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Household items have a large mark-up which you’ll avoid by shopping during these weeks of the year.

I sometimes walk through it for fun when passing by. Great stuff: innovative, interesting, and chic.

You can find some great deals and some expensive deals.

Usually you’ll find good quality however. Look around on some of the shopping and high streets in your new neighbourhood, you’ll probably find at least one. Avoid buying electronic items from these places if you need them to last long, instead stick to the department stores or electrodomesticos. Not in a department store mind you, but go hit the markets where you can haggle them down 50% on occassion. This can save you tons of money on bigger furniture items and you’ll find some nice artesan crafts. This means that for a nominal cost of, say, 10, 000€ (ranging between 5k-20k) you can damn near furnish your entire place.

She was concerned that she wouldn’t have the time to pick everything out, arrange for transport, put it together, etc. The furniture pack took care of this for her. She says she’ll slowly start picking up her own pieces as she goes.

I can see how a furniture pack would be especially useful for those who purchase real estate for investment or to rent out. Note that your place probably won’t be the most memorably decorated however. Wander through the streets and you’ll find some real gems amid the broken shelves, bug-infested matresses and sun-warped tables.

I know it might sound bad, but sometimes you find something unique or special, or even brand new. Browse through the page for details about all the available items.

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We also paint inside the drawers so they are clean and fresh to use and good for another 100 years. So that the drawers sit flat and run well. Overall condition superb no missing bits. But nothing that can’t be restored professionally hence the price. This one is the simple stem example with leaf detail. This one is the simple stem example with beautiful beaten curved legs. This one is the simple stem example with curved elegant legs. This one is the thick stem example with diamond footed detail. They are hand beaten to get their details and then painted in a gilt. All they need is a nice shade to finish them off. This one is the simple leaf stem example with beautiful beaten square feet. The sofa sits on cabriole legs at the front and oblong section legs to the rear. The armrests continue straight up from the front and continue back to join the wing back backrest. The backrest slopes slightly backward and has been well padded. The sofa has been upholstered in a green heavy woven material.

Antique Spanish Chairs

Spanish Swedish Antique Furniture

There is a stain to the centre of the seat pad where something has been spilt in the past. There are some small chips to the bottom of some of the legs and there is a tiny piece of moulding missing from the front left hand leg.

We date this sofa to the early 20th century. Please note that the sofa is heavy for it’s size, so please ensure adequate access for delivery through hallways, door frames, around corners etc. The sofa is fitted with a mechanism to lower the right arm rest end, and can be lowered to varying intervals. The mechanism is operated by a stand out button handle on the arm that is pulled out to adjust the arm rest. The rectangular chest having decorative pierced brass mounts backed in red velvet with an engraved iron hasp, lock-plate, original lock and key to the centre flanked by pendant handles and side catches.

We date this tallboy to the first half of the 20th century. The doors have been been veneered with well matched finely figured burr walnut. The doors are fitted with shapely drop handles mounted on pierced backplates. There is a small gallery to the rear of the cabinet and the top surface has a protective glass sheet. There is a bank of three drawers under the cupboard section. These are fitted with pairs of drop handles mounted on shapely pierced back plates.

We date this desk to the second half of the 19th century. The desk consists of a top writing surface which is rear hinged to allow access to the storage compartment beneath. The top surface features a red leatherette writing insert. The drop flap is fitted with a working lock (key supplied). The desk has an overall height of 48″ (122cm), a width of 31″ (79cm) and a depth of 27″ (69cm). This remains a stylish and elegant teachers desk.

Decorative Swedish antique furniture

We date this settee to the second half of the 20th century. The settee has an ash frame with a medium finish. The settee has been upholstered in a cream patterned heavy woven fabric. The upholstery is in a usable condition but is showing some wear in places. There are some wear marks to some edges and the material has faded slightly against the wooden frame. The hand painted leather panels to the seat and back are in good order, the back in particular having excellent colour.

We date this bookcase cabinet to the first half of the 20th century. The bookcase sits on four small square section legs and has a decorative integral stepped cornice. The top section has an open area to the left and a glazed door to the right. The lower section has two single cupboards, both fitted with a mid mounted shelf. The bottom right hand door was originally fitted with a lock but this has been removed at some point in the past.

The open area at the top is quite decorative and has a gallery section to the outer left hand side and carved trefoils to the top corners.

We date this bench to the second half of the 20th century. The bench has been made from reclaimed pine, the rear and side frames have been mainly constructed from antique doors. The bench has an overall height of 53″ (135cm), an overall width of 36″ (92cm), an overall depth of 19″ (49cm). This attractive vintage bench remains in very good solid condition, with only very minor surface marking commensurate with age and usage. There are some minor marks to the seat base and frame from past use and there is a slight age split to the outer left hand side.

This remains a very stylish and elegant vintage bench. It is both comfortable and supportive to sit on and will continue to provide sterling service for many years to come. The sideboard sits on six sturdy carved ball and claw legs, arranged four at the front and two at the rear. The doors, drawer fronts and gallery have been veneered with well matched, finely figured flame mahogany. The main cabinet consists of three central graduated convex front drawers flanked by two cupboards, one at either side. The drawers are fitted with very decorative drop handles mounted on shapely circular back plates and the top drawer has been sectioned with a green baize. The top surface has an attractive gadroon carving to the outer edges and the side edges have beaded mouldings. The outer cupboard doors are side hinged on opposing sides and have been veneered with well matched finely figured flame mahogany. The sideboard is supplied as a single section. The sideboard sits on eight reeded legs with canted edges. There is a central drawer flanked either side by a large deep drawer. The central bow front drawer is fitted with attractive brass drop loop handles mounted on embossed brass back plates. The side drawers have a single central handle matching the centre drawer, these drawers have a concave front and are fitted with locks (no key is supplied but a suitable replacement should be easily obtainable if required).

We date these chairs to the late 19th century. The chairs sit on two turned legs at the front and two oblong section backward splayed legs at the rear. The rear legs continue up to form the backrest side supports. The chair seat pads are upholstered in a dark green leather with stud detail. The backrests have been upholstered in a matching colour vinyl material. The top of the chairs have attractive carved cresting rails.

We date this chest to the late 19th century. The chest comprises two over two small drawers. The left hand flap is secured with a bottom mounted lever bolt while the right hand side is secured with a lock (key supplied). This attractive antique chest remains in a good solid condition with surface markings commensurate with age and usage. The top surface has some very minor marks from past use. This remains a very stylish and elegant small chest. It will continue to provide sterling service for many years to come. On square tapering legs ending on spade feet. Width 98, depth 47, bow front depth 53, height 92. Slightly cracked back panel and minimal stain on top.

We date this cabinet to second half of the 19th century. The front of the cabinet has a very decorative flower carved panelled door. It is fitted with a brass drop handle mounted on a shapely brass back plate and is secured by a later added ball catch.

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The interior is fitted with a mid mounted, removable wood shelf. The front features a decorative carved apron. Victorian walnut cabinet remains in very good solid condition with only very minor surface markings commensurate with age and usage. There are a number of small indentations, light ring marks and light scratches primarily to the top surface from past use.

We date this chest of drawers to the around the 1960/70s. The chest of drawers sits on four recessed castors. The main chest consists of a bank of six graduated drawers. The drawers are fitted with horizontally mounted wood stand out handles. This remains a very stylish and elegant retro teak chest of drawers which will continue to provide good service for many years to come. Slight (but very little) oxidation to mirror.

We date this sideboard to the early 20th century. The sideboard sits on five barley twist legs arranged three at the front and two at the rear. The main cabinet consists of three side cupboards below a set of two drawers. Each cupboard door has a carved panel and is fitted with a lock (key is supplied). The sideboard has a large carved gallery to the rear. The gallery can be removed for transport and delivery if required. The sideboard has an overall height of 51″ (130cm), a table height of 37″ (94cm), a width of 60″ (153cm) and a depth of 20″ (51cm).

We date this cabinet to the early 20th century. The front of the cabinet is very ornate and has a double door cupboard over a filing area which in turn sits over a wide drawer. The top surface has an ornate swan neck pediment to the rear. The doors have decorative handles and the right hand door is fitted with a lock (key supplied). The gallery, drawer and doors have attractive inlaid banding. The sideboard comes in two sections for transport. The sideboard sits on a plain plinth base. The main cabinet consists of a large double door cupboard below two drawers. The top gallery has a shelved section with pegs for holding cups etc.

The drawers and doors are fitted with stand out wood handles. The right hand drawer has an internal front to back partition tray. The interior of the cupboard is fitted with a mid mounted full width removable shelf. Would be willing to package for courier but buyer would need to organise collection. Thank you for looking please feel free to view all of my other items too. This lamp was probably manufactured in the 80s, thus explaining its excellent condition, as the switch is located in the wire instead of the head, which by the way makes easier to turn it on and off. Not too bad for being almost 50 years old, and ready to last 50 more!

Furniture in carved wood and covered in leather, of great size and beautiful decoration. Coffee table that can be easily inserted into different parts of the house, of good service. It’s highly unusual for these trunks to still have there trays in. Other than that the chair in in great condition. It is very rare to find these with their original upholstery with has been saved due to having been strengthened with webbing in recent years.

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This article will enlighten you about its rich history. The straight-grained, highly figured reddish-brown hardwood was imported as massive trunks that produced the widest boards. However, this timber of choice didn’t get recognition as furniture timber until the first half of the 18th century. That’s when cabinetmakers began looking for alternatives for furniture making. By then, a greater number of the country’s elite were ready to purchase the latest fashion for mahogany which allowed a level of opulence never previously seen. The story of mahogany is not the story of brown furniture – you will have to look elsewhere for that!

The use of luxurious materials,
[.] silver and gol d , antique furniture a n d adornments [.]
with decorative shapes make for a chic, elegant look. El uso de materiales lujosos,
[.] plateados y dor ados , muebles a ntiguos y ado rn os con [.]
formas decorativas crean una imagen distinguida y elegante. Paredes forradas con cromos de picar y llamativos tejidos,
[.] flores secas, mobiliario antiguo y refl ej os dorados [.]
para crear según su creadora “una [.]
burbuja muy femenina, donde nada malo puede ocurrir”. Th e antique furniture a n d typical craft [.]
carpets and ceramic floors decorate its 30 rooms and suites. El mobiliario antiguo y típ ic o, las [.]
alfombras artesanales y los pisos cerámicos decoran sus 30 habitaciones y suites. Decorated [.] with restor e d antique furniture a n d other locally [.]
built pieces. Decor ació n co n muebles a ntiguos resta ur ados y [.]
otros construidos en el lugar. La estancia en sus habitaciones y suites despiertan el espíritu original de la bodega y la antigua casona “restauradas y adaptadas a las necesidades del [.] viajero moderno, respetando detalles [.] de la épo ca ta les co mo muebles an tig uos, alf om bras artesanales, [.]
pisos de cerámica y cestos de poleo. Podréis admirar las cortinas de lino [.] bordadas a mano con el estilo del [.] deshilado sicilia no, l os antiguos mu bles d e arte pobre, [.]
oportunamente restaurados; cada ambiente [.]
ha sido pensado para ofrecer a los huéspedes el máximo del confort, respetando el estilo y las seculares tradiciones sicilianas. It is furnished to the [.] highest standard wi t h antique furniture a n d paintings and [.]
overlooks the formal garden. Every apartment has different [.] characteristics and furnishings, wi t h antique furniture p i ec es and ancient prints and paintings. Cada piso tiene características y decoraciones [.] diferent es, c on muebles de anti qu ariato, prensas y cu adros antiguos que c on tribuyen [.]
a hacer sentirte como en tu casa. Sustantivo de género exclusivamente masculino (“televisor”, “piso”).

Antique furniture is only valuable if it is in very good condition. Los muebles antiguos solo son valiosos si están bien conservados. The arm supports and the uprights with very well executed blind fret carving. Eighty-five percent original gilding, now slightly. The gilding original but now somewhat worn on the arm tips. With pierced back splats with elaborate detail. Swept arms of very good colour and patina.

Of quite delicate form with well executed carved decoration. The top rail very finely figured with solid timber. The vase shaped back over a wavy top rail. Plus one chair is missing two stretchers on the base. Ornaments, minor scuffs, age wear; cardboard box, worn. Two big, deep drawers and handles on both sides. The center adorned with a bird in profile, the reverse decorated with concentric lines. Having original hinged top of a single walnut board opening to reveal a partial compartment, the front with a hidden cupboard door opening to reveal three drawers. Having original lower walnut and iron folding table. Two small external drawers above three long drawers, with an additional six interior drawers behind fold-down writing compartment. The rectangular case enclosing fourteen drawers and two cupboard doors, on a later walnut stand fitted with two small drawers and with later carved embellishments.

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