The specific style and finishes of log-style cabin furniture vary depending on the specific brand of furniture you purchase. Another important aspect of choosing living room furniture is creating a setup that facilitates conversation. The futon chair and ottoman also convert to a twin bed providing a sleeping area for a third person. If space allows, position a sofa table in the living room for an extra touch of rusticity. Choose dining chairs that coordinate with the look of the table, using the same general construction style and finishes. Benches also tuck neatly under the table when not in use, giving you more space to walk around in the kitchen area.

Chunky log pieces forming the bed create that distinct cabin look on both the footboard and headboard. Cabins often lack closet space, so a dresser, chest of drawers or an armoire can stand in as storage space for clothes while at the cabin. If space is limited or your “office” is simply a corner of another room, a small writing desk provides the functional surface you need without taking over your cabin. Bar chairs or bar stools also work well in leisure rooms, particularly if the space includes a bar.

Another important aspect of leisure room furniture is the functional aspect for activities in the room. Choose low furniture that doesn’t block windows, or set up your furniture to allow for views right out the windows. When space is limited, select each piece for your cabin with at least one specific purpose in mind.

The rustic lodge furniture style often uses a chunky, log-like style that reflects the log construction found in cabins.

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Small Log Cabins Living Room Ideas & Design Photos

Light finishes tend to make a space feel larger, while darker colors add rich warmth to a space.

Arrange the different seating pieces to avoid a crowded feeling while still allowing easy conversations between people in all the seating options.

Add a coffee table in the center of the room to hold drinks, décor and the perfect cabin-themed coffee table book. Measure the area carefully, keeping in mind you need space around the table for chair clearance.

Plain wood chairs are easy to clean since you don’t have to worry about fabric upholstery getting stained. Set one under a window to hold a plant, or put one by the back door to sit on and take off muddy shoes and boots.

Once you select your bed, find a nightstand with a coordinating look to improve the functionality of the room. Keep with the feel of the cabin by selecting a natural wood desk showing lots of knots and natural character. At night, the futon easily converts to a bed, offering extra sleeping space if you have guests.

If your leisure room doesn’t have a bar, you can still place the stools near a pool table for players to sit on while they wait for their turns.

A bookshelf is an excellent way to build a library for leisure reading or hold games and other leisure activity supplies.

Oversized or too much furniture can also leave the room feeling cluttered or smaller than it actually is.

Another example is an entertainment center with open shelving instead of lots of doors closing it off.