Corner of a modern luxury bedroom with white walls, a large bed in the center of the room, two bookcases by its sides, a large window and a framed horizontal poster.

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Cozy and classic, great and graceful — the sleigh bed adds a touch of grandeur to any bedroom. Imagine an airy, tranquil retreat under skillfully draped fabrics and well-crafted wooden posts. No matter the size or shape, a great nightstand will keep all of your essentials within arm’s reach.

Young beautiful brunette woman sitting down on the bed by the fireplace and window in a wooden cabin. Young beautiful happy laughing shy brunette woman with cup of coffee sitting down on the bed. She was even on hand to make sure the granite installation turned out just the way we wanted. With a trundle bed, you’ll have the convenience of pulling out a second sleeping space at a moment’s notice.

Poster beds are beautiful, ornately embellished beds named after the vertical columns at each corner of the bed. Cylindrical cushion on which the pillow rests; it usually extends the entire width of the bed.