You can furnish an entire home in one day. Just be patient with over 44, 000 square feet, and over 300 booths it can take more than one day just too see what all we have to offer at the antique store!

You won’t find indoor flea markets like this anywhere else. Come and see what hidden treasure awaits you. Stop in and check out our huge inventory on antiques today!

Check our our new merchandise and our new vendors!

We still have some beautiful antique and vintage doors !

Much of our comes to us in need of some care and attention. It is lovingly restored in our workshops where the skilled work is carried out by our residents and is overseen by our more experienced carpenters and craftsmen. The final result is beautifully crafted , carefully restored and given a new lease of life. They are a lovely place to socialise and enjoy a drink or snack, whether looking for furniture or not. Many of our pieces can also be refinished or painted to suit your requirements.

We would be happy to discuss the work required and to give you a quote. Items for restoration can either be dropped off at our nearest shop or we can arrange pick up and redelivery once the work is complete.

We will not share your information with any third parties. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or browse, we offer a totally unique experience for those with a taste for the original or unusual. A wide-eyed indulgence with friendly staff ready to share their knowledge with you.

We are using this site to showcase the assortment of items that we have had for sale, with weekly changes to the pages. Stock moves so fast both in and out, the chances are that if its on here, its probably already sold, however there may be something else in stock that's just perfect for you. Come in and see us, we are a bricks and mortar business. With all that said, we are slowly adding items that can be brought directly from the website. Caribbean, entertaining vacationers with his storytelling and cooking abilities.

We love the striking gilded lamp and bookstand!

She even started a personal campaign for the much-maligned wooden furniture by using the hashtag, #brownwood. He tightens every chair to make sure it’s not loose. Come and see our complete vintage collection.

We are only as good as the stuff we find and we are always looking to purchase interesting vintage items.

You can either come to us or we can pay you a visit.

We are not afraid to get our hands dirty either, if you think you have something interesting lurking in the dark corners of your loft or garage, we will happily put on our overalls get stuck in. So, if you feel that you have something we'd be interested in then why not e-mail us with pictures.

We bought 5 items that were delivered the same day and in mint condition. Definitely going back to purchase something. A really vintage feel to the place, loads to see.

We carry quality names in furniture so you can find furniture that fits your style and demand for quality. As well as customers from all over the world and given them a shopping experience like no other. With over 400 dealers and 57, 000 square feet of shopping space, you can find just about anything you might be looking for.

Lolo French Antiques et So Much More

Our vast inventory of antiques and collectibles change on a daily basis. With over 400 dealers bringing in merchandise everyday, you can just imagine the large variety we have to offer.

I have since moved away and haven't thought much about them in years. It is set up a little different than most thrift .

I tend to dig looking around old, antique-y places and such. It's not far from where you live, but it's not in the direction you might usually go from home for brunch.

We are open daily and have something for every budget with lots of furnishings.

We have booths for up to 100 dealers, and we always have opportunities for new dealers as well.

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