Travis: Creating A Welcome Workplace Toronto StarA custom built log desk brings a little of the outdoors into this home office space.
Q: We live in the country and I work from home part-time. We have a den, which doubles as a guest bedroom, and would like to repurpose this room as an office space for me but I want it to also look inviting as a bedroom when friends and family visit.
A: When blending living and work space, soften the look of office furniture and equipment to complement the ambiance of a welcoming guestroom. Look for a desk made of wood with rounded or bevelled edges or a glass top, and cover a metal filing cabinet with fabric (easily glued on) and utilize wicker or fabric baskets.
An all-purpose room is not so hard to pull together. It helps if you have an overall theme. On my recent television series All for One with Debbie Travis, we devised an ingenious plan for a desk that truly brought the outdoors in. The beautiful landscape that surrounded the home was the inspiration for this nature theme. We used fallen logs cut to equal lengths for the desk legs, secured with glue from the inside and tied with rope.