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They stock interesting decor pieces along with some retro artwork. Black is this year’s hottest decor trend for your home. This high-tech ‘smart’ mirror with a camera, speaker and monitor, is able to give beauty advice and pep talks to boost your self-esteem. Aiden has a finger broken by a thug after he can’t come up with the money he owes to a loan shark.

The pieces in our shop change often, so be sure to pop in regularly to find that special something you are looking for.

We also buy second hand furniture with our focus being on vintage or antique pieces. If you are looking for a lovely antique or collector’s item, or even a beautiful period piece, antiquity or heirloom, you’re arrived at the right place. The course runs for 4 hrs and we break for a light lunch.

You will create your own unique storyboards using a combination of paints and fabrics and will walk away with valuable insight for decorating your own home and other living spaces. This is a 5 hr workshop and we break for a light lunch.

You need to bring 1 m of upholstery fabric of your choice or we will supply a selection for you to choose from. This a 6 hour workshop and we break for a light lunch. Everyone has their own story to tell about their love of and desire to collect old things. Other collectors are attracted by the value of yesterday’s objects, regarding antiques primarily as investment pieces, since values continue to increase as availability decreases, whilst specialised craftsmanship dies out. Global warming is a reality, nudging us to revise our relationship with nature and the past. By continuing to use and reuse antique pieces, you’re protecting natural resources and diminishing your carbon footprint. Collectable items have endured for a very long time and can continue to serve many future generations with the function, style and grace of a past era. Purchase a piece of history, have your treasures restored or simply browse in peace, feeding your soul with memories evocative of yesteryear – entirely at your leisure.

We also carry a collection of decorative and smaller antique items such as copper pots and kettles, tea sets, decanters and crystal glasses. Find all this under three adjoining houses.

We also do restorations as well as upholstery to bring new life into your precious pieces. Its an absolute antique and solid oak wood with the match n sideboard. Its an absolute gem and it will make a nice addition to your collection or just to use. Dimensions are 134 in length when its small and 180 extended. The set includes the main dining table, 6 chairs, a serving table and a full size mirror. The main table glass top has a chip on the edge, this chip was from moving. Either than that it’s in great condition and needs a new home. Would need to be wiped down and it’s absolutely stunning furniture. Make your kitchen look as good as new- at a fraction of the cost of a brand new kitchen.

We have a full range of colours available. In addition to comprehensive respraying services in wide range of colours an. Who could blame them, the quirky and the classic both hide in nostalgia. Welcome, you have arrived at the coolest place on earth, and it’s within driving distance from home – what a win. Hunters also specialises in artwork, jewellery, furniture and everything in between.

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Also, be sure to check out the coffee shop while you’re there. From loungy arm chairs to track suit pants purchases, all the cash goes to a worthy cause. Be sure to check them out and maybe score some cool deals while helping someone in need. Two stories of yesterday’s treasures are waiting for you to be discovered among a mountain of kittens. Be sure to know that the money you spend here will be used to better the lives of feline friends all over town. The shop sells everything from hand me down clothes, tonnes of books to random items such as wetsuits and dirty playing cards. Wondering what you and your loved ones can get up to this week?

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