Hairpin legs, waterfall edges, boxy modern?

A pop of color in the form of a floor vase or art glass ashtray might be just the thing that sets off your collection.

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Chandeliers, pendants, table, task and tv lamps?

Abstract oils, vintage portraits, folk art, paint-by-numbers are just the beginning.

We offer metal wall pieces, statuary, garden art too. Our dealers bring you racks and racks for your shopping pleasure.

So much of the county's past has stayed here, passed down from generation to generation before arriving at one of its many antique . Doylestown boasts some of the best costume jewelry and exceptional state pieces that the county has to offer. We’ll be closing early today at 6:00 to join in on the fun!

Kudzu operates today out of a 25, 000 sq. These 9 towns in the state are all known for antique and vintage shopping.

You will also find a variety of other knickknacks and yard decor here too.

However there are a number of antique shops open year round in this small town too. This antique space is two stories, so you may want to spend a couple hours browsing over the 20, 000 square feet of vintage treasures. If you are a lover of antiques, this show is most definitely for you. View a variety of different antique and vintage items located in over 6, 500 square feet of space. However there are a couple other antique shops here too full of treasures. Enjoy true vintage items along with shabby chic and country home decor. Now you may just find antiques for sale in a thrift shop here or in an upscale local boutique. It seems that this city is always teeming with incredible antiques. However there are some shops in this city that are sure to please antique shoppers. Although you might not necessarily find the cheapest antiques here, this shop is still a great place to browse. The antique and handmade here has been repurposed but still reflects its colorful past. Browse over 30 antique vendors here, which all have different styles and cater to different budgets. Not all the vendors here sell antiques but many do. You’re bound to find a great antique dealer along with craftsmen and artists. Get our latest stories and deals delivered to your inbox!

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They also offer private consultations so that they can help you choose the best pieces that fit your personal taste, budget and lifestyle. With everything from vintage mirrors and contemporary armchairs to cozy pillows and throws, their inventory has everything you could be looking for and more. Lifestyle and home intersect with the finest array of couture and home furnishings for all manner of tastes. In a city that exemplifies living history so uniquely, its antique shops mirror that too. So it’s no surprise that trying to find even a starting point to explore them can quickly become overwhelming.

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And let’s be fair, a list of “the best” is just as complicated and problematic as determining its best restaurants or venues, but for good reason; their variety and goals and aesthetics range so wildly. Trust — you can find some amazing, showroom-worthy items, you just need to know where to look.

You add originality and cool appeal to your house in the bargain. Even if a vintage piece was mass-produced, by the time it's vintage, it's unusual. Buying vintage furniture is a little different from your usual garage sale or thrift store shopping because you are not looking for just any used furniture, but furniture from a specific era. To qualify as real vintage furniture, it should be at least 30 to 40 years old. Anything more than a 100 years old qualifies as antique. You'll find an abundance of vintage furniture websites that specialize in different eras, along with more general auction sites that have all kinds of pieces and furniture from several eras. But buying online has its own set of caveats.

You can't actually see the piece in person, and there is always the chance that when you do you won't like it, it will be the wrong size or the wood or upholstery will not look the same. Most risky with vintage furniture is the condition. Shipping also is a potential problem since much of what you find will not be in your area. If you live in an area with newer housing, you may want to explore an area that has older homes. If you check in often, you have a better chance of picking these bargains up. However, if you are shopping for upholstered furniture, it makes sense to look for gently used furniture. It is usually not cost-effective to refurbish upholstered furniture and not something that most know how to do on their own. For instance, drawers should slide out easily, and upholstered pieces should have good sturdy frames. If you find plastic furniture, it should not be on the verge of cracking. Other manufacturers of the same era might be less expensive but just as good quality.

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Avoid furniture made with inferior materials and poor workmanship. Every era has its share of well-made or poorly made furniture. Many products on the market can fix minor flaws, and if a truly remarkable piece warrants it, you can get it professionally refinished. Examine the piece carefully for damage or alterations. If the piece is worth buying, use any evidence of damage to bargain for a better price. But before you do that, make sure that the piece can be fixed and that the price of repairs on your vintage item does not drive the entire cost too high. So consider size, especially if you are buying the furniture for your own home. Furniture can always look too big or too small in a store. Take your space measurements with you so that you buy something that fits into your home and is scaled right. For example, use a small table for a nightstand or an old trunk for a coffee table. Unusual furniture in unexpected places gives your space its own distinct style.

If your budget is limited, buy individual pieces that would work well together one at a time. Incidentally, buying individual pieces that look good together is also the best way to buy good quality new furniture. It is also the best way to express your own unique style. Constructed with a kiln-dried hardwood frame. Textured purple fabric with contrasting welting. Create a statement in your environment with a unique piece that reflects your individual style and carries a piece of history into the future.

Chairish is the stylish, authentic alternative to big, bland retailers. With blue velvet upholstery and wooden legs. Mahogany and brass, with original glass, original light green vinyl, and original key. Brass plate mounts to underside of table or desk. It has a hand rubbed natural oil and wax finish that. The 2 half columns are 23 1/2" long, 11 3/4" to center from top or bottom same see photos, so can likely be used cut in half if you need 4 shorter ones.

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