The product mix is very impressive with items ranging from pop culture collectibles of the past to furniture. This is the ideal antiques store for art aficionados as it’s certainly the focus of the shop.

The store is open six days a week and it frequently hosts auctions on site. At any given moment, the selection includes such items as fine art, furniture, china and flatware. All of the pieces are professionally appraised for true value and to be sure customers are actually getting what they are paying for. The over 100-year-old business is an expert in its field and takes pride in fine offerings.

This chic shop mostly features finds for the home such as fine art, accent pieces, furniture and lighting. Aside from the beautiful treasures to be discovered in store, it’s a very professional business with an outstanding reputation. The selection features truly well-chosen pieces so it’s difficult for shoppers to make a wrong move – the merchandise is always elegant and stylish. We’re not talking particle board, we’re talking real wood furniture with beautiful finishes and wonderful details!

However, antique hold treasures for anyone who seeks them and the right shops with knowledgeable staff can really make the experience a lot simpler. These antique stores offer everything from home décor items to art pieces suitable for homes, theatres, commercial spaces and more.

There are even great finds meant to be kept only as heirlooms that will increase in price with years to come. Whether you’re assembling the furniture yourself from flat boxes or you’re having rooms delivered, you’re not getting the quality you may think. This vintage, silver plated decanter wagon holds a single bottle of wine at an. The landscape drawing on the print has beautiful colors typical of impressionist art. Purple velvet covers the fleur de lis shaped ornament. Whether you’re looking for complete furniture sets, individual pieces or even décor, we have your perfect fit!

Let’s face it, a lot of furniture that you can buy in big-box furniture stores just doesn’t bring the best possible quality. Works well as side or even a plant stand. This is a slender dresser could be installed as an over scale bedside table with abundant storage. Biggio's paintings are pure light and color, primarily of still life. All these chain stores/restaurants are hampering it. Who here besides me remembers when it wasn't flooded with crappy online stores?

Thanks for your patronage during the last 30 years!

Please shop with confidence and enjoy our online or visit our gallery. And, yes, she sometimes drags her children along. If that sounds exhausting, here are her top recommendations. The shop also carries bamboo chairs and side tables, blue-and-white china, and other pieces with an island vibe. They have always an outstanding collection of vintage and antique items in the best condition.

Shopping for antiques and consignment for snowbirds that want to add further luxury to their winter home in South Florida.