These public auctions attract a variety of crowd – mostly resellers, traders, the quintessential antique hoarders and even people who don’t buy but just want a taste of the experience. On the left, you can see piles of antique furniture stacked carefully and on the right, you’ll find antique décor.

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Look up and you’ll see magnificent chandeliers hanging from above, and for a moment it’ll make you wonder if you walked right into a movie set. Walking in, there is a huge table where the items to be auctioned are kept, and at the very end, sits the auctioneer with a list and a hammer. On both sides, people gather to have a close look at the item before bidding for it. A lot of these items are regular household items, brought in by people looking to earn a quick buck.

This went on and the cassettes were finally sold to the highest bidder at a price of 200 rupees. None of the items on display have been bought by the house. Sellers bring in the items and the house values them and helps them set up an initial bidding price. Valuation of items is an art in itself – one needs to keep in mind the market rates as well as keep the buyers interested. Auctioneering is all about presentation, people come in for an experience and eventually get lured in. Bidding provides a certain high, and the charm is almost irresistible.

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Lover of furry felines, art and literature. Currently working on making her dreams come true. Her tasteful residence boasts a collection of antique furniture and artefacts that could put a curio shop to shame. In fact, my entire family shares this passion. The dream was converted into reality “very gradually over the past 35 years”, picking up pieces of nostalgia that caught her eye. The antique effect of the house is enhanced by murals and frescoes depicting mythological figures on the walls of every room. Statuettes, masks and other antique artefacts complete the look. One should always consider the space before deciding on buying an old piece of furniture. Most people live in small apartments these days and elaborate looking furniture is often a misfit in small rooms. Another important aspect to be considered is the ambience of the house. An old regal carved wooden bed wouldn’t look nice next to a modern wrought iron dresser. The whole theme has to be altered if you want to flaunt antique furniture in your house and this can be often done quite easily. For instance, you can’t keep an antique cabinet next to a window with a very modern-looking grill. But if you cover the window with an old-fashioned bamboo blind the look will change. Not everyone can make out a fake antique from the real thing, so experience and exposure may help. This is a good way to discover interesting stories as well. Old furniture looks more fashionable if it is used in every day life, enhancing its beauty by making it relevant. On the other hand, too much furniture kept as showpieces will make the room look like a museum. While antique furniture often needs restoration before use, it is best not to polish them so it looks new. Retaining the imperfections will preserve the olden-day charm. They require a lot of maintenance and it is best done manually. To clean and polish them at regular intervals is essential. Three of the walls in this room have murals and frescoes. The other side of the room has a one-piece marble seating area fixed to the floor.

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The dining table chairs are all very old and the walls beside the table have been done up with wood carvings to match the chairs. Cum sociis naoque et magnis dis partient montes.

We buy all old used second hand and home furniture.

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We got a ton of compliments over the holidays. Not only does it look great, it's so comfortable. The colors in a painting, like the notes in music, blend in perfect harmony to create a vivid display of brightness. There are various forms of art – paintings, sculptures, musical instruments and many are region based as well. There is art for healing, for entertainment, for commercial purposes and also for communication. It is not merely utilitarian in its function, rather has an aesthetic value to it. Each generation has its own style of furniture which becomes reminiscent of its social structure. Furniture transcends time to become family heirloom for future generations. The street was quite broad with trees on the sides, the direction of street was north-south. Give your home an elegant touch and feel at affordable prices and avail all the exciting deals and discount offers on our online shopping store. Our company has a team of highly skilled professionals, who ensure that all the requirements of our esteemed customers are met to the fullest. Trick it out with a few key pieces from these furniture . They also have pop art-inspired pieces such which look like red lips and cactus-shaped room accessories. Kaji makes it a point to launch a few collections a year to showcase themed furniture and décor at their outlet. It is filled with cane furniture shops on all floors.

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From chairs to swings, to full sofa sets, there is a lot of variety here. Things are more affordable here than at other places. Fabindia delivers furniture to your home as well at an additional charge.

You can get four poster beds with intricately carved woodwork, massive mirrors with wooden frames and old glass lamps.

We love to visit this place to pick up vintage clocks, desks. Furniture from here can add a lot of character to any home. Most of the furniture here is refurbished with recycled teak and mahogany which is a bonus. When life cruised leisurely by on phaetons, and men and women graced ballroom floors with minuets and waltzes.

I was astounded by the collection they had. Picked up a few stuffs, which are literally unique and outstanding. Please visit us as and when you are nearby.

This place offers strong, solid mahogany furniture and room decorations. These products are well admired and widely in demand.

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