A garland of roses creeps up on either side of a rosewood cupboard. In one corner stands a large, two-door glass and wooden bookshelf and next to it a lovely roll-top desk.

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Of course, wood prices have steadily risen over time. However, in order to provide you with a quality service and security, some categories will charge a fee. These fees are clearly listed before you confirm your advert. Space under the sofa can be used as storage area.

They are unique, antique and exquisite. Indian antique woods have always been a major attraction for the old antique collectors since they gleam with elegance. It will probably be as antique as the antique you buy. Traverse at ease to seek the details about antique auctions, shippers and antique fairs. An appealing gathering of antiques, oddments, arts, collectable and ancient memorabilia from all over the globe. The final product met and exceeded my expectations.

I did find some other lovely things in the city but chose the ones closer to me. As suggested previously you should seriously look at getting it made from your own plans and then overseeing everything including the varnish/polish as you can guarantee that it is where they will compromise the most. Asian paints 2 pack poly-urethane is about the best and would only recommend that. If you use good hardwood that is well seasoned and make sure it is jointed properly then heavily bolted together not nailed you will not have a problem. In this part of the world timbers are limited and local timber swells and shrinks with the seasons so it is important to keep that in mind when selecting.

I am looking for a “4 poster bed” preferably traditional/antique/old piece. Our inventory includes items such as paintings, sculpture, etc. If you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff will be glad to help you.

I had no idea it existed or would have spent an entire day here browsing.

I will definitely make some purchase next time. As a service to auroville and local people packing, forwarding and freight service is still being continued and digitization. Seriously, modern furniture can be lifeless indeed. Indika has taken the antique business to a new level. They tend to pick up the old antique furniture from heritage properties around the town. The dilapidated furniture is then refurbished and restored before they are added into the collection. Staying true to their philosophy, the items from this store ooze with “inimitable class”. So, what are you waiting for, it’s time to visit these stores and decorate your house just as you want to!

We are the bees living in trees and love wood to the core. Our antiques include pieces from all eras of human history from antiquity to modern times. Their collections come in varied price ranges as well. Let the dated exterior looks not hold you from venturing inside. Lateef, who is the current owner of the shop, claims that there are some pieces in his collection which are more than a century old!

Even today, some of these records are on a display. Plenty of old items from the 1940s and 50s would quickly capture your imagination.

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From old clocks to figurines, the store has a rich stock for any collector. This is a go-to destination for budget-minded antique collectors. Many antique collectors just cannot have enough of this store such as the range of their collections. The city has its own share of antique shops that would suit every taste and budget. Traditionally, antique shopping often leads you to the lanes of the flea market. But that is such a waste of precious time on those weekends!

These shops have catered to antique lovers for many years and you will be overwhelmed with their collection. So, let us not keep you waiting and get started. Apart from the modern furniture, the store has a great collection of antique items. From tables and chairs to almirahs and statues – they have it all.

We ensure that our customers receive high quality and timely service.

You can contact us for further information. Our classic contemporary version of this chairs is crafted using solid wood, with perfect angled legs and appropriately upholstered seat and back pannel which provides great attention to detail. Antique items have a charm of their own, and they bring back memories from the past. This has meant people are looking around for quality antique items, more than they ever did!

Running into our 52nd year, we stand through the relentless effort of our team most of who from the last 5 decades have assisted our patrons in crafting their homes into spaces they had always desired.

We prefer silence since our deliverables speak out loud.

We also initialised post forming technology that acts as a finishing touch with rounded edges to tables and doors, ensuring protection from sharp corners. These services are well planned and executed on time as per the demand of our clients.

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Owing to the presence of our expert team members, we have been able to offer these services for various types of chairs. Two years warranty for all type of chairs. Some falter and some take that extra mile wherein they risk, challenge and create a space they call their own. Receiving and dissipating of information, liaising with the client and coordinating with them is handled with seamless efficiency.

We show a willingness to grip the client’s circumstances and requirements. The clients have kept abreast of every stage of development. Our core philosophy is client satisfaction, and over the years we have developed a respectable client list because of our uncompromising attitude regarding quality and customer joy. Magnaa builds the perfect office for your company. Our technical expertise, skill sets of the team, unbiased approach, ingenuity and years of experience makes us the preferred choice in this arena.

We are a class apart from other similar companies in improving your potential through the effective creative planning of space.

We craft dream workplaces right from concept through completion.

We guarantee a better workplace which would creatively stir the imagination of the employees and inspire them to attain productivity.

We trust that our in-house team allows us to control completely every aspect of the project and draw from the expertise from our pool of experts to offer the clients what they had desired. Being a financially robust company, we have ample resources to integrate all the key aspects of any project and complete it with finesse. Of couse, the right handling matters, too. In spite of grievances if any, the quality is what takes the customer back to them for further purchases.

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