Shiu Fung Rosewood Furniture - Oakland, CA, United States

I flew to Oakland on behalf of a friend of mine who moved to Dallas and was looking to add to his rosewood furniture. I was not disappointed here. The “warehouse” was large and they had many pieces from which to choose, and a fraction of the price that we paid in Honolulu.
So I went shopping and got 7 pieces AND trucking to Dallas for well under $3000. In Honolulu, it would have cost me that much to buy one of the pieces!
The service was good and the pieces arrived about 6 weeks later, which I was surprised to hear because I expected about 3 months. Needless to say, I would recommend this place if you are so inclined.

The reviews are so old on this store. It is still open and has a wide variety of everything you can think of in term of rosewood. For any type of furniture you can select the color stain and the carving design. I bought 2 pieces from them and will buy more. They have their own family business in China and the family members (brothers and sisters) are handling the store. They came to deliver by themselves for free at my house.

I didn;t buy anything here. I was never greeted while I was walking around. The place is very disorganized wiht much of the furniture still in boxes–you can’t see it. Between the disorganization and the lack of acknowledge
I’m a local customer. I bought furnitures from Shiu Fung for over 10 years. bedroom set, dining set, desk, cabinet. etc. They all still look so perfect now, very high quality of rosewood and excellent prices. The owner there is so nice and helpful too!