but to tell loyal customers that it will not be honored is rubbish. Now, they are jerks with high prices and crappy service.

We had an opportunity to look around the showroom and noticed quite a few items that we'd be interested in for our new home. For this visit, we were looking for the reclaimed wood dining table and matching wood bench. The customer service was excellent as they worked with us to customize the table and bench to be exactly what we wanted.

I highly recommend this store as we're definitely coming back. Excellent service and excellent variety of furniture, pottery and other household items. The people who were working there offered help and ideas as needed. Very nice interaction with very nice people.

We did not need any furniture but did buy a couple of accessories that we will enjoy. Even if you are not in the market for a piece of furniture it is worth a look just to get some ideas. Prices are reasonable (though went during a "lost our lease sale"). What a wonderful experience and high quality furniture!

The furniture at this store is amazing and unique. The people that work in the store are extremely accommodating and willing to adopt any of their pieces to meet your needs. We've been regular customers for a year now and have had numerous positive experiences. They are all super friendly and willing to work with you on custom orders, fair prices and transparency. The quality of their furniture is unsurpassed and you get the story behind it all. The 3 recent negative reviews were clearly all from the same customer. Based on our personal experience as well as all the other positive reviews, those people were likely not disclosing the whole story. Visit the store and you'll see for yourself - these guys are exceptional.

I needed, took it home, stained it, voila!

Frank, the owner, wants to make sure his customers are happy and return. If you're looking for a rustic furniture, this is the place.

We ordered the 84 inch dining table and it turned out amazing. Chose the tabletop wood and it turned out great!

I bought a unique cabinet and it looks great in my house.

I just never had a need for new furniture.

I waited for more than a month to get it back.

I notice that the stain was different in 2 places, and the repaired piece was not varnished like the remainder of the piece.

I went back inside and asked why the repair was so terrible.

I a little while to decide on the exact style, so we appreciated their patience in letting us decide without any pressure.

We would definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking for furniture.

We have all kinds of rustic wood furniture and get new shipments regularly. If you want interesting, unique wood furniture, stop by and see what we've got!

Then, as a last ditch effort we still attempted to do business here and were told the new and much higher then originally quoted price would only be honored in cash. He will take time to talk with you and make you happy about creating a custom piece or adapting an existing item in store, if you have something specific in mind.

You get the best quality in both the furniture and the people who help you. But if you're a reasonable person who decides to visit the store and actually talk with the team, you'll see for yourself how great they are. Great savings on unique awesome solid wood furniture. And sometimes, it’s not just a similar table – it’s the exact same one. Skylar is a fellow creative, he’s an exceptional marketer, and his brand is unique and a collaboration of many people and talents. Skylar’s feels fresh and unique, from hand-braided poufs to triangular side tables. Skylar’s is sure to have something no one else will have for your home or your backyard. Keep an eye out for mid-century modern swivel chairs, mirrored chests, and oversized wall mount headboards to spice up your home. And with a massive warehouse to boot, it’s hard to not find something you like, especially with so many reclaimed wood furniture pieces and their unending home decor collection. It's like a disco ball, but in table form, and we kind of love it!

Bright red sectional with yellow pillows?

And though the pieces look expensive, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that many of them are absolutely affordable. She’s moved nine times in the past six years, and while she’s grateful for the moving expertise, she’s hoping she doesn’t need to move a tenth time anytime soon. Unparalleled aesthetics and quality combined. Delivery was perfect and the guys did a fantastic job….

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