Entertainment centers, built in or free standing. Component wiring access, media pullouts, pocket doors, etc.

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Convenience items: spice racks, wine glass racks, shelving, media and book shelves and more!

He was responsive, detail oriented and arrived on time ready to work. Caleb for all my home improvement projects in the future. Very easy and open to talk to and works in any changes.

We couldn't be happier with our beautiful cabinets!

What level of craftsmanship and materials do you expect?

The main sewer line is higher than the basement floor. I need a professional to complete the table and ensure that the fasteners are secure. The table is approximately 4'x3' and features a felt topped surface akin to a craps table with a computer screen that is set flat into the face of the table.

I only want 2 cushions with tuck back style.

Material possibly wood or other countertop surface.

We will need chrome legs to support this table that should be approximately 42" high. One corner needs a custom notch of about 16" by 7" to fit in our space. They need to be weatherproofed; it would be fine if they could also be fitted with a cushion. It would be fine if one of them had arms, so long as they are wide enough.

I could measure our rear ends to give you more exact dimensions, if they can be custom-built to those dimensions. It needs to be 65" wide, 25" deep and high enough so that my mini fridge can fit under the table. It is frustrating since we just bought it. The delivery process is as easy as it gets. The drivers were efficient and courteous as always. Great selection, service, quality, and prices. The delivery guys were on time and brought the couches quite a distance into the building without issue. It does not have any base support in the middle and the couch is already bending in the middle. Whether you long to lounge by the pool or delight in dining on your urban deck, we have to make those dreams come true. Let us share our passion for modern outdoor living with you. Choose your own lumber, pick a style and begin. Enjoy a side of quality you can be sure of by hand crafting your own master piece. Furniture has a unique, high quality collection of rustic home furnishings including one of a kind, custom pieces and name brands!

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You won't find craftsmanship like this anywhere else. This is a business that has been creating this furniture for over 25 years, and has many customers worldwide. Many people that decide to purchase custom wood furniture are simply looking for something that is absolutely unique. They may have been to one of the larger furniture stores in their city, but they could not find anything that would work at their new home. This is a company that not only creates unique furniture, but they are one of the most eco-friendly businesses, powering all of their equipment using solar power.

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These typically originate from the outside of large trees, ones that will not have a consistent shape. It is this inconsistency that is in the form of these slabs that makes the furniture from this company so different. Every piece of handmade furniture that they produce is beautiful, eco-friendly, and will be something that will be the centerpiece of any room that it is in. If you would like to order live edge or natural edge tables from this business, they can produce custom wood slab tables that will be perfect for your home. They may even create kitchen islands, countertops, and bar tops if you have one inside of your home that you are moving into. If you are simply upgrading your existing home, improving upon the home decor that you have right now, a custom live edge rustic table will be perfect for almost any home. They are so unique, people will also order even smaller tables, such as coffee tables, that will match this decor. However, coffee tables can also be constructed using these rustic slabs of lumber. The lumber that is used might be aged for as long as five years, ensuring that it is quality wood that will last a long time. These can be made from many different types of wood including ebony, elm, and sycamore to name a few.

You may have this done at the same time as your dining room table for your home, or perhaps you do have an office where you will need to have a conference table constructed in the same way. Slab style furniture is in, especially if you have a large business with a conference room.

You might need to remove one that you currently have because it is too small, or perhaps you are also redecorating this area of your corporate building. These can be very elegant, if they are done the right way. In the past, the most popular countertops were made of some type of stone. For example, you may have a stone countertop made of granite or marble, or even quartzite, but slab style countertops are definitely becoming popular.

You may realize that this is what you need to fit the rustic appeal of the rest of your home, and a natural edge countertop will be perfect. It may match your cherrywood cabinets, and your hardwood floor, creating the perfect rustic appeal that you would like to create. Regardless of where you live in the world, or the type of business you are in, a natural edge desk might be exactly what you need.

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All of the original wood grains of the tree from which this slab of wood was cut will be visible on these perfectly desks that everyone will admire. This type of furniture is not limited to indoor use.

You can also get furniture that can be used outside. If you happen to have a rustic exterior to your home, perhaps you need to consider getting a hardwood bench that is made of this type of material. There are major companies that make them all over the world. If you are looking for something unique, then you should consider purchasing a natural edge bench that is going to stand out. If you already have a very naturalistic exterior to your home, perhaps with a gazebo or patio, this will fit perfectly in this type of setting. Regardless of your choice, this unique bench will be the primary focus of the people that come to visit, which includes friends and family. To go with that bench, if you are continuing to create a more rustic appearance outside, you might need chairs that people can sit on. These are simply smaller pieces of the slabs of wood that are purchased and salvaged by this company.

You should also know that the word they use is recycled, and that is another reason to consider working with this company which is so eco-friendly.

Once they have created the chairs for you, you will have your tables and chairs ready to be shipped. There are a few other things to consider.

You may want to consider upgrading your bedrooms, and this can be done by purchasing a handcrafted bed from this company. These will be made from the same type of salvaged or repurposed wood slabs that they purchase from many of the sawmills that they have relationships within the area. Like all of the other furniture that they create, each of these cabinets will be completely unique having used these handpicked slabs of wood. They are going to have that unique grainy appearance, built to perfection, allowing you to improve your kitchen dramatically.

You can also have these made for your bathroom if you would like to have cabinets in there as well. Specifically, you may want to order one for the bar where you have breakfast, or where you serve drinks when you have guests over. This can improve the interior appearance of any home, a place where people spend most of their time when they are at their household. The kitchen is a very popular area, and by having a live edge kitchen countertop, combined with a natural edge slab for your bar, this will complete your home improvement of this area of the house. Many people do not realize how useful these are until they have one. It gives you that little bit of extra counterspace that is necessary when preparing large meals. It is where most people will chop up vegetables, meat, or simply pour drinks that are going to be served.

You can choose from the many different types of slabs of wood they will have available. In most cases, you will want to match the type of wood that you have already. When you make anything from a slab of lumber, you will end up having the only piece of furniture in the world that is going to have this appearance. According to many people, this is one of the main benefits of using live edge or natural edge furniture that is all made from reclaimed wood.

We know the story that developed as we made your piece.

We fabricate both bold and beautiful into the same piece.

We build to last and aren’t satisfied unless we grab your attention and invite you to contemplate how a stationary piece of furniture seems to dance with creativity. Instead, we explore the adventure of innovation.

We examine the beauty of all materials: wood, steel, concrete and glass, so our hard work is best defined as art.

We live life in a way to find inspiration in nature, urban areas, a sunset, the skillful simplicity of an old barn or the massive complexity of new architecture.

We have worked from sunup to sundown to make sure we get it right and then we checked our work again. We’ve been recognized and complimented as being entirely original and superior, but we feel we are just beginning to uncover the potential of our best work. Let us create you a one of a kind piece that will last a lifetime. More than just functional, aesthetically pleasing, or sturdy. with any questions at 719-687-7373.

We transform burnt logs into beautiful furniture, fixtures, and decor.

You may change your settings at any time. And, believe it or not, pet furniture too!!!

Our customer service department is here to take care of you. Your simplest wish is most important to us.

We carry all manner of this type of decor, furniture and accessories to finely appoint your home. These wonderful creations from our artist, will not only set your home apart, but will become family heirlooms for future generations.

We pride ourselves in delivery unmatched customer service and offering our unique products at the best available prices. Looking for something custom or unique not currently on our page?

They also carry new mattresses, bunkie boards, and barn wood furniture. They have been in business for over 17 years and have developed 3 different collections of rustic furnishings. This small family-owned business specializes in making aspen log furniture inspired by its customers. They offer urban rustic, sophisticated lodge, reclaimed hardwood, and rustic home furnishings. This company sells a variety of lines of log furniture, including aspen, hickory, and pine log furniture. They feature only the highest quality custom . It sells everything from lighting to waterfalls to animal mounts, so you will be sure to find the perfect item for your lodge themed room. They handcraft all pieces to custom order.

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