If they don’t have it, they’re also happy to help you with their many catalogs of great stuff they have access to. They will sell you faulty product and do nothing to help you out to make what’s their wrong into your mild satisfaction. We got a pair of dining chair and a painting, we’re also eyeing on bed frame and bedside tables. Sansaco you lose out on the presentation (warehouse) and you might have to get someones attention to get help. If you’re looking for a special deal and don’t mind putting a little elbow grease into your furniture shopping, here are a few places to check out.

We had thought to measure the space for the unit-but had not considered measuring the inside shelves. So much that it can be a little overwhelming and yet with the choices its hard not to get excited to keep looking!

Furniture Sansaco

Sansaco Furniture

I left without purchasing anything, promptly got in my car and had a huge flat tire blowout in their parking lot. We are so happy with our purchase we will be going back for a coffee table and another couch!

Be aware you can not return anything you buy there, but you still have the warranty from the manufacturer. Sansaco is a furniture warehouse in its purest sense, a big open space with lots of furniture.

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