All insurance matters are catered to with a firm available closeby. There is a lumber yard in the area for wholesale building material.

We are a non-commission, no pressure environment with shared product knowledge unsurpassed in the industry. More than just leather, we carry all the latest styles, from the classics, traditional to contemporary and the ecclectic!

Every piece of wood is hand selected for its natural elements. Sit back and enjoy the soothing rocker motion.

Just look at its deep cushions and generous proportions. Not to mention that, in addition to rocking, you can recline your back and legs independently of each other or together.

We pride ourselves in offering competitive pricing, backed by our exceptional customer service. Please stop in to see our beautiful , professional sales staff and friendly atmosphere.

You can mix and match, modify the size, even change the stain to get just the look you want. There's virtually no limit to what you can do - you're the "customizer".

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A huge collection of fishing equipment, tools, jewelry, craft equipment, , building materials, and so much more await you at.

Our solid wood will give you a lifetime of lasting beauty. You'll be proud to pass each of our long-lasting and exquisite quality furniture down from one generation to the next.

We are creating a "great room" and needed unique pieces to fit and blend. Shepard can be trusted to breathe new life into treasured old, faded, and warn out antiques. Take advantage of them before they're gone!

Planting a tree in place of every piece of furniture we make truly shows our dedication to a better world. Bramble factory is recycled and repurposed. This includes the sawdust and scraps that are reused in a variety of ways. Bramble factory has an extensive waterfall dust collection system which provides a very healthy and dust free work environment. The scale is pleasing to the eye and the price is also pleasing to the pocket book. Open a cabinet or drawer and feel the inside of every area, top or bottom, and even backs.

You will feel the smooth, silky, old world craftsmanship of our quality lifetime materials. It is very hard to believe and many people are completely amazed at the multitude of options, array of colors and numerous traditional stains, finishes, and unique distressings.

You can truly make any piece exactly the way you want from conservative to traditional to a trendsetting statement, and everything in between. Choose from 100’s of color and traditional stain combinations.

You can pick different colors for the main body, top, interior and trim on the same piece. Also in keeping with this area is the unique and classic style of their products.

We offer delivery and installation of all out products, large and small. Most items come prefab and ready for those who choose to build it themselves.

We can ship anywhere and most of our smaller items come boxed.

We also offer a broad selection of finely engineered “motion furniture” such as gliders and swivel rockers for an amazingly relaxing experience.

We took this business out of your other collection. Amish are known for producing quality home furnishings from solid hardwoods in small-scale family workshops. Amish rely on belt and pulley power provided via a drive shaft situated beneath the floor of the furniture shop.

Simply Amish in Olympia Tacoma and Shelton Washington

Amish rely on pneumatic or hydraulic power. Amish furniture makers are able to create a diverse array of furniture in many styles. Customers who want quality and durability can take pride in all the products they purchase from us. If you are busy and productive and strengthening your "brand" it's a good thing. But you must seize new opportunities to increase your sales and profits. Being selective about the new projects you take on is vital. Controlling stress will enable you to remain in business longer. Prioritizing your personal life must be a conscious effort, especially when you are "busy". Also the challenge of developing a niche business and being responsible for your success. This place is a place you'll love to visit, so don't wait around, give them a call today!

For a style that suits your backyard, browse the selection of patio furniture before the sun goes down. If you are traveling by car, make sure you make use of the nearby parking options during your visit. Check out great deals on things to do from kids activities to nightlife ;
try out new restaurants , spas , massages and hair salons near you,
or plan a trip away from home. Its salespeople have distinguished themselves by their knowledge and expertise.

You will receive a friendly greeting upon arrival but also will feel free to engage in laidback browsing. The employees like their work, and that always speaks well of a company.

You can choose multiple types of wood and stain options, which means many of the pieces are customizable. So for them to come out here is a big deal. Plus they’re not building anything while they’re gone.

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