The simplicity of a bathroom draws attention to its central fittings: the bath, the sink and the toilet.

We also hold consistent stock of smaller bathroom fixtures such as vintage soap dishes, antique shaving mirrors and showerheads.

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Ball and claw bathtubs, towel rails and ornate faucets also grace our inventory on a regular basis. Porcelain sink has an overflow with optional chrome cover. Heavy leanings toward industrial style can be seen with the use of exposed bolts and inset metallic detailing. Soft-close drawers and doors make this lovely cabinet even more appealing.

Featuring double doors, two accessible drawers, and a medium cherry finish, this cabinet?s traditional style is a beautiful addition to your home. Sized for large bathrooms, this cabinet has an abundance of storage spaces, all of varying sizes to hold almost any accessory. Please keep in mind we are not experts, this is simply the process we used.

I think it was actually fairly simple–plus the drawers on the dresser are still functional, which is a huge plus in my book. First thing you’ll need is an awesome dresser.

I have a few tips after going through this process: look for a dresser that is at least 34″ tall and at least 20″ wide.

You’ll definitely want counter height, plus it needs to be a little wider so there is plenty of room for the sink.

You want the dressers to be really high quality and well made.

We started by removing the back cover from the dresser. Then we drilled in two holes for the faucet and the sink drain. In order to figure out where exactly we wanted the holes we simply placed the sink and faucet on top of the dresser, in the middle, and played around the with positioning a bit until we felt like the sink and faucet were a good distance apart. For this sink/faucet combo we wanted it right in the center of the dresser. For the faucet hole we used this 1 and 1/4 inch drill bit.

We went with an oil rubbed bronze faucet. It fits perfectly over the vessel sink we chose, plus it comes with the hose you’ll need to install it.

We decided to go with a sink that sits on top of the dresser, opposed to one that sits down inside the dresser. If you’re looking to replicate this process, this is definitely the one you want. This screws apart into two halves, which makes it really easy to install. Next we measured the distance from the sink drain hole to the front of the dresser.

You can always go back later and cut it if needed.

We removed the back of the drawer so we could reuse it after cutting the sides. Then use a nail gun to secure it in place. And there you have it, a perfect little drawer!

I went ahead and painted the dresser before moving it into the bathroom. Next unscrew the drain and put the top half in place inside the sink. Again, go ahead and put silicon around the drain hole inside the sink as well (under that little rubber ring you see on bottom). Take the bottom half of the drain and simply screw it on to the upper half that is hanging down. Here’s the full drain line in place and attached to the wall. Lastly, go ahead and attach the faucet water lines to the hot and cold valves.

We ended up with two small drawers on top.

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Fortunately we were able to leave the bottom drawer alone, it fit in under the plumbing perfectly. Obviously this isn’t a ton of storage, and it doesn’t help that this is a smaller dresser, but this is on my husband’s side and he doesn’t need much storage anyway!

My husband also put these little “stoppers” on the back of the small drawers to keep them from falling out when pulled on. It’s been a dream of mine to use old dressers as vanities for years now. They are so fun and definitely the best part of our bathroom makeover, in my opinion.

I love that it’s unique and different, but still really practical. Notice we positioned the sink and faucet off to the side. In addition to giving me an open space for my “work” (aka makeup and hair), this also allowed us much more storage than if we had done the sink in the middle of the dresser. The drawers on the left are all full size and completely untouched.

We only had to cut the top 3 drawers on the right side, so lots of storage is possible doing it this way!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

My husband loves the look and is in the process of hunting down a dresser.

You have great ideas so keep them coming. As the dresser will be in close proximity to water/dampness, wouldn’t you use a flat poly or something to make it more “water proof”?

Getting ready to prep it for paint and want to start that in a day or so. This is an extreme example, but painting old furniture is one of my favorite things to do. These exemplify timeless style with aged surfaces and organic flows ranging from the 17th to the 20th century. The early style was a tripod fixture that supported a bowl as a vessel and was made to nestle into corners of rooms; these were often also made portable. Please choose from our vast spout and spigot assortment to find the perfect piece to accent your basin, trough or fountain.

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Kindly let us know if we can assist you with any further information. Scour thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets for a piece that is the right size for your space. Beautiful sink fixtures paired with candle sconces and a white marble tile floor add an elegant air, and a matching pair of tabletop topiaries add a splash of lively color. Piece should be very sturdy and preferably solid wood to support weight of sink and faucet. Purchase a drop-in sink that will fit inside frame of dresser or buffet. Place sink upside down on dresser top and use measuring tape to center. Draw a line approximately one inch inside traced line to show where cut should be made. If using a round or oval sink, evenly space 4 to 6 holes around circle. Insert jigsaw into one hole and cut to next hole. Test-fit sink and make any adjustments necessary. If refinishing dresser top, do it after hole is cut, so finish isn’t marred.

It’s better to make the hole too small initially than too large. For drawers directly under sink, cut off back of drawer using table or circular saw. It may be necessary to complete cut with jigsaw if blade is not big enough to cut all the way through. In the case of this dresser, the interior side of two top drawers needed to be removed. Gently loosen tongue and groove to remove side that needs to be trimmed. Cut removed side so it can fit behind drawer front.

Cut bottom and back of drawer to size needed to accommodate sink. Squeeze wood glue into channel for drawer bottom and slide bottom in. Insert back and sides and glue and/or tack into place with a brad nailer or a hammer and small finishing nails. Use a scrap piece of wood between front of drawer and clamp to prevent denting finish. The drawer front has been untouched, so it will appear as a full drawer when closed. Reassemble drawer by tacking sides and back of plumbing recess into place with brad nailer. Glue and clamps may also be used for additional support. Trace around recess with pencil onto dresser bottom and back. Put drawers and sink in dresser to ensure everything fits and there is enough room for plumbing pipes. In this project, the cross support pieces were intact after cutting, so additional supports weren’t necessary. Dry-fit only at this stage, in order to make sure everything lines up properly and further adjustments do not need to be made to drawers or back of dresser. Remove sink from dresser and run a bead of silicone just to the inside of chalk outline. Make sure silicone is applied around entire sink perimeter without gaps.

This will provide a watertight seal around sink. Press down and wiggle slightly to distribute silicone. Use a damp cloth to wipe away excess silicone and chalk line. Reconnect plumbing and faucet and insert dresser drawers. They make a wonderful addition to a dresser, workspace or bathroom vanity. It adds class and elegance to any interior. This is valid for basically any room of the house, even for the bathroom. This antique chest is a living proof for this affirmation. It’s a chest or a cabinet that also includes a sink on top. Besides the fact that it’s also a sink, this antique chest also includes plenty of storage space. It features two drawers and two doors for items like toothbrushes, toiletries or other small items. As for the materials used, the chest is almost entirely made of wood. It also has a marble veneer top and brass sink fixtures, carved cabriole leg and a beautiful antique finish. It’s a relatively small item so it could be included in almost any bathroom. Lace a matching mirror above it and maybe some candleholders on the sides and you get a romantic atmosphere. Countertop has 3 predrilled (1-1/8″) holes for 8″ spread 3 holes faucet. Hand crafted with gorgeous antique brass hardware and two countertops available. Its workmanship shows a unique attention to detail. Painted by hand each vanity has its own unique variations.

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The top is pre-drilled for one standard 8″ spread faucet. There are four functional, felt-lined drawers with dual side metal roller-ball sliders. The cabinet panels are made from high quality veneer wood (composite panels). Big cutout back for plumbing installation. Pre-drilled holes in countertop for faucet. Actual cabinet color may vary because each piece is handmade and hand-finished. Granite and marble countertops are natural stones and, as a result, we cannot guarantee exact shading or grain. This vanity includes a concealed drawer inside for easy storage. Coordinating pieces include matching mirrors and linen tower to complete the look. Constructed of birch solid woods and select cherry veneers. Antique cherry finish with antique brass hardware. Optional mirror and side cabinet sold separately. Countertop has 3 predrilled holes for 8″ spread 3 holes faucet. Solid wood construction in an antique white finish create a beautiful look to this bathroom vanity. There is a cream marfil marble countertop and ceramic undermount sink. All wood is properly dried to prevent warping and cracking. This ensures stability and unsurpassed durability for many years to come.

We do not produce knock down or flat pack type of cabinets. Wood finish displayed may slightly differ from actual product appearance. Large back cutout for easy plumbing installation. Countertop has 3 predrilled holes for 8″ widespread faucet. That’s why antique bathroom vanities are perfect options for homeowners who want to add a touch of luxury and heritage in their classic-themed homes.

We want our customers to enjoy complete peace of mind while shopping with us, and that’s why our company offers 100% money-back guarantee up to a 60-day period. Whether you are planning to spruce up the look of your bathroom or do a complete remodeling project, we’ve got the right products for your needs. Check out our antique bathroom vanities today!

Original black or blue paint beneath very old second coat.

One door cupboard and drawer in lower section. This dry sink was refinished years ago and was always in the family until this past year. Comes with scuffs, scratches and surface. It is 36 inches wide, 17 inches deep and 34 inches high. Two drawer, one with silverware storage and two doors. Buyer must pay in cash at time of pick up and look see. The piece is sturdy, but the finish is pretty rough. This item is ready to use as is or change to your liking!

Greyhound is also an option in which case you would have to pick up the piece at your local bus station.

We then distress our pieces for an aged look.

You have the option of a single vanity, which is just right for a smaller home or bathroom, or a double vanity sink, which gives everyone in your family the space to spread out. Our hunt for the best bathroom vanity sink led to us looking at both models.

With our convenient list of what to look for, you’ll make sure that you choose the best sink for your bathroom.

You may find that you can save on the overall cost of both the sink and installation with a single model. Both you and your partner, spouse or kids will have a sink of your own. This can cut down on the time that you spend getting ready every morning. An under mount sink mounts underneath the counter, which means you’ll need to install the sink and then add the counter. Porcelain is a good option for many homes because it is easy to maintain, but some may prefer a ceramic sink. You’ll also find sinks made from stainless steel that work well in a contemporary bathroom. A larger sink will give you more space to wash your hands and brush your teeth, but it may limit the amount of space on your counters. Smaller sinks take up less of your valuable counter space. Rectangular sinks have a more contemporary look that works well in both a kitchen and a bathroom, but a round sink has a more classic or traditional look. Some manufacturers make sinks with faucet holes on the top that are only compatible with its own line of faucets, but other companies make sinks that are compatible with faucets from other manufacturers. These are great for smaller bathrooms because you waste less floor space. The downside is that many of these models lack the extra storage that you need. Look for a cabinet or base that can easily fit in that room without taking up too much space. These cabinets and bases come in colors that range from light or unfinished wood to deep and dark shades of mahogany. Find a shade that will work best in your bathroom. The under mount sink that comes with it sits beneath the gray stone counter to create a cleaner and more modern look. That soft gray color works nicely with the sleek white finish on the attached cabinet. Simple metal handles on the front of the cabinet help you easily open each drawer and store your bathroom supplies inside. Though those drawers might look a little small, each one is actually large enough to hold tall bottles of shampoo and cleaning supplies.

Its four legs lift the sink up and off the floor, which makes your bathroom seem much larger. Those tall legs also make cleaning underneath the sink a breeze. At 48-inches long, the vanity offers additional storage on top. This gorgeous vanity sink comes with accents that almost make it look like an antique, including turned legs on each corner and a soft white finish. A counter made from real natural stone in a darker shade adds a dramatic touch, and beveled corners on that counter help prevent accidents. Though you won’t get faucets with this set, you will find holes ready for use with your faucets and a white ceramic sink that matches the white finish on the cabinet. Also included is a black backsplash that matches the marble used on the counter.

The drawers are smaller on top and larger on the bottom to accommodate more things. A cabinet in the center opens for additional storage and for plumbing access. Everything about this vanity set is unique and different, including its rectangular base and the rectangular sink that drops right on top for fast and easy installation. The basin itself comes with a simple hole for adding a one-piece faucet and an overflow hole to prevent accidents. Made from solid oak wood, the cabinet base measures 36-inches long and has a rich espresso finish. Satin nickel hardware used on the doors and drawers complements the dark color of the wood and adds to its modern appeal.

The two cabinet doors on the front, which you can open to access your pipes or for storage, have frosted glass panels that keep others from seeing inside. You’ll also get a matching mirror that you can mount directly above the vanity on your bathroom wall. This single sink vanity is perfect for anyone who wants to add style without sacrificing space. It comes with three hidden hinges tucked inside that give you complete access to all its storage without requiring that you open the door all the way to get into the cabinet. The soft white finish of the wood makes this vanity work in any bathroom, and it comes with a dark black background in the center of the cabinet door that makes this the focal point of the room. It also has pre-drilled holes on the top that help you easily install any four-inch faucet. The scalloped legs and bright finish on the metal handles adds to its upscale look. A cabinet door and a small drawer on the bottom gives you additional storage. Both the sink and the mirror hang directly on your wall and won’t take up valuable floor space. The included 24-inch long sink basin has a soft white finish and sits directly on top of the included base to further reduce space. You’ll also get a matching mirror with a dark wood border that matches the wood on the basin base, and this mirror measures 24-inches wide and 31-inches tall. Though you may think that this vanity set won’t meet your storage needs, it actually does come with a storage drawer hidden inside. A metal alloy pull that runs the length of the sink lets you open up that drawer to remove stored items. Made from solid birch, this is a type of ready to assemble cabinet that you can put together and install in your bathroom without any professional help.

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Those drawers come with a soft close feature that makes it easier to close each one without hearing the wood banging together. This soft close feature applies to the two doors on the bottom, and when you open those doors, you’ll find plenty of storage space inside. The interior also features a natural wood finish, and you’ll see that same finish inside the drawers. This vanity lets you pick the counter and faucets that you want. This vanity has a somewhat traditional style that includes wood paneling on each side, but the addition of sleek metal handles on the front cabinet bring this vanity into the modern era. The white ceramic top works well with the white finish on the base, and this top comes with pre-drilled holes for installing your own four-inch faucet. The two doors on the front open to give you access to your pipes while also giving you access to any items you stored inside.

You may like the additional storage awarded by the bottom shelf too. This shelf features several small slats that run across the bottom to support the included basket, which matches the traditional look of the vanity and lets you tuck embarrassing bathroom products out of the prying eyes of guests.

You can also remove that basket and use the bottom shelf for larger things. Unlike under mount sinks that mount under the cabinet, the white ceramic sink that comes with this base sits right on top of the cabinet and draws the eye of anyone who steps foot in your bathroom. The whiteness of that sink adds a bold touch to the otherwise dark finish of the cabinet.