The woman looked over my bag at least 3 times as if the repeat inspection would show anything new. The old store was cozy and well lit, with a sweet little upstairs area for the less high end designers. They carry a gorgeous collection of dresses and purses as well as jeans, shirts and shoes. Afromosia wood, the grain has been beautifully matched from a four-point center extending over waterfall edges.

Bag design

Seams To Fit

All of the consigned pieces are in like-new condition and the sales people are very helpful and friendly. They were very rude and whatever you do, don’t take your well behaved children in to this store.

She left the counter for a moment and came back, examined the bag again and told me that they would not be accepting my bag for consignment and proceeded to tell me about what they would sell it for, etc. I live in the neighborhood and drop by every few weeks, and it’s now amusing to see how long it takes before anyone looks up to say hello — and forget anyone offering to help.

Pricing is not cheap but definitely at a significant savings from purchasing the same pieces brand-new. Tides’ design pulls grays, blacks, browns, creams and golds together; a perfectly versatile palette.