If you’re interested in decorating your home to look more like a log cabin, or you’re looking for log cabin décor for yourself, consider any of these decorating ideas for log homes to get you started. This kitchen does so by using a fieldstone peninsula, and rustic cabinetry featuring knot holes that match the peel log beams stretching across the ceiling.

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Log home decorations need to be comfortable and inviting to offset the rustic surroundings. In this case, the bedframe uses the same peeled wood logs that many log cabins use in their construction. Lots of wood, such as the barrel stools, helps to bridge the gap, while sleek surfaces and clean lines create a more contemporary vibe. In this case, that means using more field stone and natural wood as the décor as well as the structure itself.

Pieces of tree trunk, natural stone, and peeled logs infuse the home with style. To achieve that in this large, high-ceilinged kitchen, the cabinets are painted a rich blue/gray. The contrast to the warmer wood tones makes the kitchen pop, standing out from the rest of the home. Ideally, a staircase should complement the rest of the décor, particularly if the stairs are positioned where they’re easily seen. This staircase beautifully complements the rest of the home, made of peeled logs that match the exterior. This field stone-clad kitchen uses stone very effectively on the walls and island to add texture to the room, while perfectly complementing the home.

The use of burgundy and hunter green in this bedroom works perfectly with the wood tones, and helps call to mind pictures of cabins in the great outdoors. This isn’t the only way to decorate your log home, however. In this case, some of the walls use a vertical shiplap siding installation, rather than using the logs all over. The contrast adds a very subtle interest to the room. Shiplap wood walls in this bedroom show off the angles of the room perfectly, making the space appear to be larger than it really is. Ramp your style up a bit more by including the occasional pop of bold color as well. This fresh painting above the dark sofa really draws the eye, becoming a focal point in the room by being the only colors like it nearby. This wall hung sink stands out in a bathroom otherwise clad in gray-painted wood to emphasize it as the only natural color in the space. These sliding doors are ideal for small spaces like bathrooms as well, since they don’t take up space with a door swing that can confine what you place in the room. This chandelier uses branch line arms to give it a subtle, rustic look that pairs well with the wooden beams and already in place in the room. When you take the time to consider your storage needs and daily lifestyle, you can create a small but smart living room that increases the enjoyment of your home. But try to resist the urge to use only small pieces in your small living room. A great area rug can be used to mark a seating area, or you can paint a pattern, like chevron stripes, on your hardwood floor to create borders to help the room feel more spacious. And just because you have a sofa doesn't mean you have to have a standard coffee table. Also consider pulling your sofa away from the wall. This simple move gives you space to add a console table that offers open storage and a place for displaying your favorite collectibles. If you are looking for best log cabin decorating ideas, you have come to the right place. Check out this simple cabin decorating ideas on a budget videos. Pay attention to the visual weight of , not just its actual size. Light-color furniture or pieces with legs appear lighter than dark or boxy upholstered pieces. In this small living area, the leggy chair doesn't obstruct views of the passage or the floor, so the space feels more open. The metal and glass coffee table also consumes very little visual space. We'll show you how to arrange the space right, plus what furniture pieces to use and what to skip. The eye can roam freely through a neutral palette, so the space feels more expansive.

Here's how to turn small spaces into function-filled, style-forward rooms. See how this tiny living room-dining room combo overcame its diminutive proportions with a few smart ideas. A room's space always includes more than just its horizontal dimensions. Invite the eye to move above and below eye level. In this living room, emphasis on the vertical comes by way of floor-to-ceiling draperies that hang just below the ceiling beams. The armless chair is heftier, but its lines and shape won't make a small room feel crowded. More tips for choosing small-space furniture. Use white or pale colors, which increase the brightness of a room by reflecting light. Keep window treatments simple and avoid blocking the windows with heavy layers of fabric. Choose slender, leggy furniture for small spaces because they take up less visual space. The eye is fooled into thinking the space is larger because you can see under and through these pieces of furniture. Add storage without eating up floor space by building shelves into the space between wall studs. The elements of the room are united by white, giving the space a cohesive feel. In this space, the seating placement distinguishing a living space from the dining area beyond. Filling the floor space with a coffee table may seem counterintuitive, but using a few large pieces in a small space actually simplifies the room. A large upholstered ottoman doubles as a coffee table when you add trays to provide a flat surface for drink glasses or a vase of flowers. This unit incorporates concealed storage with open cubbies, which help the piece feel lighter in the room. In this small living room, the sofa marks the beginning of the seating space. Traffic coming in from the door is directed to go on either side of the sofa, rather than directly through the conversation area.

19 Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas

Pastel furnishings, white walls, and a light neutral area rug make this living room feel lighter and brighter and therefore larger. The chair offers comfortable seating, but exposed legs, they consume less visual space than a club chair would. From space-saving furnishings to comfy pillows and throws, the images and ideas below are filled with woodsy style. There’s a cabin style for every decor enthusiast. Check out the pics and tips below, then share your ideal “cabin look” with us by leaving a comment at the end of the post. And that’s exactly why we’re featuring it at the beginning of this post. And it’s precisely this combination of sleek and earthy that makes the chairs perfect for the creative small cabin!

So don’t hesitate to go with petite, efficient furnishings. Portland farmhouse, this time with a focus on the kitchen and dining spaces (which are directly connected to the living room, forming one large area). This time our eyes turn to the kids’ room, which displays the same white wooden planks we see all over the home. Especially when large windows highlight a stellar view!

This wood grain-filled space combines warm and cool tones in an industrial display of rustic modern style.

We can really only seat two at our table.

I would look at garage/estate sales until you find your dresser. It's abnormally shallow and so it's not all that comfortable to sit on, unfortunately. The fabric would be an added bonus, as it would wipe up well too!

I shoehorned two of these units into a 7'x7' room that needed to fit a queen size bed and built them with one sheet of plywood each plus some scraps.

My friend installed one into her loft apt. They have small spaces that needs to be stored out of the way.

We just have different needs from this cabin than a lot of folks who use them seasonally. After shopping for other ideas and speaking with sales reps they all feel the same. Inexpensive but just not sure how durable. It is essentially blocks of foam sewn inside cloth pockets. They fold flat to make a twin size bed or fold to make a two person couch.

You might not find what you are looking for commercially, but the idea would work for your space requirements if you made it yourself. It will attach to the wall with a hinge at 18" from the wall. The hinged part of the table will hang down and hide the four wooden folding chairs stored under the table/shelf. A pair of support legs attached to the bottom/outer end will support the table when extended and fold against the backside when lowered. It is great as it has our wood, newspaper, cardboard, kindling pieces that it stores. The majority of the time it is pushed against the wall with both leaves down and a chair on each end.

However we have very comfortably had eight people around that table when the weather was bad. A major inside-and-out renovation later, their weekend retreat is now a chic, modern take on a rustic cabin. A bright palette, mixed prints, and various textures maintain visual interest throughout the home. And a sense of playfulness permeates, in features such as the indoor swing hanging from the conducive exposed beams. They purchased the home and then set out to modernize it, while still thoughtfully preserving its original character. Animal-print textiles and a shag rug add soft touches to the space. Maintaining the structure's integrity was paramount, and it took a year of weekends to transform the space. In its original state, the house had a number of problems ranging from chipped paint and peeling linoleum flooring to a disarray of decorative styles. For example, what was once a covered front porch is now a cozy window seat that overlooks the sound, capitalizing on the home's waterfront location. While he chose furnishings from various eras, the house's clean lines tie the look together. Nautical touches and antiques are sprinkled throughout as loving nods to the house's setting and past. In addition to a small footprint, the couple also wanted their home to be environmentally friendly. The concrete floors were dyed to create a mottled appearance and to complement the reclaimed wood of the coffee table (fashioned from a railroad car) and the cabinets in the adjacent kitchen. Natural materials and expanses of glass give it a rustic yet modern feel, allowing it to blend into the surrounding forest. A cantilevered roof allows for a deck on top of the home. And the master bathroom opens to another cantilevered deck. Take this amazing 600-square-foot treehouse on the property, built using local materials and featuring a staircase that wraps around an existing tree. It's easily the family's favorite spot to hang out. The makeover elevated the room from sad to chic.

Floor Planning a Small Living Room

The metal wall grids neatly hide the rough-cut edges. From outdoor living rooms to creative sleeping solutions, every square inch has been put to use. Still the retreat feels airy and spacious. The appliance-free island was made from a stainless steel and butcher block workspace purchased at a restaurant-supply store, then covered on three sides with plywood. The large common room (which contains an open living room, dining room, and kitchen) has a natural extension in the form of the adjacent front deck. Space-saving furniture is a smart touch that allows the room to feel larger than it really is. Hood, making it an inspirational example of sustainable living. This area is where family members gather to the cook, eat together, and hang out. Large windows line the walls, framing spectacular views. The porch had collapsed, the basement walls had rotted, and a hemlock tree was growing through the roof. The unbelievable remodel took three years. When there are extra guests, the screened in porch can be used as another sleeping area. A reconstructed barn serves as the bunkhouse and an industrial shed has been turned into a cookhouse and gathering spot. The unique arrangement of this retreat allows for plenty of space for group activites. Create your own combination of tents, or put just one in your backyard for an instant outdoor getaway. Place it in an entryway, living area, or dining room to bring a charming taste of cabin life to your home. Everywhere else, they agreed on a palette of soft neutrals, to avoid cluttering the pint-size place with visual noise. Though an appreciation for flea-market finds often leads to a jumble of treasures, the couple exercise a very rare quality for bargain hunters: stone-cold restraint. Ian, who shoots the occasional wedding, wanted to turn the vehicle into a mobile photo booth for guests. So we have this beautiful little get away cabin. There is a leather sofa facing the fireplace.

I don't think introducing an off white sofa with the dark brown leather sofa is ideal.

I don't have a clear enough sense of the space.

I would lay the metal fire wood storage down on the floor horizontally. Lay a piece of wood on top to create more seating with cushions or a table top to display accessories or books or magazines, etc. Though few of us actually live in tiny houses, the tiny house furniture ideas are always good inspiration for small apartments and cabins.

It is the perfect piece of furniture for tiny houses and small apartments. When you fold out the bed you also get a small night table for your phone and magazines. Furnishing is always important in a confined space like studio apartments and cabins, and these next pieces of furniture will make your small house a little smarter, as well as save you lots of space, to give your more possibilities with the opportunity to have open space. It’s not as risky as digging out a basement, as this is only a small limited area.

We have seen it built into a sofa at one point, so that’s possible too – and that might actually work for a house on wheels!

And if you are more into wine, how about a wine cellar in the floor?

It is totally possible to have a dog in a tiny house, in fact we filmed a tiny house with a cute dog (skip to 1 min. For daily use it will serve as a dinner table for the family, and when you need to entertain or have a family dinner, you just pull out the table to extend it.

We love these extendable dinner tables that you can pull out.

We actually have one in our own bedroom/ office/living room – which is the same room. It’s always great fun to pull out the table when we have friends over for dinner. People get surprised every time when they see how long this tiny console table actually gets. See this post for more folding dinner tables. It’s a great way to hide the bed during the day, and adding that extra level to part of the house can create a very cozy atmosphere. It will last for decades, and it’s actually pretty cheap!

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