Back here in reality, it takes serious moolah to furnish a place with age-old brand names. Still, this shop is packed with retro-repro finery and inspirational ideas for the midcentury modern palate.

Ferraioli, whose family-run business welcomes new inventory seven days a week. Within it's pages, you'll find and accessories that you can purchase right on this website!

Parker shared with us this photograph of her completed room and we must say that it looks gorgeous!

I received it yesterday and we could not be more happy.

I love it and the best dining table ever!

Stanley, sent us this gorgeous photo of her home featuring custom upholstered and side tables from our store. Everything looks so beautiful and dreamy!

Parker, shared with us this stunning photo of her living room filled with furniture purchased from our store. Our two showrooms offer a wide variety of antique furniture for every style. From simple mid-century modern chairs, to bold and colorful couches, we have a great collection of antique furniture.

We buy and sell quality antique furniture that we know our loyal customers will like.

We carry a wide variety of antique furniture from handcrafted wood to sleek leather . Change up the décor in your home with a timeless treasure like a vintage dining room set or unique loveseat. With two locations, you are guaranteed to find valuable antique furniture to add a classy touch to your home. The people who assist with pricing are ruthless and unscrupulous. For a person who is looking for some amazing antiques.

I think most people when they're starting out they're not very knowledgeable and they buy things to use.

I would seek out mentors, people who really know. Where can you find those mentors you suggest?

I think one of the best buys in the market right now is round furniture.

We look at this and we affectionately call it round furniture and that's referring to this solid wood stuff that's been created for the last 200 years. Still very reasonable in price and probably a good investment long-term, it's gonna come back, there'll be a day. And, of course, worrying about items getting damaged in transit is a major consideration if they’re particularly fragile. Knowing how to sell antiques , including what to do, and what to expect, before you approach a dealer can make a big difference in how well your deal goes down. They’re not keen on giving evaluations away for free, and rightly so. Most seasoned pros have likely been burned before by people who took advantage of their knowledge in the past. It's quite a slap in the dealer's face when someone takes up their time as a potential seller only to walk away with the item intending to sell it elsewhere. Also, if you go to the shop not knowing anything about what you have or a bit about how much it’s worth, you’re potentially cheating yourself out of a lot of money. Be sure to evaluate the condition of the piece closely, too, since that has a major impact on how much it will be worth. This will help you get a ballpark idea of what you might get for the item through a direct dealer sale. Shop owners have overhead expenses, even those selling online, and they often have to wait months or even years for the right customer willing to pay top dollar to come along. You’re getting the benefit of quick cash with minimal hassle, and there’s a price to pay for that. In many instances, it's totally worth it.

You can start negotiations somewhat above that benchmark to see how high the dealer is willing to go.

Best Vintage Furniture Store near Little Italy San Diego CA

If you luck out, your item may be something the shopkeeper has a ready market for or wants to add to their personal collection so they’ll be happy to take it at your starting price. If not, they will likely make a counteroffer and you can negotiate further from there.

You can’t count on it still being available if you change your mind and go to buy it back from the owner. The dealer might not be willing to sell it back for the price they paid you anyway. Don’t kick yourself for not finding a way to hold out for top dollar when selling either. Once a deal is done count your blessings, and your cash, knowing that someone was willing to quickly take the item off your hands. Part of letting go of an antique is moving on after the sale and not looking back. Handmade rustic cupboards, reclaimed wood tables and chairs, vintage stone urns, and intricate iron and wire planters complete the curation and infuse the home with exceptional antiques that stand the test of time. White painted wood is finished with a patina and houses three shelves, two drawers, and a hidden cabinet suitable for every organizational desire. The four cabinet piece is handcrafted and retains it's eye-catching appeal in distressed painted wood. Decorated with metal hardware and glass knobs. Resting atop a concealed cupboard, the separable top piece is fronted by two glass doors that house three shelves within. Perfect to display dinnerware or other goods of the home. Crafted circa 1930, the 4-drawer dresser is elevated on metal casters; a natural wooden top accentuates its vintage charm. Pieces of metal are expertly and deftly contorted to create a masterpiece of art and practicality that fits in perfectly inside and out. Lush verdant leaves and intricately cut petals breathe a new life into iron—a visual spectacle that lightens the heft and brightens the home. An artfully sculpted brass frame is adorned with a cascade of glistening crystal droplets that reflect and refract light reminiscent of the glistening beauty of falling snow. Perfect for a personal altar or for creating a sacred space. Two drawers and a lower shelf provide additional storage space.

A guide to the best vintage furniture shops

Accented with faceted handles crafted from bright blue glass. Glass cabinet doors sit atop three tiered levels for offerings, ritual and your sacred objects. Circa 1900, it has a natural wood finish with hand painted yellow and blue motifs. A lot of our existing furniture has survived; the sofas and chair weirdly fit perfectly in our new living room and our bed, a headbord-less divan, will fit just about anywhere. Since being faced with creating a new home, vintage furniture is quickly becoming a great love of mine, ok my latest obsession. These pieces are already in existence which makes buying second hand incredibly ethical. It all sounds wonderful but finding decent items can be struggle. Nobody wants a house full of old rotting smelly junk. There are plenty of incredible shops out there selling beautiful vintage pieces (smell and stain free) but like all good things, they can be difficult to find.

I thought it would be useful to compile the suggestions so we can all have a reference guide. They have a great selection of everything from lights and beds to mirrors.

There’s no online store but you can read more about them here. Very well traveled with vintage traveling and hotel labels. Could be used as a night stand or end table. Nice comfortable chair with a low sitting seat and tall back. There is a chip on the bottom edge, a scar or gouge in the center and each corner has screw holes that were used for mounting purposes. These chairs have the softest velvet (or similar) fabric.

Great vintage condition, can be used as is or recovered in a fun fabric!

The frame is bamboo constructed with caned paneling. This stunning piece has been previously restored in a timeless elegant cheetah velvet-like fabric to create a lively look. Rolled arms, traditional turned legs with dark walnut finish. Used in a dedicated meditation room, base has reinforced steel. Mattaliano captures the invention, personality, poetic, sleekness and nature of modern history.