The high back and generous seat make for comfortable seating. Elegant and versatile, these oak-finished dining chairs can stand alone or blend easily with any decor in the house.

We were pleasantly surprised when we received our order at the quality of these chairs. The only 'gotcha' is one of the three rungs ant the bottom of the chair is longer than the others, but not by too much. This piece goes on the front of the chair.

I say this after assembling 1 desk, 2 dressers, and a wooden bed frame.

I purchased the correct amount of bolts and screws and the chair seems sturdy, but the wholes were not always centered. Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. This classic style is constructed from solid, eco-friendly hardwood.

We created these tables to perfectly accent your couch or living room chair, and fashioned them with care and craftsmanship to stand the test of time through sturdy leg assembly and a durable high build five-step finish. Invest in classic elegance you'll enjoy for years to come. Please note that images are for reference only.

Believers abided by a strict set of rules governing their behavior, dress, and domestic environment. Shaker pieces were originally painted or stained, both to protect the wood and to make it more attractive. Shakers trumpeted their attention to detail and quality in an era when mass-produced was synonymous with shoddy construction. For instance, they modified the standard “trestle” by moving the medial stretcher up from just above the floor to directly underneath the top. Shaker made for the outside world or rescued from newly closed communities became highly coveted by collectors. Nine bamboo turned spindles featuring robust nodules that pierce the reeded bow and under-cut saddle seat with incised gutter; the bamboo turned legs pierce the seat and are joined by exceedingly rare yoke-form stretcher. There are matched pairs and singles within the group; surfaces appear to be original; red and brown. These present very well as a set and are in excellent functional and original condition. The trapezoidal seat rails are molded; the corner molded legs joined by side, center and rear stretchers; small details such as chamfering to the backs of legs, the stile shaping (rear) and other nuances are finely executed. The chair lost height and was worthy of being expertly "ended-out" beneath the stretchers. The trapezoidal seats with corner-blocks are molded at outside edges; front rail features a wonderful profile. The rush seats are old, one is functional, the other should be redone. The back post has been repaired two-thirds of the way up on one chair; corner blocks added to insider of seat rail, else fine. Fine original condition; some paint loss confined to seats. The backs of the posts are molded above the blocked section receiving side rails; beneath which are raking rear legs having chamfered edges. Both chairs are in overall very good condition with only minor imperfections. In very good condition with minor height loss and a tight repair to lower section of one banister that can't be seen. Due to fragile construction this chair, like many, it has imperfections; back legs are extended, other repairs. The trapezoidal upholstered seat raised on beaded straight legs, the inside edges chamfered, the rear legs backswept; all joined by recessed box stretcher. The front legs show an extremely fine scribe; it appears that less than two" were removed, possibly for castors which were removed and possibly the original pieces reunited early in the chairs life. The chair has an exceptional surface and patina. The trapezoidal seat with front corner-blocks raised on turned legs, the front turned; the legs joined by stretchers, the front with robust turnings. Minor imperfections, generally excellent. Unusual square corner seat with generous proportions and out- swept arms.

Antique Shaker Chairs

Ancient black paint over original surface history. Tall urn finials adorn the rear posts centering four shaped and molded spats; rear posts and front legs joined by nicely turned box stretcher then raised on original rockers. The short arms are notable as they flare outward ending with large round handholds with spur like returns; turned arm supports are attached to seat rail by iron straps and taper as they continue to side stretchers which they pierce. There is the addition of an early iron support on the proper right arm where it pierces the post. The iron mending strap conforms to half the post with a long tang securing the arm. The chair remains in great condition and is in a good old black painted surface. The old black paint is over what appears to be original green paint; overall excellent condition. The surface retains ancient faux graining that may be original; ash splint seat with losses may be original; height loss-note bottom stretcher height. The chairs are in an ancient brown resin stain; lovely dry patina. The concave arms with down turned scrolled handholds rest on beautiful ambitiously turned front posts. Please notice the out swept feet retain intact under pads. The surface appears to be 19th century black paint over original black paint. Look at the deep seat, the low profile and the marking on the seat. Perfect and comfortable, the small scale allows for many to get tight around the table. They did not use the typical checkerboard pattern, but wove a much more interesting off weave pattern. So why is their austere style having yet another revival?

Danish pieces and you end up going down the rabbit hole. Members of the sect often crafted their own possessions, and did so with the kind of care that might today be termed "mindfulness". Prices do not include the buyer's premium.

Shaker Chair Side Table Antique Walnut by Atlantic Furniture

Lebanon transfer decal on back of bottom slat, 16" seat h, 42 3/4" overall h. Six handled measures , oak with turned maple handles, original finish, 4 1/2" h (four) and 3 3/4" h (two). Five berry baskets , carved wooden slat berry baskets, one rimmed with tin, graduated sizes 2 1/2" to 4 1/2" h. Graphic confetti rug , multi-square geometric field surrounded with conforming eight rows of braids, mounted on board for hanging, c. The base is old original finish as is the underside of the top. The table is original and intact but at one time some boards had been added under the top for reinforcement and the screw holes as present. Graphic multi-circle braided rug , wool and cotton, with a three foot central circular ring surrounded by fourteen 10" circles, c. Triple oval braided rug , large central oval flanked by two smaller ovals, all wool in good muted country colors, 46" x 37 1/2". Settee , maple and cherry, dark varnish finish, early 19th c. Sarle", bird's-eye maple frame, 5 3/4" x 7 1/2". Rug , striped pattern rug, wool sewn to a cotton back, 43" x 30".

Four glass apothecary jars , hand-blown cylindrical glass canisters with tin lids, all with open pontils, c. Shaker printed eight-stanza poem incorporating rules for dining, early glazed cherry frame with circular brass holder, ".eat hearty and decent and clear out our plate.", 6 1/2" x 5 1/4". Six-circle braided runner , with colorful interior and black border, 2' 6 1/2" x 9' 5". Confetti graphic rug , multi-color interior with alternating light and dark banded border, very unusual woven backing, 46" x 33". Bold graphic confetti rug , alternating ivory and multi-color concentric squares, 52" x 50". Confetti rug , multi-color interior with concentric red border, 4' x 2'.

Ten tin coffee pots , all with side handles, spouts and hinged lids, graduated sizes 6" to 18" h. Two quotes are often invoked in association with this. Condition: frame loose, no apparent repairs, see images. Please be sure to get shipping quotes prior to bidding. Bidders must pay and have items removed within 10 business days of auction end to avoid late fees and storage fees. Any act of theft, vandalism or disruption will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This means a surcharge of 18% will be added to the amount of the highest bid for each lot to determine the final selling price for that lot. Catalogs and brochures are guides based on information from sources believed to be reliable, but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed or warranted. Auctioneer may also determine minimum acceptable increments to advance the bidding. Prospective purchasers who intend to export or resell restricted items or items that may be restricted are solely responsible for familiarizing themselves with the laws, rules, customs and regulations regarding export or import of restricted items and for obtaining necessary licenses. Buyer requested and received a written condition report prior to bidding. Buyer paid for the lot within 10 (ten) business days of the auction. The item is in the same condition as when sold.

Should that occur, a letter from a recognized authority clearly defining the discrepancy must be submitted by the buyer. All shipping costs, duties, tariffs and / or other expenses incurred are non-refundable. This may be accomplished as necessary by placing successive bids, or bids in response to buyers' bids. Absentee bids are requested no later than two hours before the auction begins. Auctioneers written clerk records will be absolute in the event of a dispute. All purchases by those attending the auction must be paid for within 2 business days of the auction. Buyers using a shipping agent must supply their agent with a statement of permission for pick up. Buyer agrees to contact a shipping company, make shipping arrangements, and pay shipping and insurance costs directly to the shipping company. The parties voluntarily waive their rights to seek traditional remedies in any court including the right to a trial by jury. The prevailing party will be entitled to collect from the other its costs associated with the arbitration, including reasonable attorneys' fees. Code provides any agreement among potential bidders not to bid against one another, or otherwise to dampen the bidding process, is a felony under federal law. Seats made of rush, splint woven, woven tape or caned. Upholstery was not used, except in very late examples. Sometimes with multiple woods were used for various parts of a single chair. These would include ash, hickory, birch, cherry and various local fruitwoods and softwoods. The seat is only 14 inches off the floor. The widest part of the seat is about 22". It has been in my family for at least 4 generations. Will definitely enjoy just looking at it and now sitting in it. The style is right but the construction is wrong. Other useful objects were made for use by members of the community. Shaker communities were largely self-sufficient, which entailed their making practical, handmade furniture pieces for their own use. Inspect a wood rocking chair for authentic "mushroom caps" on the end of each arm, which are small wood pieces that hold the arm on the front post tenon. If your piece is coated with a clear finish or you can visibly see it was repainted, it might still be an original piece, but has undergone some obvious refurbishing. A certified appraiser can also provide you with a dollar estimate of your chair's value. Acquire the name of a reputable appraiser from your local bank, an estate attorney or another impartial source. Avoid resources that may have a motivation to acquire the property as inexpensively as possible, such as auction companies and second-hand furniture dealers. By 1900 the community had drastically declined in numbers, and very little furniture was made thereafter. These chairs also had simple turned posts and woven seats. Some were manufactured with woven rush, cane, or cloth tape while others had leather seats. For instance, some early “tilter” chairs were made with back legs cut at an angle so the chair naturally tilted back against a wall. They are indeed nicely crafted pieces of furniture that have stood the test of time. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about antique shaker chair ?

The most common antique shaker chair material is cork.