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We can no longer afford to give farms to our children and build new homes and barns for them.

As many historians have pointed out, the region was a far different place back then. Many feared an increase in government meddling in their lives, specifically around the issue of compulsory education for children. Most families operated farms and the community quickly gained a reputation for superior planting. Despite their successes, the community has been squeezed by the outside world in recent decades. But, it’s safe to say that their presence adds to the cultural breadth of our region. At 49 and inching toward retirement, she needed something affordable -- a modular home. Even though the houses take only five weeks to build. Hertzler can build only one house at a time in his warehouse, and he has been producing at maximum capacity, about 10 to 12 a year. Several of the families make , sew quilts and build barns and sheds for sale. A typical 1, 500-square-foot home is constructed in two long units, which are less than 14 feet wide so they can be transported on roads. Insulation, doors, carpets and cabinets are all added in the warehouse. Not one insect in it all fall, winter and now spring. Get your outdoor furniture and sheds today. Custom and handmade leather goods for both horse and rider. Our country store brings back our memories of days gone by.

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They will stand up to everyday living and offer continued beauty and enjoyment from one generation to the next. As a family-owned business, we take special pride in every piece we build, and we continuously strive to bring our customers the finest handcrafted furniture available. While all information is deemed accurate, it cannot be guaranteed.

I also saw shed makers, engine and harness shops, and many homes selling farm products.

I really hope they survive the encroaching urban population for generations to come. He was so impressed with the craftsmanship and professionalism of these talented men. Christina it is one of those communities that is just not as well known, even though it is quite close to a major population center. Mary’s county and was looking for advice on where to begin. There is also a phone shanty right by the road at this address.

I grew up on a tobacco farm here and that’s how many people made their living until the government stepped in. The horsie part of your comment was really a great little anecdote. With many farmers in the area getting out of the business and the current financial climate, there may be and continue to be opportunity for land purchase and expansion.

I find it interesting that there is a policy to preserve the rural character of the area. Obviously zoning regulations are an effective tool in that. Most of the parents have dealt with these problems very efficiently since birth. Amish from a cultural and religious standpoint.

I admire their lifestyle and would love to learn more about them.

I got to see some beautiful oak children’s furniture, though. So there are no tours or information centers?

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I would like to explore the area for a couple of days.

I remember when mr and mrs fulcher build their new house to the amish and built there little house back in the woods. Amish farms in my area and the services they provide. They have small books and guides to the amish in our area.

I greatly respect their work ethic and dedication to their families. My experience was, whatever you did for them, you always received double in return.

I hope they continue to grow and prosper. It is beautiful country and in the night you can see the stars sparkle because there are no street lights or city lights to ruin the sky.

I also remember always spending more time in the stables, looking at the horses as opposed to shopping!

Is there any books written that would give me an insight to their home-life and what they do in their spare time?

The amish are not necessarily organic farmers.

We have lived in the area most of my life (about 30 years). It is still better than what you get in the supermarket because it is all local.

I would not recommend buying horses or pets from the amish unless you are an expert. They do not give the same level of veterinary care to the animals. Many of the dogs are sick and infected with worms or other parasites and die while still puppies. They make the absolute best furniture hands down, great baked goods, and wonderful vegetables.

I am glad we are not a tourist destination because it keeps the area peaceful. Nice owners, and a nice pool in the summer. Reading is therapy with this family so just to be surrounded by books and writers just may be the best reason they would come with me. Thank you very much for taking on such a mission if you do so choose this one.

I have a back yard full of extremely tall and straight trees.

I am considering clearing out a portion of land to build a three bay garage on.

I was wondering if the amish would be interested in cutting down, removing and using these trees for building material?

The arms are connected to the back with three wood capped pegs or nails. When getting out of the chair, too much pressure was put on one of the arms and it snapped straight across in the curved part. Can a new arm be constructed, stained to match?

I know someone who ordered something and waited over 6 months. Used to buy my lumber from them for furniture.

I think my whole family gained weight that year!

I wouldn't recommend a third party seller; just more cost to you. Excellent quality; instant family heirlooms, without a doubt. Be direct; tell them what you want, and you'll get directions to a builder of great furniture. You're talking about the one that now looks like a flea market selling mostly junk?

A great place to find a nice gift or even something for yourself. The towels, robes and blankets are exquisite and launder well. The staff are friendly and prices are pretty good, too. The thinly sheets of steel, wrap particle board on the door, and are sold as steel doors. Don't believe or expect a 4-6 weeks delivery. Also don't expect a courtesy phone call updating you on the status of your order-even after it's way late.

I am very happy with the furniture, 5 stars. My warning, make sure you have 2-3 months to wait for delivery. My expectations wouldn't have been for a 4-6 weeks delivery if the sales person hadn't said so. The range of decorative and useful items is quite something. They provide customers with pieces they can truly call their own. They strive to bring customers the finest handcrafted furniture.

Southern Maryland Apple Basket Gifts Antiques Fine