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We also have replacement globes, shades and chimneys and electrical parts.

Antique Furniture Store Cincinnati Furniture

This personal touch results in the distinct character of each piece and ensures that no two pieces are ever exactly the same. The brothers are friendly with all the help you need to know about your antiques.

I realize all sales are final and it’s my fault for not asking more about the photos before my purchase. For me, size is one of the main comparison points, and this placed is medium compared to others in the area.

I would definitely include in my regular antiquing rounds and tourists should include if in town for a day or two. Beware, first visit becomes habit-forming!

Recently picked up a terrific wood chess set, rocker, wall art and chair. This is "concentrated with tasteful quality".

You can make money while helping a great cause. Merchandise changes daily, so each time you come in, look for new items on your treasure map.

We specialize in refurbishing and re-purposing antiques for everyday use. They’re mid century , made in 1970. They’re made of tin and the stands plastic. They’re rare, especially having all 3 (moon, celestial and earth). Made of bronze, iron in excellent conditions. Very comfortable and is in excellent condition. Marvin are the most wonderful, thoughtful, and helpful folks. Riverside is film friendly and will rent!

I encourage all projects, work or personal, to come check this place out. They have a phenomenal collection with great range and their stuff is in super condition.

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