I would have preferred that perhaps nails or screws be used instead or that they hide the fastener connections. It’s a great value-for-money piece and yet another great option in the lower end of the record player stand market.

We added it to the list since it’s an affordable option, is handmade and has a significant storage capacity. In the product images it is not shown to host a turntable, like the previous record player stand, however, it does seem able to fit most devices. We like the fact that you can neatly tuck all your records away from the cabinet door and place your turntable on top. Materials used include a solid hardwood, metal wire for vinyl record slots together covered in a rich dark mahogany finish.

What’s great is that each variant has multiple holes for cables at the back, room for a standardly sized turntable and a vinyl collection of most record player furniture. Each drawer and cabinet open with a slight push – something we thought was a great addition. That being said, it’s very sturdy as the frame is made from steel and the top is made out of 2-inch thick reclaimed wood. The body of this end table is made out of maple plywood and coated in a satin white paint.

The second area to the right can be used for amplifiers or even more records and the top level is used for turntables. Dual products are available in 9 choices of highly durable, scratch and impact resistant natural texture laminates. Maple base to raise the bottom shelf 2″ off the floor and a fitted caster base to mobilize your collection. The vertical unit has a curved profiling and can hold up to 550 records on 4 shelves delimited by chrome support bars. This thing is not light, pretty heavy duty, it’s barn wood for starters, that being said it’s weight is great for vibration suppression for playing records. This is certainly one of the most stylish and utterly unique ways to store your favorite records. Keith will definitely answer your questions if you will find yourself in the need of help. Probably this is one of the best solutions on this list for the less experienced handyman. But believe me – it should just be a start point for your own research – there are a lot more to see out there!

It’s quite detailed and you shouldn’t have any problems with making your own unit after watching it.

Records turntable storage

Simple And Classy Ways To Store Your Vinyl Record Collection

Records are heavy and having wheels in your unit makes transporting them around your place much easier.

In fact, they’re more collectible now than ever and they deserve to be stored and displayed in a beautiful and classy way. The upper ones are filled with books but this actually offers a really practical idea: use a bookcase.

You can display records in the open storage area in the middle and place your turntable on top.

This stand follows a very simple concept and almost looks like two crates added on top of each other to make a storage unit. This record player stand has a great way of storing a big amount of records and equipment without taking up a lot of space in the room. The top level is made for displaying turntables and as the seller indicates is built to fit most turntables in the market. You might need to get a bit creative and remove one of the shelves to fit your vinyl collection. Shelving is adjustable, leaving room for customization – always a benefit from ourpoint of view. The top flip-open area is used to store a record player in a typical retro media console stereo cabinet style.

Although the focus with this table stand appears to be on record storage the top level can easily be used to house a turntable.

Since reclaimed wood is used we’re assuming that materials can be hardwood, pine, maple or oak. As a unique feature, they’ve added hairpin steel legs which are available in an assortment of colors.

What’s also cool is the fact that you can use the stand in different ways – with the angled area on the left or even on the right. The two bottom feet run the length of the unit and have soft rubber discs on each corner to protect your surface.

The boxes hold up to 115 records and can be easily moved using the integrated chrome handle.

The acrylic lid slides into the wood cube in two positions: open for displaying, or closed for keeping things looking tidy.

Please note, these are uniquely constructed, so mine will most definitely not look the same as the one you get, which is why i think this is such a cool and unique product. I found some most interesting and best guides out there for you to use as an inspiration or detailed plan for your storage project. You just need some cutting and some glueing and then some painting and voila – you’ve made yourself a nice record crate.

So here you are – below you will find some great videos which will show you how to build your record storage unit. Swedish retailer decision was not made because they care about your vinyl collection but because they care about the amount of materials used to build the unit. The unit he made is extremely simple which is great, it looks nice, it’s easy to make and it’s stackable.

Source: www.homedit.com/vinyl-record-storage/